Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Massage Mondays: Comp Green Smoothie to Everyone who books their Polarity Reiki Craniosacral Treatment w/ Chakra Balancing

Cici brings green juice, massage & gourmet meals along w/ raw vegan lifestyle beauty tips to your door by appointment. $75usd /hr.

Every Monday receive a complimentary basic green smoothie following your water beverage post-massage treatment at Rawgoddess Baja Skylight Massage office. Come to the front door of Rawgoddess Cafe to check in. In Los Barriles, Baja California del Sur, Mexico. Just a short hour's drive from the Cabo San Lucas city center and San Jose airport.

A small, quaint fishing village which doubles as a kiteboarding mecca in the winter, yoga goddesses can be found in the popular Sukhasana studio opened and directed by Jackie Reeves of Hood River, Oregon.

Cici Cummins is an internet personality internationally known for her kitchen magic, healing arts as well as published author ... She is nationally certified in US for bodywork--licensed in MEXICO and three states under the name of Sea Cummins ... She specializes in stress-recovery / injury or post-surgery recovery. A student and practitioner of Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy for resolution of shock and trauma from past injuries or surgeries, from car accidents or being target of racism, and from longterm effects of everyday stressors since 1978.

Her popular signature massage is an intensive and thorough compilation of decades of Ms Cummins' professional and experiential studies of reflexology, polarity therapy and astrology/body readings skills. Please allow ideally, 90-minutes. If your pain is chronic then 2-hours is recommended.

Massage Mondays you receive a complimentary green smoothie at the Rawgoddess Wifi Cafe bar.
On site treatment by appt for $450p / hr.

Cici Cummins, RPP, NCMTMB (Sea Cummins)
Los Barriles, B.c.s. Mexico
624 108 4627 mobile
624 124 8577 landline

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Next Big Thing: Mung Bean Fettuccine

Mung bean fettuccine has only two ingredients! Mung beans and water. I add fresh cracked black pepper, nutritional yeast and pumpkin seeds here.
Hi Everybody,
Cici here. I am really really IMPRESSED with the mung bean fettuccine. Here at my juice bar Rawgoddess Baja del Sur, we've run out (again) because it really does rival an authentic 'al dente' pasta from Italy... you truly will never miss your childhood pasta again. I've pasted in my affiliate link and even at these very low prices, I can receive a small commission from your order and appreciate it very much.

Make a great sauce by blending olive oil with fresh garlic cloves, sea salt and your choice of herbs. By adding nutritional yeast, lemon juice & a bit of cashew butter, you can make a creamy alfredo sauce.

The amazing thing about this besides how REAL it tastes is that it is completely gluten free and grain free!

Angela Stokes-Monarch says:
Yep ;)  It seems we've found the next new big thing for the health movement.  If you haven't already heard, we're so excited to bring you: Mung Bean Fettuccine and Black Bean Spaghetti.  Each of these products only have two ingredients!  Organic Mung Beans and Water or Organic Black Beans and Water!  As you will see in the video futher below, I feel that if you've ever been to Italy and had the best "al dente" pasta in the world, then you'll surely d!scover with delight that these new pastas totally compare.  In fact I don't even think a person would know the difference between traditional Italian wheat pasta vs. this new Mung Bean Fettuccine: it could be fed to family members as a healthy alternative without them even knowing! Everyone who is trying these new pastas is in love with them!
Matt and Angela called the company to find out exactly how these "m!racle" foods are processed.  They call these pastas m!racle foods, because they're extremely high in protein and low in fat.  They even have more protein than carbs.  

(You can soak or cook these.)

It's hard to find a food with such a high protein content and low fat/carb content in the Raw Foods Movement.  Additionally, these pastas are extremely easy to digest and don't involve the usual issues that people experience when they are trying to digest beans.  So when Matt and Angela called the company to get the processing details, they shared the following:

"We grind the organic beans into flour and add 8% water and then extrude the moist dough mixture into a spaghetti or fettuccine shape at very low heat (about 120 degrees F.) and then they are dried and cut and packed." 

pls click this link to buy the pasta & benefit cici's Rawgoddess del Sur ;)
Ok so, the "Raw Food" enzyme-saving cut-off temperature is widely said to be 118 degrees.  They said it's "about" 120 degrees, which could mean give or take a couple of degrees.  We were so excited to hear that the temperature is right around the "raw" border line.  We feel so excited good about these products.  These pastas contain only two ingredients each and one of those ingredients is water.  I'm so excited about these pastas that I'm most likely going to make them a permanent staple in my d!et, not only for the amazing taste but also because of the high protein content, with low fat and carb content. 

Try it for yourselves and see how it feels.  Angela has been eating 100% raw for almost 12 years now and says in her newsletter she feels lighter with more energy after eating this Mung Bean Pasta, rather than either high fat or high carb raw food recipes that people generally consume. 

