Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Becoming the Brightest Light Possible .... Parenting and Salads

All the hard work this year is paying off ... we are together and thriving! See my new Listening To Parents Series at the  Rawprincess here ... (repeats every Tuesday).
Tuesday Gratitude ...
i am grateful for yesterday abstinence with a large mono-plum meal for breakfast, a vegan simple protein drink in the afternoon and a carrot-coconut blended smoothie-soup for dinner ... and a very early bedtime ...

i am grateful for prayer and spiritual writing this a.m.
i am grateful for the work i accomplished yesterday
a)getting fafsa filled out
b)getting classes registered for
c) getting the kitchen cleaned up
d) my food being for nourishment not feelings thus dropping a pound
e) getting the laundry organized
f) getting the treatment room cleaned up
g) figuring out more about my printer and computer settings going smoothly
h) putting my foot down with Zeke when he cussed at me that it's not acceptable and he can't talk to me that way--he can be mad but he cannot cuss at his mom.
i) insisting that if the kids make something in the kitchen they need to be willing to wash their dishes right afterward unless previous understanding for that meal have been made.
j) letting them know they cannot stay up past midnight online anymore.

Source of all being and light within and around me in unity i am grateful for being and for the cloak of humanity i have the experience of breathing while getting to remember my divinity.
i thank you for this opportunity to further create the life and healing practice i am called to be and give ... i thank you for the love which removes petty tyrants from my daily life and that i can see beyond the weird ego which says it's my fault and see that it is all bigger than that and see a plan unfolding as i turn to Spirit and Source then take the actions in love and courage and ask for wisdom and guidance moment by moment, day by day. i  am grateful for even the times i stray off my non-violent dietary choices and try out the cooked and non-vegan foods because i know that it satisfies the mind as it reminds me that light and sun-kissed foods are where my whole system is resonating and going. Help me to be with people no matter their foods and no matter if it is right in front of me, to have the presence of mind to remember that without judgment, it is just not what i am called to nourish my beautiful being with.

Tuesday Part 2
After two days of the kids holed upstairs doing online stuff I created an explosion by taking the laptop from someone ... then I did a great job listening to all the angst and sadness, listening and talking it through. Many old feelings came up which are important to listen to and heal from for someone and then some which won't be changed. (No, I'm not moving into a modern apartment right now.)

I called Teri, walked over to the gym and worked out, then came back and me and the kids hopped on the trolley car to get some dinner in the Pearl ... we talked over some things about new schedules and at times there was anger and tears all around... but we got through and are home now. There is a time limit on the internet and I am going for another walk (actually I had walked to the bank but forgot my deposit so I have to go back, argh!)

We shared a little chocolate and Z walked down and got them some sodas at the corner store. (He said he needed a little walk by himself) ...

Things are getting good again around here with their rooms all set up ... sure there are improvements that could be made: they need a better room divider and I need to stay on top of the boundaries around how long being online is okay.

But we got through this day with a lot less isolation than yesterday and we got through it with some laughs and hugs and plans for the future together...

I appreciate my boyfriend for supporting me on the phone also ... so thanks to the kids and Teri and thanks to me for doing a good job...

My Salad Gift to Papa ... A display of various yummy veggies feng shui with a scoop of intense kale/avocado/pepita savory in the middle ... 
Salad Gift Recipe
  • a bed of greens
  • top with veggies on-hand taking care to keep each separate for the energetic vibratory quality and elegant beauty
  • center scoop contains kale rubbed into avocado chunks with:
  1. nutritional yeast large flakes
  2. drizzle organic apple cider vinegar to taste
  3. pink sea salt to taste
  4. nama shoyu to taste
  5. fresh or dried herbs such as basil, thyme and a dash of sage
  6. olive oil

Wednesday Gratitude :)

i am grateful to hear from Hillari
i am grateful for the sunny nook i write in this morning in my paper journal
i am grateful the gym membership at school is all set up
i am grateful i worked out  yesterday
i am grateful that even though i had foods not on my spiritual path per se that it wasn't something that led to overeating at ALL ... (a big change)
i am grateful that a few bites of something i don't consider ideal didn't turn into an "oh well let's trip out and sample everything in sight until i'm stuffed" situation.
i am grateful for the 11pm AA mtg last night
i am grateful for Papa's thoughtfulness last night, knowing i'd be distraught if we did not have connection on the phone ...
i am grateful for Papa's insistence on changing some things in my profile which did not please him and which, by letting those things go, mean deeper closeness with him--and more stability and peace within my self.
i am grateful for the day with the kids yesterday and how i had more inner resources as their mom than i was letting myself believe or tap into...
i am grateful i am powerful and a healing force and for generous souls/coaches such as Lori and Danielle from which i glean so much more than Julia can give me today ... knowing the struggles and the way Julia has disappeared from an honest showing up in public really irks me but Lori and Danielle continue to show up and be completely transparent at least to the best of their ability and appropriateness which is the important thing: to show up and share your truth.
i am grateful that i can see more and more of my vision and dream for myself
i am grateful for getting honest in my journal about the underlying energy goings on about my leaving my dayjob. i can see how i really wanted out.
i am grateful for identifying some fundamental confusions i had walked away with when i was released from Mr M...
i am grateful for integration : evolution always includes but transcends the development which preceded ...

