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My Baby 'Costa Brava Organics' is Germinating: Purple Corn Planting With One's Lover & Shooing Away Psychic Vampires

A full year in Los Barriles ... i keep lightening the possessions and clearing clutter, cleaning spaces, adding plants, crystals, good energy and striving for highest bliss and guidance ... my biggest joy is connecting with people, animal people and life itself throughout this earth plane... i am loving my life! My diet is lightening up once again and i haven't lost my vision gained fm my meeting Viktoras Kulvinskas & Ann Wigmore in the 70s and living the eco-lifestyle on an organic farm commune with other musicians and artists! At age 17 i assisted in an in-home cancer reversal w/ juice, enemas and change of diet. Today i envision a writer's colony right here alongside my store, healing arts school and humble smoothie bar. 
me (center) with Perr and Wicca in the Zendik Street Orgaztra on Venice Boardwalk

The blue corn sprouted, Armando pointed out the almost imperceptible threads of green sprouting out of the ground this morning guiding my steps so i wouldn't crush them. Happy, i walked back to the campo and put the bucket of compost on the back of the bike and rode back. He smiled, his wide grin of white teeth bidding me on. He told me to dump it by the tomato plants so i did and went back for the second bucket. We bring the scraps from Rawgoddess Green Smoothies in Los Barriles, Bcs, Mexico. It is on the main malecon strip mall which houses the veggie girls, the Oaxaca weaver and others. We serve a wide variety of green juices, smoothies, fruity softserv, and raw chocolate energy bars, salads, wraps and the occasional Mexican feast.
Armando waters our corn seeds in Piedras Gordas at the marina.
I feel that corn is something i may never grasp and can only fathom its effectiveness. Corn is a deeply sacred seed and food which like i said i respect and revere but cannot trust that i 'get it'... corn is earth, corn IS the Indian people corn IS life... and with the violations of companies like Monsanto it's a death rape to be stripped of real corn, pollinated corn and to have it tainted by someone in a laboratory trying to make a buck is a heinous crime.

My Grandpa Frank and his brothers were the largest producers of carrots in the states for many years and they also had fields of corn in Indio where we'd often spend long weekends over Thanksgiving as a family. i grilled him to make sure he didn't use pesticides or sprays... neither of us knew the very fertility of corn would be at stake in the not so far future.

One day Armando and i planted six rows or so. Later he suggested we fill in the remaining rows. i gave him the seeds and it was an odd moment. As a warrioress goddess you must remain alert and aware of the Universe speaking to you and in this case i thought i'd go get a swim in so A. was headed to the garden to plant. As soon as he started the car i knew i'd made a mistake and that i needed to be present for the planting. He didn't hear me shriek "Miho" as he rounded the corner leaving because the radio was on so loud.

i didn't care the whole restaurant across the street were giggling as i huffed and puffed on the bicicycle half-dressed to catch up with him...

when i came up the stone steps leading to the land from the wrought iron side gate with the bicycle i saw that he indeed was home like he said he would. And he was also in the garden! But what i saw next set me off running full speed full throttle. A lady of opportunity was standing at the edges of the garden smoking a cigarette and flirting with him. i could see what was coming if i hadn't been there. He would have planted those seeds without my energies and with this other lady's energy that i knew was scattered. She had been visiting a worker on the property for a few days and we'd talked a little.

Inside i was ready to jump her but i ran hard and as i got closer i yelled, "Quiero plantar maize con mi espuso solo!!!" (i want to plant corn with my husband alone!) She had a big good-natured grin on her face as she hurried past us both and i had no need to jump her. He put his arms around me, "Tranquila, Relajate" ... It's not his energies i'm concerned about it was hers. We planted the entire pound of blue corn seeds and soaked them well. Like Anastasia says in the Anastasia, Ringing Cedar series, i like to put the seeds into my mouth so they know me and put them in the ground.

The garden in Piedras Gordas easily becomes the central foods for Rawgoddess Green Smoothies as do the plants of the desert nopal, aloe vera and moringa.

Not a possessive girl unless it would f_ck up my corn patch!

Garden-picked albaca 'basil' pesto on veggie pattie platter at Rawgoddess
Yes, the rumors are true. There will be an unveiling this fall of Costa Brava Organics and Las Gentes Coop de Comida a People's Food Coop for select staples in the Rawgoddess Building. We also have an exciting renovation project planned for next year which will make the coffee bar especially accessible and fun, easy to get to as well! I do have some organic and eco-body gifts available in the shop and selfcare items such as a Yoga Om Gym in green.