Consider this an ideal food to feed your families. They probably won't even know that you switched their white-flour-high-carb-gluten-filled pasta for healthy high protein mung beans lol.  There are many health food advocates out there, such as Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who recommend these pastas as a healthy staple in people's diets.

Furthermore, they are inexpensive.  If you get a 6-pack, the price is $3.99 for each bag, before you use any coup0n codes.  Otherwise, they are $4.99.  There's a lot of food in these bags: $3.99 each, to feed your entire family for dinner, is an incredible deal.  Wait until you see how much one bag of Mung Bean Fettuccine makes in the video below!

The mung bean fettuccine is off the hook delicious.

If you are interested in ordering these amazing Organic Bean Pastas, click my special link below: 

Here's the video below of Angela making her new favorite meal, with Mung Bean Fettuccine!   Check it out! :-)


If you are interested in ordering these amazing Organic Bean Pastas, click my affiliate link below:


Thank you for trying this. I know you will love it!

This fettuccine is taking the health food world by storm! I love that it is high protein and no fat, no grains! Here I have paired with a simple cut cilantro, avocado, tomato and nutritional yeast, fresh cracked black pepper but I often make a creamy alfredo fm the olive oil, pressed garlic, sea salt and blend w nutritional yeast and cashew butter!!! :) 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Earthing-With-Cici Sacred Selfcare Rawgoddess Baja Retreats for February / March 2014 & Big Perks When Booking All Three Offerings!

earthing-with-cici sacred selfcare
cici leads a menu of morning run, swim and dusk core strength&stretch classes for the entire retreat.
**** FIRST OFFERING 2-26-14 thru 3-3-14

  • 5-Day New Moon Gallbladder/Liver Flush* & earthing-with-cici Rawgoddess Baja Retreat

Green juice and the daily liver flush drink PLUS the full flush included in price.
Wed. Feb. 26, 2014 to Monday March 3rd

Cost $675usd.

Does not include airfare. Space is limited and RGS reserves the right to accept applicants.

All three offerings include:
  • Phone intake and personalized attention from cici and staff.
  • Transportation fm the San Jose del Cabo airport pls notify us if you need a ride. 
  • Lodging at Capt Nemo's Landing. We reserve the whole site so the kitchen and grounds are vegan and cleanse oriented with a tranquil and meditative environment. You will have either a teepee or casita. The rooms are very simple with two large twin beds in each room. 
  • Rawgoddess Baja's personally tailored catering of juice, smoothie, coconut water and if not fasting, a LFRV or gourmet raw vegan or cooked vegan menu. A full protocol for the gallbladder/liver flush (or parasite cleanse, or basic sacred selfcare module depending on your dates here.) $15discount if you bring your own enema bag. You will also receive my ebook "Rawprincess Rituals and Rants: A Selfcare Guide to Beauty and Grace" and full instructions for the GB/LV flush as well as classes to prepare for the actual day of the flush. (Here are several samples of our menus at Rawgoddess Green Smoothies juice and smoothie bar)
  • one colonic at www.maradentrospa.com by renowned owner Monica. You may book more sessions and /or a far infrared treatment and more if you wish that is separate. (Cabo San Lucas) and transportation is included. I am trying to make this as painless as possible to your pocketbook.
  • one bodywork treatment by Rawgoddess staff depending on modality indicated www.skylightmassage.com
  • three polarity yoga classes, daily swim, run and core strength&stretch classes by cici & staff
  • guided hike to year-round waterfalls in desert / hotsprings
  • your sacred rocks and findings along our hike and walks ... complete lessons on how to use these rocks and local plants & dirt to give yourself a sacred selfcare session on the yoga mat by cici. Her personal wellness & beauty routine.
  • Medicinal plant gathering & sight seeing walks with local compañero.
  • lots of free time to wander, journal and explore or just rest and drink up the beautiful desert and beach and SUN!
One of my first Baja sunrises on the roof of a casa near our group's retreat site!!!

*There are opportunities to attend classes in the community of Los Barriles at the yoga center, kiteboarding schools, salons and an organic store, plus curios shops etc. those are not included. Everyone will have free time scheduled in for most of the days. There are two days where it is suggested to stay "home" on the beach and on our site for your gallbladder cleanse to work better and not travel outside of our cleanse haven.

****SECOND OFFERING  3-5-14 thru 3-10-14

  • 5-Day earthing-with-cici sacred selfcare* Rawgoddess Baja Retreat

Walnut-carrot pate w/ salsa crema de cashew. All raw vegan by Rawgoddess Green Smoothies <3

Cost $775usd. ($675 if paid in full by 2-26)

THIRD OFFERING 3-12-14 thru 3-16-14

  • 5-Day Full Moon Parasite Cleanse* & earthing-with-cici Rawgoddess Baja Retreat.