God/dess today is a day of caring deeply and profoundly for this temple. The greatest and the least. i am truly great, yet i am truly small, so small and in a sense "worthless" while being ultimately worthy of all the riches of prana, life force, needed objects and resources ... worthy of vitality and joy and the satisfaction of sharing love with others .. worthy of honing and sharpening my superpowers as planetary healer ... worthy of true love with my Beloved: worthy of tending to the gardens of passion, mutual self-realization and miracles ... as a lightworker my temple begins to feed on sunlight and oxygen and clean water and touch ... such substantial nourishment ... and less and less do i try to receive all my nourishment from heavy foods or overeating ...


PS-i am grateful to be in acknowledgements in Papa's upcoming new parenting memoir ... oh! and to be in picture for publicity in upcoming events, yay!! :)

Adoration uncontained...

Get your parenting groove on and RSVP for my new Listening To Parents series every Tuesday morning at the Rawprincess ...

Description: Listening To Parents is a holistic lifestyle support group which is free for parents. We do not have childcare at this time and as this a retreat setting for parents' self-care please do not bring children at this time. No exceptions.
I know that it can be overwhelming or feel impossible to take time for yourself and get away from your responsibilities, but trust me, you will be so much more valuable to that family when you get home from this that you will find it is worth pushing through that heavy rock of hopelessness to get here. :)
I am available to listen to you about your lack of childcare for this will simply assist you in figuring things out. Venting and problem solving are your birthright and in regards to this group I am making myself available on Tuesday mornings for these phone calls just before and after our group meets.
503-707-1641 or 651-319-7765
The inability to take time away for self-care is a huge oppression and is why this is not set-up for bringing our dear children at this time. In the future as we develop allies who can watch our young ones as we have our parent time separately in a separate room, we will have this set up.
I am a facilitator for parent groups (off and on for over fifteen years) using a natural listening process which honors and respects diversity and the inner wisdom you already possess. I do not give advice per se. I am a resource and do share information about ways of listening closely and relaxedly to young people and ways to resource one's self as a parent but other than that I rely on your intelligence to sort through this info and find what works best for you and your children.
I am here to back you in your incredibly huge job as a parent.
I am here because as I listen I, too, get a turn to be listened to: this is a mutual support situation. 
And the kids always benefit. 

Announcing the 2012 Doernbecher Dash ...

Kid's Karavan: "The Kid's Karavan is an exciting event for the kids that are patients at Doernbecher Children's Hospital. Whether they are an in-patient or out-patient, on Sunday of our event, the kids and their families are invited to join us. Lunch is provided, then the kids are taken out in racecars for a mock race of three laps. The kids are greeted by flag waving at all the corner stations. They receive checkered flags, plaques, and goody bags. We have been lucky in the past with good weather, although it's hard to predict what Mother Nature will do." --Cascades Sports Car Club

Kids get a ride in the famous SKOAL Bandit and one of the first released copies (that day) of It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This a parenting memoir by the racecar driver and Papa Madre extraordinaire Sam Moses ...

8/13/12: Update from Cascade Sports Car Club Saturday  AND Sunday rides ... Kid's Karavan: The Kid's Karavan is an exciting event for the patients and their families of Doernbecher Children's Hospital. Whether they are an in-patient, out-patient or alumni, all are invited to join us. The Kid's Karavan includes: entrance and parking fee to Portland International Raceway, children event shirts, lunch and a mock three lap race. Yep, everyone gets to race in a car! Meet Jolly Molly the Clown and hands on reptile fun with Creature Feature's reptile show plus so much more. Decide which day is best for your schedule, Saturday OR Sunday, register then come and join us for a FREE, fun filled, happy day with Cascade Sports Car Club. It's that easy! Print the flyer below and share the news to fellow Doernbecher families. See you there!

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