Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Visit to Rumblings Video Installation ...

Perini's piece at Rumbling for EFF:  Jeff Jahn photo at PORT.
Just so y'all know, video installations means uber creativity and weirdness; pretty much perfect for Portland. Not weird weird, just well, bubble-gum and baling-wire to make a secret treehouse kind of weird.

Now that I'm just dipping my toe in to this cool world, I see how much fun it can be. You don't really sit down and "watch a movie" you exist and the movie lives a life of its own with or without your focus. It creates an environment almost like a windchime or candles and the sound of ocean waves creates an environment. Well, that's my amateur newbie take on it, anyway.

There's of course always room for a message -- even the candle and the fountain gurgling have a message.

May 22, 2012 – June 13, 2012
Ford Building
2505 SE 11th Avenue
Portland, Ore
Gallery Hours: Friday – Monday, 12 – 6pm

I was certain my PSU class was meeting here at Rumblings for Portland's Experimental Film Festival (EFF) at Gallery Homeland. The usual "certainty" being incorrect ... so I thought quickly and shot photos and footage to prove I'd been there. Dorky I know.

But since I was juggling locating a sexy extraterrestrial costume along Hawthorne Ave, one could say I fared well.

I think this normally had leaves showing on this. Julie Perini at Rumblings for EFF.

But it turns out my video arts professor Julie Perini had an exhibit there (above) and it was one of my favorites. A piece of paper held by a string was blowing about the screen by fans ... (paper is top center.)

Also a fave of PORT's Jeff Jahn... "My favorite piece was Julie Perini's Video Projection with Movement. The simple visual motif of dried leaves, a few wind making fans and a piece of paper flapping in the breeze acts as a kinesthetic feast in this somewhat difficult space. The piece of paper, perhaps the ultimate blank slate... calls to mind the viewers own constant state of agitation being pushed and pulled every which way in this video festival environment. The leaves themselves present an off season sense of Fall calm."

Her and my classmates had actually gone to the main EFF site at Pioneer Place ... but the photos here and video which follow are from the Ford Center's collaboration with EFF this year.

This girl was doing stretching and yoga and had a camera at close-up angles at different distortion rates upon her body such as back or feet or legs ... lovely. Rauer at Rumblings: Cummins photo

This was a little over my blonde-head but I suppose that's because it was so circular.

I felt this was a classic installation set up ... the girl doing her stretching. Each screen had different angles of her body close-up and with great distortion... sort of like a hall of mirrors but more realistic.

This I can understand and fully grasp. Message and postures kept rotating.

Dig the motivational messages and silhouettes ...

Or was the 50s household my favorite?

Gorgeous Media by Christina Santa Cruz at EFF Such comfort isn't it? Cindy Cummins Photo
 All photos and video by Cindy Cummins of Rawprincess  Studio unless otherwise noted.
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