Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hey everybody this is Cici here.

It's exciting to have accomplished my mission in many ways and some unexpected ways during this US Rawgoddess Road Trip... It's been a little over three months. I have learned so much on this trip and really feel I have grown professionally and personally. The main focus was for my spiritual quest. I knew I needed to "get back to the trees again" as a mentor once used to remind us was necessary. I know that to be true.

You do need to get back to the trees again.

Daily routines are comforting and help keep systems running smoothly for many people, but when those very systems are merely draining and burning out individuals there is a need for a shift.

For me, rites of passage such as a juice or food cleanse, a time spent in a sacred spot of nature in solitude or exploration and connection, a deep soul searching or personal self-inventory and a reflection upon one's goals/life purpose/ mission statement. 

Are you living it or getting further away?

There's also the good old bucket list or some may call it mid-life crisis. Well, I used to avoid those labels but more and more realize if that's what gets someone off their butt and into action then that's just fine with me! A bucket list meaning life is moving on are you living life to its fullest and sharing your strengths and gifts with the world community? Or are you putting things off and accepting a life of routine and stagnation?

Portland allowed me to deepen friendship ties with folks I love and that made me so happy.

I learned much from the business standpoint and saw how much I have grown professionally as an entrepreneur rather than a corporate therapist working in a cubicle on a strict rushed schedule. Incidentally this included many many gray rainy days during which I worked so late I didn't get to see my kids. Just to go off-topic for a minute: It was complicated but a combination of the vindictiveness of their Father and the partially resulting socioeconomic challenges I was facing created a very negative spiral of attitudes for all of us. Especially when after all this work I was doing I wasn't seeing my kids but also was miserable due to a seasonal affective type disorder stuff that totally was hard after 20 yrs of the Pacific Northwest ... I haven't mentioned the elephant in the closet: I was trying to disengage from a very intimate and structured love relationship and was rather lost in my new world... I am working on a fictional account of my experiences and it includes why I don't casually recommend anyone getting involved in a dependent relationship--no matter how conscious--unless they have significant recovery measures in place for when and if that relationship should be suddenly severed.

In my case, I asked release in order to move to be close to my kids in Portland. I tried this a total of three times. My former husband was consistently rude to me, negative and went so far as to yell at me and criticize me for basic parenting procedures such as taking my kids to the principal's for a counseling session appointment, after they each were physically aggressive with me and my property and would run away or refuse to go to school when I was trying to get to work on time so as to not be fired.

I've had time to put all this in perspective this US trip. The huge shock in Mexico was that all my pride and joy in presenting this place to my kids resulted in a wonderful trip together but a setback afterward that has me scratching my head.

Out in the woods this last four-week leg of my trip I have had time to meditate, pray, walk, run, sunbathe, live outdoors and become more grateful for resources and creature comforts. But also to become my own best friend. The saying "Treating myself like a precious object will make me strong." is maybe a lifelong haiku or koan ... put it up on a collage board or simply paint or draw these words and place them in your workplace says Julia Cameron, author of the Artist Way.

Well, it really is true. I made a collage of those words and I've practiced little by little the art of treating myself like a precious object. If that is one thing I hope I teach in my daily self-care classes, ebooks and YouTube channel TV show it is doing those small but nurturing and cumulative things for one's self. Things like dry brush, yoga, moisturizing, hydrating from the inside out, resting, getting a hot bath, a massage or extra day to do nothing once in a while.

About that last item. Just doing nothing for a day can amaze you at all the things one remembers and figures out that really help daily life afterward, just by clearing the space and not focusing on anything at all. Having an unscheduled day can allow the Universe to unfold so many gifts not accessible when we are busy running around etc.

I believe the people I saw and the things I got to share with them and them with me were completely COSMIC and totally meant to be. I think all the connections the Universe brought my way are precious memories and real bonds. I hope to see each one of you down at Baja as my guest!!!

Well, I'm going to wrap this up. I've posted a wonderful MENU for online orders in Los Barriles, B.c.s. Mexico. It is on the RIGHTHAND SIDEBAR on the top of all the items!!! It's brand new and it has my classic favorite ordered menu items from Rawgoddess Green Smoothies shop and vegan cafe in Los Barriles, Baja Mexico.

Anyone who uses this to order from me will receive 10% which will be reimbursed in pesos in person in Los Barriles, B.c.s.!!! :)

Make sure you send me your email address for my List project. I don't share. There will be weekly newsletters emailed and I will make sure to announce any sales or special dates in Baja to my email list first before the public.

Well, it's Halloween, I'm posting my menu up for online ordering and paying. I'm in humble gratitude for my family, children and friends today. I'm in deep gratitude for the gifts my Higher Power has given me. I've learned so much from the good Men in my life and even now as I am complicit in my own empowerment (shriek, I didn't mean to leave out the amazing Goddesses, sisters and girlfriends!!!), I have to feel so much love coming at me and all around me. Thank you Universe!!! I am so grateful for all the enthusiasm people are sending my way about Rawgoddess Baja and supporting me to be strong as a Mom and keep up the good fight!! Thank you so much.

Sending love from Cici Cummins of Rawgoddess Baja in south Baja Mexico, and Rawprincess Studio / Skylight Massage in Portland, Oregon ...
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