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Rawgoddess Green Smoothies LiquidLaunch Smoothie Menu

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LiquidLaunch Menu RGS (Part I)

  • Cici's ACV Solution: A refreshing, hydrating 1st-thing drink made w/ diluted living organic apple cider vinegar water and specially designed spices or enzymes per client.
  • LV/GB Mini-flush: Start the day with a mini liver flush. Used daily begins to soften and dissolve gravel and stones along the liver and gallbladder bile ducts. Must be followed with two cups of very hot herbal tea. Wait at least an hour before your usual coffee. Ingredients: apple, ginger, lemon, garlic (opt.) olive oil blended into a tangy delicious drink. Followed by Polaritea: licorice, fennel, fenugreek & flax w/ peppermint. Or you may use a mint alone.
  • Cici's VIP Green Coconut Water we have a hard time keeping this in stock it works so well.
  • Carrot
  • Carrot beet
  • Cici Rider: beet, orange, jalepeno, ginger, lemon A mildly spicy but tangy and rich drink to cleanse the blood system as well as tone the bowel and liver.
  • Fat Metabolizer #1: grapefruit, orange, lemon w/ nopal and moringa A refreshingly tart juice to assist in balancing blood sugar levels and dissolving plaque in the system. Take with our nopal caps or Hoodia for appetite reduction w/o caffeine crash as well as a B12 patch for added energy.
  • Adds: B12 patch many are deficient in this energizing B vitamin due to lack of soil-based organisms on food these days and the use of antibiotics. This is the number one patch on the worldwide online vegan market and is the NEXT BEST THING to a doctor's B12 shot in the butt. Very good.
  • Hoodia: there were many scams of cut Hoodia and this is pure concentrated and really works for emotional eating and helps curb desire to overeat. No caffeine or jitters, just an underlying energy boost.
  • Fat Metaboliser #2: Pineapple, cilantro, orange, nopal, moringa
  • Try with the Hoodia, B12 and nopal caps (above)
  • Basic  Green Smoothie: fruit, greens water & special organic recipe (low glycemic, always gluten-free & vegan)
  • Supergreen Smoothie: same as Basic but with high quality superfoods, special greens such as chlorella, barley grass juice powder, spirulina and digestive enzymes.
  • Chocolate supergreen "ice cream" smoothie: I add raw mineral-rich cacao powder which boosts the "love" hormones in the brain. The alkaloids and antioxidants in raw cacao far surpass any other superfood. The frozen bananas are creamier vs our competitors who use only ice. This is guilt-free chocolate at its finest.
  • Chia Chocolate Frosty: same as above w/ soaked chia seed. The Mexican ultra-distance running tribe Tarahumara use this seed (chia) for endurance of hundreds of miles a day in the desert. :) (See "Born to Run")
  • MacaLoca MylkShake: leading maca pwdr, non-GMO almond mylk with Rawgoddess superfood smoothie ingredients, love and blended to a creamy perfection! We use Celestial Raw Goddess Tonics and Teas as well as Shaman Shack 3 Immortals. (3 flavors: vanilla-almond, chocolate-cacao or very berry).
  • Coconut water
  • VIP Green Coco Water: supergreens blended w/ pure coconut water, proprietary organic flavors & a magical spell.
  • Savory Green Smoothie: This is one of my favorites for dinner. I blend my organic tomato, cucumber, squash and fresh tender greens w/ avocado & spices and top it with a generous dollop of olive oil, sea salt and organic freshly milled black pepper. Mmm good.
  • Orange Creamsicle: Oranges, almond or cashew mylk recipe blended w/ ice & rich coconut oil to creamy perfection. :)
LiquidLaunch Part 2 is up here. (And the editor has added it below here, just scroll down. :))

Please follow Cici's 92-Day Juice Fast Diet on her special Facebook page here.

LiquidLaunch™ (Part II)
HOURS Open: M/W/Th/Sat 8am – Tues/Fri 10am – Sun 11am (close in afternoon, varies)
    624-124-8577 landline * mobile 624-108-4627
  • Herbal Tea w/ ginger, lemon or crème & coconut sugar $30p
  • Fatburner Metabolizer nopal, moringa, w/ a citrus blend (opt. Hoodia/B12) $60p
  • Cici's ACV Solution $50p
    my personal favorite first-thing drink a qt of apple cider vinegar water/cayenne etc options
    • Men's tonic add $10p
    • women's goddess tonic add $10p
    • Hoodia and B12 addon's $25p each
  • CHOCOLATE RUSH super maca / medicinal cacao endorphin blend $100p
  • VALERIE JEAN DATE SHAKE famous date in almond mylk base $80p
  • ACAI-ORANGE-BERRY SMOOTHIE high antioxidant $70
  • cici's FAVE HYDRATING GREEN JUICE celery-apple-ginger-lemon $70p
  • The cici Rider beet, lemon, ginger, jalapeno $70p
  • Very Greeeen Juice (made on Omega Vert masticating juicer) leafy greens base $120p

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TUES CLASS: 10:30am Lifestyle Secrets to Health & Beauty/ SelfCare cici's
11:30am The Artist Way/ Food Sobriety mtg

Rawgoddess Baja is on 20 de Noviembre in downtown Los Barrilles, Bcs, Mexico

Monday, January 13, 2014

92-Day Juice Fast for Cici & Rawgoddess Green Smoothies New Menu Launch ;)

Hi everybody,

Just a quick note to let you know that this Wednesday Full Moon I launch the RGS smoothie and full juice bar menus. There will be plenty of menus and a to-go take-out phone number so you can grab these menus and take them home with you!

Please, please do not miss out on my personal publicized journey which also begins Wednesday. I first do two weeks of smoothies and juices leading into a 92-day rite-of-passage juice fast. Click here and hit the like button if you feel intrigued or inspired by this and wish to receive updates. <3

My personal Facebook page also is important to stay closely tuned to. And please remember to hit the thumbs up button below each post and photo if you find it inspiring or informative in anyway. This keeps me going on those sometimes long and lonely rawgoddess days. ;p 

Here is an outline of this week's calendar. Don't miss the purple corn pancakes because we will not be offering these again in this format.

Rawgoddess Green Smoothies: Meatless Monday 8am purple corn pancakes w/ real maple syrup! Organic PDXgirl coffee frappuccino regular & the caffeine free reishi tonic cappuccino, Almond butter fudge w/ date frosting. Tues 10am Pumpkinseed Pesto Fettuccini. Wed Full Moon Smoothie & Juice Bar Menu Launch! Follow cici's 92-day juice protocol at <3

Why the change? We tried the cooked vegetarian and the cooked vegan foods and found yes, that sales increased, but the number of people I was actually helping discover a cleansing lifestyle to increase vitality actually declined. Yes, folks it is the green juice and smoothies and food with their unheated enzymes and minerals intact that I want to share.

Meanwhile, it is possible that these cooked vegan foods are great for "fallback" foods when you can't get fresh organic fruit and vegetables as a dinner option and I will offer classes in the future but the menu at Rawgoddess is launching this Wednesday and you will be able to actually read and take home these menus as well as brochures packed with information.

Cici Cummins, founder
Rawgoddess Baja
Los Barriles, B.c.s. Mexico
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