Sunday, July 21, 2013

Confession Time! Rawprincess Becomes Rawgoddess!! :-)

Thank you for following my blogs and videos.

It's time to really clearly connect with you all and recap on all that has happened since rs's inception in New York--the move (twice) to Portland, Oregon's Rawprincess Studio site. Rawprincess is still alive and is becoming an inner VIP creativity and healing seminar. Rawgoddess Baja being the intro point. And Skylight Massage (named and branded by Sophie Ganschow) is the healing arts office. From July through September I am offering treatments, coaching and speaking engagements on the west coast USA Rawgoddess Road Trip!!!!

Cici talks about her new life in Baja California del Sur, Mexico. Tips on dating and how to choose a marriage partner. Personal pregnancy skin care, her private co-parenting nitemare. The Mexico Rawgoddess Menu and Kiteboarding, Yoga activities and more!

Book Cici now for craniosacral or juice fast retreats. 

Find out more about the Rawprincess to Rawgoddess process in the ebook (right sidebar here paypal button.) or private msg for a Skype consultation. 
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