Monday, June 5, 2017

New Openings for Craniosacral, More in Portland, OR!

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in Sea Cummins, LMT OR #11683, NCBTMB, IABT... to schedule click here...

My love for all things craniosacral has been the central focus of opening more time to the public this summer beginning July 11... there are a few openings until then, but secure your weekly spot at my new Schedulicity site! Ask me about subscriptions and packages!

For those new to me, I began studying reflexology as a child when my aunt let me see what it felt like to have my toe rolled. I did indeed feel an energy flow of relaxation and wellbeing and thought nothing more of it for a few years.

Then at age 15 I began studying reflexology, iridology and acupressure when I discovered Arnold Ehret, Viktoras Kulvinskas and Ann Wigmore and was fortunate to have yoga in high school in southern California ... my boyfriend introduced me to Ehret's Rational Fasting and we fasted together and took long bike rides to the beach.

If none of this means anything to you so far then you probably aren't a raw vegan enthusiast from way back but don't worry that's partly why I'm here. I'm opening Quantum Royal Raw Foods and Quantum Stillness SelfCare classes and services so if you are interested in learning more I'd advise booking an energy balancing session with me (30min for $35) or other phenomenal sessions I offer.

I joined a raw food vegan organic farm commune and group of artists and musicians; became the lead singer and lead musician in SoCal and we sold our ecological revolution magazine all over the place. I also continued to selfteach massage and healing protocols with juicing, wheatgrass, colon cleanse and more as well as was deemed the right hand gal for the leaders, often making them personal salads and teas and providing dry brush treatments and massage therapy.

Later this group became huge and had some sharp criticism but I missed some of the worst of that by leaving in 1979. I went back briefly in the Topanga Canyon place and worked in the gardens again which I'd missed.

My preparation made me supremely ready for a lengthy residential holistic practitioner training at a hot springs vegetarian resort in the high desert between LA and Palm Springs with a spiritual group of family oriented folks who ran a school and spa and largest vegetarian restaurant in north America at the time... guests found wandering the hotsprings or store were the likes of Mr Rogers, the Golden Girls, Robin Williams, White Knights, more and I learned experientially to do and teach the full indepth gallbladder flush protocols, purifying diet, health building food combining as well as the socially acceptable gourmet vegetarian.

During that time of holistic training of the incredibly complex works of Dr Randolph Stone, we were introduced to the palpation of subtle cranial rhythms and I could feel the fastest and most superficial of the rhythms during this time. After a year of almost fulltime studies, I received my certifications there and stayed on as kitchen service and stayed another year raising my toddler son on clean food and nightly mineral spring soaks...

A series of years like this ends up instilling natural lifestyle and protocols in daily life. From the outside looking in I didn't realize how different all my habits were from beginning in the morning with polarity yoga, polarity teas and liver flush to how I used pressure points to help my  kids' digestion to name just a few but as the decades go by I'm often asked with fascination about how to do certain things... so many "remedies" are so very simple and they work but at the same time so many people have gotten used to not even questioning pharmaceuticals or unhealthy ways of eating and being on overwhelm with weight gain, cholesterol or chronic degenerative disease with only pharmaceuticals or surgery as seemingly their only choices.

Fast forward past years of just using all my  knowledge on selfcare, family care and close friends when the last two kids were a little older I got my two year degree from East West College of the Healing Arts in medical massage and attained my national certification as a bodyworker NCBTMB so I was licensed in Oregon and could practice the familiar Polarity Therapy I'd used so much almost daily for over 15 years, integrated with the Swedish and sports, prenatal and deep tissue. Ready to book now? Click here.

Would I stop there? How could I when I knew there were such great teachers out there teaching the newly advanced field of biodynamic craniosacral therapy! Yes my teachers from the hot springs resort had opened their own school in Boulder, Colorado so I went there for a two year training. I loved the work so much as it had the amazing combination of bodysense energy perceptual skills, intuition but also with an increased study of anatomy and physiology; including a field trip to a top cadaver lab so I could actually know what my hands were touching when I did the listening touch with clients.

Incidentally that was a hard one for me to be able to accomplish. Years earlier I tried to take an anatomy college class but walked out immediately when we were going to dissect primates... I just couldn't do it... in this case it was humans who had consented to be looked at and dissected for science so I suppose that was part of the difference for me. If Einstein is correct, "the observer influences the observed" it's really important to know what you are touching!

Contrary to my fears, knowing my anatomy better did not conflict with  my deep appreciation of energy studies. I was afraid that I'd become left brained and not be in touch with energy fields and chakral movements etc... quite the opposite.

Fascinated with what felt to me (happily) like a mystery school meets neurobiology studies. (We even studied embryology to be able to understand the nature of protoplasm, DNA memory etc) my palpation and presence skills deepened and so did my excitement of what I saw the natural healing system of humans to be!

I brought this back to my clients in Portland and to this day these clients still see me and say I'd really changed their lives... very cool.

Since then the only notable studies were advanced Shiatsu and ethics in New York but the really notable thing was I've worked on thousands of clients over a period of eleven years which has been so amazing and rewarding...

I'm posting all this and will likely edit it tomorrow as soon as I can ... but wanted to reach out and let Portland, OR, know I'm opening up my schedule actively welcoming new clients at this time!

There's so much to say!

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