Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Getting Fooled: My Landlord Raised My Rent Without Telling Me

Well the suns comin' up, yes it is. I'm ridin' w/ Lady Luck ...
Juuanita now makes a mean greeeeeen smoothie!!! xoxo

First salad ever made in Rawgoddess Green Smoothies, B.c.s Mexico

First ever menu at Rawgoddess hand-written by Papa Feb 2013

First ever Rawgoddess at Sat. mkt at Los Barriles, B.c.s. Feb 2013

Some of the first to-go taco salad at Rawgoddess raw vegan. Feb 2013
Dear Diary,
My new landlord raised the rent and slipped it into a contract I signed without saying it was higher. I just got a text this morning from my friend who was going to pay it and it was higher--there wasn't enough pesos in my account he said.

Despite the so-called great reasons to be there, there are also factors which at this moment my mind is wondering am I supposed to be there again.

I really don't like the lying that goes on there on a regular basis. I can't stand it actually. It goes against my nature and the competition is ugly.

There are good people and there are people who need me. But honestly right now my stomach is turning. How can I ever be friendly to that landlord again?

He actually slipped me the contract and I didn't see he had raised it? He just does it without saying anything? Chances are even if I had seen it, he would have insisted, even if I had protested.

It is just the deception of the thing. I do hate it and it hurts.

Also, my lawyer tried to tell me I could not leave the country without giving her $55 more dollars. I ignored that because I had a passport plus my temporary resident card. I was right. She made that up.

She also says I have to go back to restart the whole process for my working papers.

I started that last December and while I was in Baja was told I had to go back to the states to get it. I went to the states and then was told that I had the correct papers. When I got back to Mexico they told me it was not the correct papers and I would have to apply within Mexico.

I'm beginning to feel that I am being torn apart inside. I feel frustration, like I am pulling blood out of a turnip. I feel that I am pushing up against a tide that I don't want to be pushing up against. I begin to hate people and distrust everyone's smiling face.

It is good though, because I went there for the love and approval of someone else and this year needs to be different. I started out in shock because I thought I was down there with someone and I wasn't. I was there with me. It forced me to turn within and I only did a half-way good job at that.

I'm doing a little better right now.

This is good because when I got so mad at my landlord's wimpy deception, I had a moment where I didn't care if I went back or not.

I didn't care if I lost everything in the shop. I just was so mad I considered starting a business in Portland where I could be closer to my two youngest kids.

Even though I have absolutely no money to my name. Nothing.

I am starting this season in Mexico at my new smoothie bar and I have nothing except the shop and the equipment and my experience from last year. I will literally have to start with the supplies I have onhand.

Dogs and upturned brooms sleeping in the sun, as Papa says this is Baja!!!
I thought of the breeze blowing through the shop. I thought of the morning sun which comes in the back door. I thought of the perro the doggie who sits in back and no one ever takes for a walk but me. I thought of the people who come in who bring tears to my eyes because the green smoothies mean so much to them.

Friends of Rawgoddess mean a lot!

Getting healthy together!
Amazing people come from all over to cleanse with raw food +Cici Cummins 
Barbara Murphy www.barbaramurphy.net
I did it last year and I can do it again! <3 <3 Rawgoddess Rich Rawk Star bars $45pesos

Some green smoothies are meant for everyday!!!

"I just know I feel better after I eat there." --JS

When the head honchos at www.thebajaponyexpress.com said I was doin' okay!!!

Bringing beauty. Being beauty. Bring it on!!!

I thought of the US and its BS. I thought of the excitement of everyone I speak to about opening this smoothie bar and raw vegan cafe in Baja and I thought of being able to bring my kids and family and friends here and how unique it is.

Cici don't let the people get you down who are tricky and who manipulate. Cici, keep your heart open and yes, be careful, but don't take it personally. Your landlord is indeed sneaky and now you have a higher rent than you did last year and it hurts you that you were being so trusting to sign the contract without looking at it.

A very special raw vegan angel! Rawgoddess Green Smoothies at the market.
Love always, Papa.
You just never had anyone look at your face and do something like that without mentioning it. It is frustrating I know.

You will get through this and it might mean you aren't going to stay there after this year. But I do want you to go back and take care of the shop as planned. You get to be humble that you got fooled. You didn't see it coming. They are putting you through the meat grinder down there.

Don't let it make you stressed and bitter, Cici.

I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. Welcome to what much of the world feels every day.
Painting my Rawgoddess Green Smoothies shop.

Starting with nothing and making something wonderful.

Looking out the back door of Rawgoddess ...

What the shop looked like when I got it.
Today: What it's all about!!!
Mornings like these I'm opening up and sooo happy!!!
Keetsia likes to check up on me and make sure the chocolate recipes are staying high quality!!!
Please shoot me a message and there's a paypal button on the right hand sidebar to make a donation and /or buy an ebook. Please help me get this season started. I will be very successful. I had a great half season last year but not a full season. This Oct 15 I am to re-open for the season and I get to operate through June 15 god/dess willing. I need all the support and love and bookings and donations I can get right now as well as the moral support. I'm in the states (west coast USA tour) for a month so msg me and let's have tea!!! :-) xoxo <3 <3 <3 bliss~cici at Rawgoddess Green Smoothies, Los  Barriles, Baja California del Sur, Mexico.

Love from Los Barriles, Baja, Mexico with my two youngest kids.

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