Monday, December 2, 2013

RGS Update #1

Rawgoddess Green Smoothies: 

Corner of Costa Brava and 20 de Noviembre in Los Barriles, B.c.s. Mexico. Hours M-F 8am-7pm. Saturday 8 to 5pm and Sunday brunch 11am to 2pm. Try the real Hoodia (yes there were many Hoodia scams in the past.) RGS Hoodia-B12 blast w/ a nopal pineapple fat flush to start your metabolism. Very handsome and extreme beauty tonics in a low-glycemic chocolate shake. Thank you. <3 cici 

Catering vegetarian gourmet parties & decadent raw vegan desserts. 20+yrs exp.

Remember to pick up my ebook Rawprincess Rituals and Rants by clicking the matching paypal button on the right and I will email it to you.

There are two openings for holistic bodywork & energy balancing treatments with cici this week. 624 108 4627

The coffee is killer too.

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