Monday, January 13, 2014

92-Day Juice Fast for Cici & Rawgoddess Green Smoothies New Menu Launch ;)

Hi everybody,

Just a quick note to let you know that this Wednesday Full Moon I launch the RGS smoothie and full juice bar menus. There will be plenty of menus and a to-go take-out phone number so you can grab these menus and take them home with you!

Please, please do not miss out on my personal publicized journey which also begins Wednesday. I first do two weeks of smoothies and juices leading into a 92-day rite-of-passage juice fast. Click here and hit the like button if you feel intrigued or inspired by this and wish to receive updates. <3

My personal Facebook page also is important to stay closely tuned to. And please remember to hit the thumbs up button below each post and photo if you find it inspiring or informative in anyway. This keeps me going on those sometimes long and lonely rawgoddess days. ;p 

Here is an outline of this week's calendar. Don't miss the purple corn pancakes because we will not be offering these again in this format.

Rawgoddess Green Smoothies: Meatless Monday 8am purple corn pancakes w/ real maple syrup! Organic PDXgirl coffee frappuccino regular & the caffeine free reishi tonic cappuccino, Almond butter fudge w/ date frosting. Tues 10am Pumpkinseed Pesto Fettuccini. Wed Full Moon Smoothie & Juice Bar Menu Launch! Follow cici's 92-day juice protocol at <3

Why the change? We tried the cooked vegetarian and the cooked vegan foods and found yes, that sales increased, but the number of people I was actually helping discover a cleansing lifestyle to increase vitality actually declined. Yes, folks it is the green juice and smoothies and food with their unheated enzymes and minerals intact that I want to share.

Meanwhile, it is possible that these cooked vegan foods are great for "fallback" foods when you can't get fresh organic fruit and vegetables as a dinner option and I will offer classes in the future but the menu at Rawgoddess is launching this Wednesday and you will be able to actually read and take home these menus as well as brochures packed with information.

Cici Cummins, founder
Rawgoddess Baja
Los Barriles, B.c.s. Mexico
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