Teepees at our site have two beds each. They are earth-friendly wood frame and a foam mattress on top.

Rawgoddess Green Smoothies, cici's company, provides special menu. Shown here: flax crackers, organic salad w/ moringa, botija olive and a citrus creamy vinegrette.

Cost: $900usd (the last night--Sunday night of the full moon-we stay at a local resort)

I have generously whittled down all my costs and savings are presented to you. This is a grassroots, rustic retreat but our site is clean and we have a modern kitchen, showers and facilities, including internet and hot water. This is on the edge of the beach a short walk across some brush and a short walk to a more sandy area. This town is extremely safe and the police are also very kind and protective. I have slept on the beach in the arroyos alone and was completely relaxed and safe.

One last thought!! Baja is in its own little world and you won't want to leave once you get here. You can take the option to do all three of the retreats and stay clear through all the nights in between for free. I highly recommend doing this! :)

BONUS BONUS: STAY for all three of the cleanses and the four nights in between are free. On me. :)

View from the upper casita /treatment room and conference deck for our group.

If you have friends who are committed to a cleanse also, pls bring them and receive a 20% discount on your lodging as well as theirs.
To book now: paypal 

Questions: Email cici at rawprincess dot org with subject line RAWGODDESS RETREAT

*some health challenges may have contraindications for these protocols and you must inform cici in your intake if you are under the care of a physician or taking any pharmaceutical medications. If you are experiencing addictions of any kind you must disclose this at your intake. All intakes are confidential.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rawgoddess Baja Weekly Events

Note: With all these classes and events, space is limited. Call ahead to secure your spot. mobile 624 108 4627 landline 124 8577

TUESDAY 10:30am--earthing-with-cici sacred selfcare free class
TUESDAY 11:30am--Artist Way / food sober listening exchange

Wednesday NOON-Intro to Polarity Yoga donation sug. $50p
Thursday NOON-Intro to Callanetics (I always liked this better than Pilates Motto: "10yrs younger in 10hrs") donation sug. $50p
bring our own mats, water

FRIDAY 3pm: Craniosacral Clinic is EVERY Friday at 3pm and is first come first serve and this day only is free or donation based--suggested donation $350p-$800p per session. Sign up sheet outside the front door. You will be let in at the end of the session before you. Juuanita can serve you premade juices and smoothies in front while you wait. The idea is that this is for intro's and a person's first craniosacral session with me or for someone who is perhaps socioeconomically challenged and can't book with me at my regular rate of $85usd. Here in Baja realistically it's $60usd per hour and with craniosacral it is a flat fee because the body varies its time and needs for time to go into stillpoint and I won't stop the session based on the clock. Dr Stills found that some would be done in 15 minutes and others took 2 hours. So grab one of my ebooks or journals and have a seat.

CLIENTS may book private sessions with Cici. Space is limited during the week in the afternoon.

CICI CUMMINS ENERGY SCHOOL you begin with four weekly classes. You can upgrade your skill level with advanced shiatsu, deep tissue specifically neck work, hip work and move into energy work at the end of each massage easily. Pls email cici@rawprincess.org with the subject line "cici energy school info" thank you! :) There is a 10wk course for those you receive completion of the four week.

Friday night Shabbat, informal family style friends of Jews and Jews. Cici (gentile) has to lead it until we get a new (Jewish) volunteer. It involves laying around on pillows drinking grape juice and singing shabbat songs. Of course there is no charge for this and the shop is closed for business.

SUNDAY NOON WOMEN'S TRANQUILA Closed Group This meeting is open to any woman. Not affiliated w/ RGS.

SUN NITE 7pm: BASIC ENERGY SCHOOL--$100p/WK 10wk course. Must apply with Cici to be enrolled and complete the 4wk intro.

3pm-4PM Sat: VIP Deep Rest & BEAUTY /HANDSOME TREATMENT with Sacred Self Bodywork bring your mat and tennis balls if you have them. $50p you will learn amazing techniques for toning and weight reduction protocols.


Monday thru Sat at 5:45pm!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Rawgoddess Green Smoothies LiquidLaunch Smoothie Menu

Dear Reader: Please follow Cici's 92-Day Juice Fast Diet on her special Facebook page here.

