Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Freebie Friday: Massage Giveaway and Hello From Rawprincess Baja

Yes you heard right.

Imagine instead of Black Friday a Give-Away Friday! Dubbed by Namaste and Richard Moore as the new "Freebie Friday" ...

AND I'm down in Baja but I tell you what--I'm doing a lot of lightworker type stuff here.

Find me and get a free green juice. Just mention Freebie Friday. Come on over! :-)
So all I can say is if you want something free for yourself: a coupon, a full on gift-certificate for coaching, craniosacral, raw vegan chef demo, a juicing spree here at my counter on me .... you just have to read this and name what you need and I will put your name on my Freebie Friday Giveaway list and do my best to give it to you!

No worries. We can rustle up a salad! Shown here: NFRV
So, basically anyone who reads this post gets something free. Just ask me.

And that's basically the deal.

If I have to come back to this post later and add an "Editor's Note" in italics because I'm flooded with freeloaders well, power to me.

Bring it on.

If you are in Baja right now get your Freebie Friday in person. Follow the herd in the Buenos Aires neighborhood to Casa Fenix.
I was trying to catch the bougainvilleas here like my Grandma always had.
Me and Cabo enjoy hanging out while Papa launches his kiteboard.

Having a NFRV salad and solar vibration lunch.
But for sure if you're seeing this you just won a free gift. A massage or a foot reflexology or any of my services: pick one!

Logistic-wise it could mean you will need to ask for the long-distance coaching: gallbladder flush/colon cleanse or basic rejuvenative and/or raw vegan lifestyle coaching session on the phone.

My menu of services is here. My local Baja number is 624-108-4627

I am available in Los Barriles area, Oceanside / San Diego area, Los Angeles, and the Portland downtown and Metro areas as well so message me for my tour dates.

Meanwhile, here's some more stuff i've been doing here in Baja.

Blue Wave by Tanya is an organic market in Los Barriles. She has colon cleanse kits right now and some amazing handmade Damiana BodyCare Products made locally as well as staples you can get excited about: olive oil, nut butters, nutritional yeast, various tinctures and analgesics ... much more. And starting December 1 she will be at the Pescadera Organic Market on Sundays with green smoothies and energy balls. You might see me with her as in-house chef consultant extraordinaire depending.

Papa on his way to launch ...
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