Monday, June 25, 2012

How I Took Off Five Years This Week ...

Left flower: me before green mix Right flower: me now
Hey all, you recall a while back I'd had it ... you see it's not like Wayne Dyer says (If you can't change the people around you, change yourself.) it really is "If you can't change the people around you, change the people around you."


But that's only part of how I took off five years this week.

Yes, five exact years ... and gaining.

I will give you the exact protocols I followed beginning with the day after my new BF's cool race day where he had qualified third out of forty-one in his 700 horse-powered crazy-ass car which makes my knees and other landscapes go weak whenever he pushes his foot down on that pedal ...

Anyways, reader, don't feel you can't reverse aging unless you date a race -car driver with a heart of gold. Okay, but you can if you go out and buy a case of young Thai coconuts.

Yes, that is a key foundation of my plan.

A case of young Thai coconuts.

I also purchased a case of coconut water in the cans so I was well-stocked. But I honestly don't think it would have worked as well without the actual fresh young thai coconut water along with a very extremely important ingredient which I'm hoping more people will find out about as a resource and supply source because it is unique.

I haven't seen it at the largest raw food online stores yet and I haven't seen it in any  stores yet at all.

It is only available from one guy who makes it. He puts it together right here in Portland Oregon and I'm telling you my wrinkles have significantly faded this week and I have other wild testimonial facts which will dually serve to expose just how crrrraaaazy I am. 

But it's worth sharing for the cause.

 Yes, I'm not real what they'd call mentally stable.

But, in a good way.

Unless you are inside my skin or inside my head on some particular given days.

Yes, in my twenties they put a bunch of labels on me at the shrink. But I find when I do the workouts and the whole organic foods and have lots of love and nature-connecting I do really well.

Really well.

So, this product which is sooo vibrant and alive and powerful (and very simple, heh, just like Nature!) really is a key part of how I stay focused and calm while also being energized and uber creative and chomping at the bit with the joy of being alive.

All good. All good.

Last but not least of the three simple foundational ingredients of how I enjoyed reversing the clock this week but not one or two months but looking and feeling at least five years younger.

And I don't own stock or even make a commission on this last one. (I should set that up: note to self.)

Sweetleaf Stevia drops: vanilla or English toffee are my favorites but orange is my BF's fave (He likes it in his espresso-gun powder morning java).

So, as far as surrounding myself with people I adore and wish to not only rub shoulders with but to work my ass off to KEEP UP with :::smiles::: (you know who you are) ... I have done so.

But one last thing. As one of my top hero's often rants NOTHING you put in your mouth can heal you!  NO SUPPLEMENT will do anything ... it is more what you STOP putting in your system that will  heal you and it is more CLEANSING the colon which will detoxify and heal you (Yes, it is Matt Monarch and yes I come from the same school of thought from way back: Ehret, Jensen, Walker, et al Kulvinskas, Wigmore et al)

So last Sunday I stopped putting in any cooked food (except for a wee bit of black coffee a few times orally) ... and I STARTED doing daily water enemas followed by a coffee implant retained for 15-20 minutes and then I ADDED drinking the fresh coconut water, all raw fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds and working out for an hour each day (I swam laps with a kickboard which strengthened my butt as well as my lats and triceps--those flabby spots under the arms.) ...

Here is the deal:

  1. Stopping putting in harmful foods.
  2. Putting in light, organic, energizing and mind-altering (my word) foods such as what I'm about to share with you ...
  3. And combine that with some basic spiritual foundational actions such as surrounding self with loving friends, service to others, being helpful particularly to those in our immediate environment i.e. family members, loved ones, neighbors, co-workers ...
  4. Working out.
  5. Don't eat after dark.
  6. Rest.
  7. I should have put full complete breathing as the number one important thing but I didn't.

Here's the recipe for the coconut water mind-chemistry balancing which I use for mental health and to reverse depression, aging, despondency, and my poor cells screaming for real  nutrition.

Ahhhhh, happy at last.

Anti-Aging Coconut Deluxe Nectar Drink

  • Fresh or canned coconut water (you need fresh at least once a day for best results.)
  • 1-2 T greeeeen mix
  • Sweetleaf Stevia (vanilla or English Toffee or fave flavor) to taste.

Shake in a jar and drink. Then sit back or move around and notice your nirvana, your bliss.

If you don't feel it at first go take a few enemas and keep it up you will.

Where to get young Thai coconuts.

In Portland, Oregon, the An Dong at 5441 SE Powell it's about $12 for a case of nine.

Where to get the greeen mix.

Well, his name is  Rok Caldwell, he is in Portland, Oregon and he buys chlorella and spirulina by the pallet and puts it together with enzymes and barley grass also by the pallet and then he distributes this and it is out of this world in quality.

Those who  know me know I have discernment when it comes to vibrational quality and nutrient-density ... you don't have to take my word for it though.

I'm sorry, I know a lot of people never put down the competition they are above all that.

Well, I'm sort of tired of not saying it so I will just come out and say it. If Vitamineralgreen has been your go-to (like it was mine for years) and you just LOVE Vitamineralgreen?  Well you will completely ascend to the next heavenly sphere level when you taste and experience the affects of green mix. It's just no comparison.

Time and again VMG users become completely fickle and drop them like a hot potato when they try Green Mix.

I may regret this, likely I will, so politically wrong of me. And I may never get any favors or approval from Health  Force yet I wholeheartedly recommend their other products so maybe they WILL overlook my straying when it comes to the green powder department ...

Rok Caldwell has and you  must tell him of this referral so I can stay in good supply of my own stash of green mix ...

Near the Rawprincess? HALF-OFF Deep Detox and De-stress Massage Now 

If you are near the Rawprincess stop in though and I will set you up with some green mix. (Oh and book your massage with me as well it's half off right now: extended to kick-start a new slew of clientele like yourself. See PayPal on right sidebar).

I'm determined to start a food buying club so you can be one of the first to launch me by getting your green mix direct from me... (and chances are since I'm so bad with numbers your price will be lower than is reasonably possible anywhere else on the planet.) Green Mix.

So those are the basic things I did to become five years younger in a week.  Since I had stressed and aged myself out so bad this year I still have a ways to go to look my age: 21.

But I will keep going!!


Love and Hugs,
the Rawprincess
1511 SW  Market Street
Portland, OR

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