Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pink Cloud is Calling: Let's Get Personal On Rawgoddess Baja Curtain Call

Just for you: This fountain blesses all your efforts today for anyone viewing this ... it draws in all you need to operate your new cosmic mission TODAY! So trust and clean house! :-) <3 <3 <3 xoxo

I have written here to my beloved readers: the heroes, sheroes, supergirls, Gods and alllll the innocent creatures and children of this beautiful blue star ... to anyone struggling to know they matter and they can dream again. To anyone who thought it was too late to have magic in your life or that the planet is doomed because of corporate greed so your broken heart simply ached for paradise lost. Don't give up. Let your vision pull you. Put one foot in front of the other and show up. Because this planet is not done until the fat lady sings. The show must go on and the Hero within has a shot at this still. For one, Monsanto needs to know we don't want to eat GMO corn designed to pop open the bellies of insects and kill them. We don't need to eat sterile corn or have seeds that won't reproduce. We want to take our food back. We will take our food back. We NOW take our health back. ... This is written to let you know I have not stepped out of the game. I have not left you alone, nor have I gone off to hide. I will help you and I need your help too. It's all of our voices, all of our gifts together that will pick up the pieces and make a better world. (Petition here.)


"This is your desk. And Bill is your uncle." Wherever you are, make a desk and get to your cosmic purpose! Even if going to a job you don't love today, pretend it is your "church" and you are the minister!

Good Morning Baja!!!

I am sitting here in my cheetah robe having my vice--hot black coffee (just one cup)--about to get showered and head for my new space downtown Los Borriles, Baja California del Sur. I get to play in there today because the sinks and counters are in. All my stuff is down there and right next door are "the veggie girls" as they are affectionately known around here. Yes, their store is completely open air under a thatched roof and the walls are lined with see-in coolers filled with produce. The tables and shelves are filled with coconut, dates, raisins, almonds, pecans ... there are also spices and honey! Everything just about everything rawgoddess needs to make magic happen in the love kitchen called Rawgoddess Green Smoothies.

I am grateful for this awesome (and handsome) Man! My business coach and Love.

Papa has supported me to make this go down like this.

No I'm not referring to Ernest Hemingway--although he, too, was named Papa by an adoring public. It's hard not to adore my Papa. In fact, you might say that this is how Rawgoddess began because of "It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This" miles clocked into the Papamadre clock ... and then the rawprincess came skipping along (or tiptoeing in high heels, however you want to look at it) and there was this collision of spirits.

A complex and heart-wrenching happiness and intensity wrapped in saltwater and motorcycle projects (I, more than once, tried to run errands for Papa and ended up dropping off the welding project to the mechanic in the sticks, never once did it occur to me I'd need them for the next stop on the list. So when I got there I had no pipes for the welder.)

But it is now 9:30am and my coffee is half sipped and cooling.

As much as I'd like this to be an intro to a chapter here on rawprincess blog, it needs to be a mere tease. A confusing needs-to-be-edited set of paragraphs some would say.

Nonetheless, it is a drop of fresh water onto the page for me this morning.

You see, I don't show it the same way as you might show it, but I am excited about my juice bar.

It's just been such a long time coming that I guess you could say I *almost* can't be sure it's really happening.

Maybe my self-esteem is so shot that this is what I feel like when I win the lottery. If so, every owl that ever came by to my window, every orange eagle that looked me dead center in the eye in Minnesota and every single birdie that chirped across my path insisting I go outside and connect with Mother Earth--not to give up just because Monsanto would like that ... has been right.

These creatures, innocent creatures of this planet have come to me and said to me that I'm loved.

That I am "not too small or too flawed to be healed" and that I do indeed need to share my gifts to my community.

I know. I so hate that.

But what do you do when you are loved and who and what you are is wanted and needed and is a healing force?

You show up and make green smoothies. You make big bowls of salad. You whip up raw chocolate delights and you put people on the treatment table and let energy principles--witness energy principles, be a facilitator for Energy Principles--do their innate wise things.

You are loved.
You have a unique way of giving to the community of this planet: local and global
You might not know this.

The late Arol Wulf once said to her two-year-old daughter Fawn as they were walking past me in the courtyard at Zendik Farm ... I was sort of shoveling the tunnel thingies where the grey water ran through along the rock wall and I heard her say as she looked right at me, "Sea is a beautiful person. Sea doesn't know it."

It struck me really hard. But she was right. And she may not know that it was such a plague that I could hardly step forward in my life in so many ways because I didn't know I was a beautiful person.

I don't think I'm the only one who goes through this.

Can you stop with me. This moment. And take a moment to breathe deeply into the depths of your heart, body, mind and spirit ... breathe this knowing into yourself. That you and I are beautiful and are completely powerful to bring peace, harmony, tranquility, health and love into this world.


Do it.

Let no one else's blunders bring us down. Let no one else's greed dishearten us. Let no one else's judgments or proclamations cut through our hearts. Because ...


Well, do you really need a "why"???

All the leading motivational coaches are saying that the first thing you need to know for "success" is WHY you want what you want or WHY you want your action.

This always stumped me. And I felt I was a bad student, doomed for failure because I could never really find a "why" for anything that my heart was pulling me to carry out.

Finally I turned it over to Great Spirit. I said, "God/dess, I don't really know why I'm sharing health and holistic lifestyle protocols. I don't really know why I'm doing any of this... maybe that's bad."

I said, "I release this to you, God, I let go."

"Maybe if I put one foot in front of the other you will show me why I'm doing this. Or you will give me that certainty that I care about this. You will give me that magic, that spark that seemed to be doomed by overwhelm of watching corporate greed ruin our world."

And yes, I cried.

But as soon as that was said, I got a tiny foot into the door of the pink cloud.

I prefer to live in the pink cloud. The world of fun and magic and healing light and bringing blue skies and smiling faces.

And as I was sharing these prayers and my "not being able to tell I care" reality, it was revealed to me that I don't need a why.

Why is about the mind.

What I have is a deep deep nature-connection. A soul calling.

Your soul doesn't know "why" it just is a pure diamond of light.

It pulls you to a vision.

For no other reason than pure love.

For no other reason than you are open-hearted and you are truly following that pull.

It's not a why. It's a HOW.

How will you walk in that light.

How will you share your gifts.

The community is not fully alive until each one of us comes out of isolation and offers theirs.

I totally understand the fear that what you have is too weird, or not valuable, or people will reject/laugh/throw tomatoes. I totally get that fear.

But pink cloud is calling.

The following was posted in the Baja Pony Express Newsletter today:

Rawgoddess Green Smoothies is coming on Valentine's Day, ready or not! Featuring for your sweetie Cacao Madness Balls, Passion Cashew Crumble with Goji berries, Maca Chaga Hard-on Chocolate Shakes, and of course cici's signature greeeen smoothie. Across from Otra Vez. 

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