LiquidLaunch Menu RGS (Part I)

  • Cici's ACV Solution: A refreshing, hydrating 1st-thing drink made w/ diluted living organic apple cider vinegar water and specially designed spices or enzymes per client.
  • LV/GB Mini-flush: Start the day with a mini liver flush. Used daily begins to soften and dissolve gravel and stones along the liver and gallbladder bile ducts. Must be followed with two cups of very hot herbal tea. Wait at least an hour before your usual coffee. Ingredients: apple, ginger, lemon, garlic (opt.) olive oil blended into a tangy delicious drink. Followed by Polaritea: licorice, fennel, fenugreek & flax w/ peppermint. Or you may use a mint alone.
  • Cici's VIP Green Coconut Water we have a hard time keeping this in stock it works so well.
  • Carrot
  • Carrot beet
  • Cici Rider: beet, orange, jalepeno, ginger, lemon A mildly spicy but tangy and rich drink to cleanse the blood system as well as tone the bowel and liver.
  • Fat Metabolizer #1: grapefruit, orange, lemon w/ nopal and moringa A refreshingly tart juice to assist in balancing blood sugar levels and dissolving plaque in the system. Take with our nopal caps or Hoodia for appetite reduction w/o caffeine crash as well as a B12 patch for added energy.
  • Adds: B12 patch many are deficient in this energizing B vitamin due to lack of soil-based organisms on food these days and the use of antibiotics. This is the number one patch on the worldwide online vegan market and is the NEXT BEST THING to a doctor's B12 shot in the butt. Very good.
  • Hoodia: there were many scams of cut Hoodia and this is pure concentrated and really works for emotional eating and helps curb desire to overeat. No caffeine or jitters, just an underlying energy boost.
  • Fat Metaboliser #2: Pineapple, cilantro, orange, nopal, moringa
  • Try with the Hoodia, B12 and nopal caps (above)
  • Basic  Green Smoothie: fruit, greens water & special organic recipe (low glycemic, always gluten-free & vegan)
  • Supergreen Smoothie: same as Basic but with high quality superfoods, special greens such as chlorella, barley grass juice powder, spirulina and digestive enzymes.
  • Chocolate supergreen "ice cream" smoothie: I add raw mineral-rich cacao powder which boosts the "love" hormones in the brain. The alkaloids and antioxidants in raw cacao far surpass any other superfood. The frozen bananas are creamier vs our competitors who use only ice. This is guilt-free chocolate at its finest.
  • Chia Chocolate Frosty: same as above w/ soaked chia seed. The Mexican ultra-distance running tribe Tarahumara use this seed (chia) for endurance of hundreds of miles a day in the desert. :) (See "Born to Run")
  • MacaLoca MylkShake: leading maca pwdr, non-GMO almond mylk with Rawgoddess superfood smoothie ingredients, love and blended to a creamy perfection! We use Celestial Raw Goddess Tonics and Teas as well as Shaman Shack 3 Immortals. (3 flavors: vanilla-almond, chocolate-cacao or very berry).
  • Coconut water
  • VIP Green Coco Water: supergreens blended w/ pure coconut water, proprietary organic flavors & a magical spell.
  • Savory Green Smoothie: This is one of my favorites for dinner. I blend my organic tomato, cucumber, squash and fresh tender greens w/ avocado & spices and top it with a generous dollop of olive oil, sea salt and organic freshly milled black pepper. Mmm good.
  • Orange Creamsicle: Oranges, almond or cashew mylk recipe blended w/ ice & rich coconut oil to creamy perfection. :)
LiquidLaunch Part 2 is up here. (And the editor has added it below here, just scroll down. :))

Please follow Cici's 92-Day Juice Fast Diet on her special Facebook page here.

LiquidLaunch™ (Part II)
HOURS Open: M/W/Th/Sat 8am – Tues/Fri 10am – Sun 11am (close in afternoon, varies)
    624-124-8577 landline * mobile 624-108-4627
  • Herbal Tea w/ ginger, lemon or crème & coconut sugar $30p
  • Fatburner Metabolizer nopal, moringa, w/ a citrus blend (opt. Hoodia/B12) $60p
  • Cici's ACV Solution $50p
    my personal favorite first-thing drink a qt of apple cider vinegar water/cayenne etc options
    • Men's tonic add $10p
    • women's goddess tonic add $10p
    • Hoodia and B12 addon's $25p each
  • CHOCOLATE RUSH super maca / medicinal cacao endorphin blend $100p
  • VALERIE JEAN DATE SHAKE famous date in almond mylk base $70p
  • ACAI-ORANGE-BERRY SMOOTHIE high antioxidant $70
  • cici's FAVE HYDRATING GREEN JUICE celery-apple-ginger-lemon $60p
  • The cici Rider beet, lemon, ginger, jalapeno $60p
  • Very Greeeen Juice (made on Omega Vert masticating juicer) leafy greens base $75p

Follow Cici's Journal of her 92-Day Juice Fast Diet


TUES CLASS: 10:30am Lifestyle Secrets to Health & Beauty/ SelfCare cici's
11:30am The Artist Way/ Food Sobriety mtg

Rawgoddess Baja is on 20 de Noviembre in downtown Los Barrilles, Bcs, Mexico
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