Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chatter at Rawprincess Studio ... & Today's Wild Green Smoothie Recipe

"Send those who can be hired to cry out in the lover's market Lost! A wild daughter has been lost! Wearing a thin veil of foam and a dark red dress She's dangerous she'll steal your mind. Yet whoever finds her can have my soul as their reward... Bring her back home. To Hafiz. Lost, the wild daughter has been lost."

The only way I have of explaining this is that wherever I am, there is Rawprincess Studio. It is my studio and my love of the meandering putter. Oh, how massively much gets done within its dewy weblike magic.

This means the back of Rawgoddess Baja is where my rawprincess activities flourish ... and it spills over into all the beauty i can bring to Rawgoddess. You might say the princess serves the Goddess. :)))

Today's GREEN SMOOTHIE recipe. Serves 2.
Freshly gathered: 3 small strips nopal cactus, 2 large pinches fresh moringa leaf, 2" of sliced aloe vera stalks & a pinch of local fresh dried sea vegetables
4 dates w/ seed removed, 1 sliced mango, about 2 whole frozen banana (sliced before freezing), 1/2 green apple (Granny Smith)
1-2tsp vanilla, dash cinnamon, 1 T. honey, 1 drop proprietary chocolate extract.

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