Many items such as organic farmer's products are available already when you walk into Rawgoddess on the corner of Calle de 20 de Noviembre and Costa Brava. Doors open 7am. Scroll down for pictures of our bodycare wood products, gifts and the seed of life stickers containing all the quantum geometric shapes within one sphere for energy activation of any space or vehicle.
handmade cards by Helen Newman These are out of print cards, hadmade by Helen in Brooklyn. She founded the "Escape From Zendik" live journal and has a book she might show us one day if we are lucky.

using the mortar and pestle to open the cassia for my 40-day cleanse & guide to be released in early fall  Be sure to stop by Rawgoddess for these licorice-like pellets which reduce the waistline or direct to the land. Buena Fortuna.

cassia for opening the bowels: info & instructions will be released in the fall ebook series
I began my 40-day cleanse this is day three. A high priority is adding exercise all the time in small increments. And in eliminating all dairy, wheat and having monomeals. :))) i have some excellent recipes to share and tips about the emotional blocks that keep us from even starting our body transformation programs. a) it's about loving what ya already got. b) acceptance c) determination in spite of a and b. :)))

grilling verduras for the papas dulce 

papa mexicana vegana

orbs of energy blessing my cleanse transition food: recipes to be released this fall
me at my morning stoop
Here at Rawgoddess Baja in Los Barriles, Baja California de Sur, Mexico. i love waking up and seeing the sunrise and the moon set at the same time. The glassy water's velvety table for the pink sun coming up glows as i walk to my corn patch. Yesterday was Day 2 of my personal program and i'm recording everything for my  very first public webcasted series. My journal keeps noting the peace and bliss i feel while eating this way. i've half-jokingly coined this the Baja Beer Diet: A Cleanse & Flourish series.

In the Rawgoddess Building we welcome the new store of Costa Brava Organics. Los Gente's Coop will be available for new members this summer, as well on select staples and cici's picks. i apologize for not getting this started sooner but we are celebrating a new skincare line and the upcoming birth of a  baby among our staff, very soon! New stock is arriving every week and we will have a grand opening party with live music. 
A green juice a day keeps the bad things away.

ecotools exfoliation gloves
We try to keep ample supply of exfoliating tools on hand. Always brush from the extremities--arms and legs--towards the heart. Do this on dry skin to remove dead skin cells and stimulate internal oil stores as well as collagen production and bring this to the surface... the fresh blood circulation means that the lymphatic system gets refreshed and in turn will allow toxins from the cells to be moved via the body system's water body to be eliminated ... mucus will be expelled via coughing and bowel movements so look in your stool afterward... in addition, toxic gases trapped in the lymph and cells will be stimulated and supported to move also so look for burping and gas expelling (farts) and keep EVERTHING CLEAN that you put into your mouth to enhance the whole process. This means organic first and whole food organic second ... eliminate dairy, grains and certain nuts unless soaked, add more raw fruits and vegetables particularly adding two heads of greens per day at first.

IMPORTANT: After sunbathing or sun exposure for a daily 15 minute minimum, be sure you do not use soap on the skin for at least 24 hrs with possible exception of armpits and bitty bits in moderation. Use the dry brush so the skin's mantle will do its photosynthesis type thing and create VITAMIN D!!! You may wipe down with a damp cloth or rinse gently in a cool shower then towel dry without harming this process.

the dry brush natural bristle Body Refiner

Handi Dandi gets those points below the occiput soooo nice ahhhhhh!

My stars i go nowhere without my Maxie Backsie! Such great nervous system settling and pleasure along the spinal column, great for pain relief and assisting digestive complaints when used in conjunction with addressing dietary causes & stress. $450p or $45usd.
my ebook Rawprincess Rituals and Rants: A Self-care Guide to Beauty and Grace is available for $150p ($15usd) in digital form by giving us your email address and payment in the store or you may use my paypal button this page. Right sidebar. :)

Ghe Maxsie Backsie is cici's favorite body tool for self-care and earthing ... you don't roll on this you lift and set your body weight along the vertebral muscular support points and breathe deeply in and out ten times for each vertebra.

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This by Sam Moses set in Los Barriles, Bcs and Hood River, Oregon, this zany and at times tragicomical parenting memoir is the noted automotive & extreme sport journalist's recounting of parenting his two sons. Those who love Verdugo's will remember Kim and Sam, Maks and Tai.

Temporarily out of stock and on back order pls leave you name w/ Carolina at Rawgoddess Baja
The Himalayan Salt Lamp gives off negative ions in the room and lightens the energy of the space while reducing stress and inflammation and is said to invite good spirits and angel helpers.

Seeds of Life created by Rysheak Lightwon of
Thank you for browsing through some of the wonderful products we carry at the Costa Brava Organics section of the Rawgoddess building in Los Barriles, Bcs Mexico. Less than an hour drive away from the Cabo airport of San Jose del Cabo! Make sure to visit us soon and contact me in advance to book a healing arts get away for you and friends or just have a lunchbox for your hiking or beach SUP or boating outing...

Love to you, thank you for making the world a beautiful place in your own way by letting your unique gifts flourish and flow and letting your unique light shine as only you can.

a salad platter at rawgoddess baja los barriles, near the Cabo airport.
cici summer 2013

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