Friday, December 25, 2015

Hot Holiday Tonic Treat Recipe G!ft & Happy Holidays Love From Chelsea at Rawprincess Studio!


Blend almond milk, coconut oil, cacao, banana, pink salt, coconut oil, nonGMO lecithin  pwdr in a small blender. Enjoy a few sips then store the rest in the fridge to soften and blend flavors overnight or longer ala Ann Wigmore you may also leave it at room temperature ...

Let this first blend sit in the blender for a day or two if possible.
Then blend again with more coconut oil, banana (very ripe), pink salt and maple syrup or other low glycemic whole sugar nonGMO to taste.

Your concentrate for hot tonic should be very thick and triple extra rich because you want it to stay rich after adding hot water!

Add very hot or boiling water and stir.
Enjoy this creamy tonic which is organic, highly-mineralized longevity tonic which tastes better than cocoa or lattes!
Vegan, organic, but don't tell anyone! X ~Chels

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

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