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Why The Body Bloats In Its Brilliance & What To Do About It

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In this article, I will cover why the body bloats and two distinct approaches. The first is creating a clean and nontoxic environment including food and water supply.  Many raw vegan experts are talking about this.

Second is completely unique to the Rawprincess approach. Google it and look for it and you really won't find it anywhere but here. I use Rawprincess Listening Exchange to foster the moments needed to release emotions rather than literally sit on them or "gulp" them down with food ...

A little about me ... Over the years I've learned a lot about how the body heals and balances itself for optimal weight and optimal emotional poise ... Living in a raw vegan community for two years, then a vegetarian hot springs resort for two years and then healing myself of a nasty eating disorder by taking nothing but a bag of brown rice deep into the woods one summer, I want to share what I've learned with people who are struggling with food issues and perplexing weight retention ... not to mention chronic degenerative disease which I see friends reversing now all the time with these concepts. It's basically all the same with few exceptions, if things have gotten too far along to reverse.

Today I daily face an addictive tendency and find that doing so with grace and grit is the only thing I really CAN do ... and so I use a combination of self-awareness, action steps, and asking for support from the people in my inner circles.

Here are some fundamental building blocks for health and weight loss ...

For example, in the Holistic Weight Loss World Summit a few weeks ago, David Wolfe was interviewed and shared that the number one best strategy for releasing unwanted weight was to stick with only pure foods which have no processing, no additives or preservatives, artificial flavor, color and are grown organically.

Let's get to that right now.

The organic part is especially crucial so that you know the food is not genetically modified ... (GMO)

The body will try and protect its delicate organs, nervous system and brain systems by immediately creating inflammation and fluid to move these toxic and unrecognized additives and seal them in fluid (fat/bloat) in remote areas of the body until it is able to discharge them via eliminative channels: e.g. skin, excretory processes and metabolism...

Any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides on foods will cause this bodily protective inflammation reaction.

Similarly, a cooked food needs enormous energy and depletes the body's own enzymatic processes since all the enzymes in the original food matter has been cooked out at the heating temperature above 105 degrees to 118 degrees in some instances.

While all this is going on, the body will protect itself from toxins in the environment also.

Having a clean and clear sleeping environment at night will also support you in your pure dietary intake by giving you filtered or fresh air ... the water taken in needs also to be filtered or from a spring water source (see

Speaking of water ...

Our emotions and choice of thoughts also contribute to an energy within the body of holding on. The emotions are watery and fat retention in Traditional Chinese Medicine is dampness or excess: But the fiery action of releasing guilt, shame, anger and fear can be done in many ways.

One way to release and process is to simply allow yourself to cry and / or rage in an appropriate setting. Finding a place and time where it won't confuse other people who try and stop you from releasing by saying "Stop it!" or giving you a kleenex and freaking out so the next 20 minutes is spent taking care of THEM instead of getting this out for you.

Very few people can honestly sit with you and be relaxed while you cry or rage. So, until you actually find someone like that (Rawprincess Studio has listening exchange groups and one-on-one listening appointments just ask) you can do this while driving (be careful) or at home looking in the mirror.

One way of doing a mirror appt with yourself is to set a timer for anywhere between five minutes, ten minutes or up to 25 minutes. The shorter appointments work very well and can completely turn around your day and also give you that refreshed look and feeling within your countenance and spirits.

Stand or sit comfortably in front of a mirror where you will not be heard or disturbed. You can do this somewhat quietly if you would be heard in the rest of the household and don't wish to confuse anyone in the family at this point. Remember you are just being there for yourself and are actually releasing blocks within the emotional / etheric field around your body and within your deepest self.

Look in the mirror. There are many approaches to doing this which will vary and you will want to experiment with what touches a raw nerve in you and allows the pain and suffering to pour out and release. Also with that said, don't worry if you don't have dramatic releases at the beginning; it still is not to be underestimated what this five minutes of listening and truly seeing yourself will do for you.

As you look at yourself, try looking a little more deeply and more focused into your eyes. Try saying, "You are so beautiful." and / or "The world is a beautiful place!!!" both said lightly and cheerfully and with sincerity.

See what happens and do this for your five minutes. If feelings come up don't brush past them but whatever you do, it's not cool to start criticizing yourself for this ritual. NO BAD AFFIRMATIONS during this time. No matter how awkward it may feel to say, "You are so beautiful." you need to keep looking deeper and deeper to find the beauty? Do that!!!

Keep looking even if it means remembering back to a time you helped someone else or did something caring with no ulterior motive. And the more you want to say something mean to yourself the more enthusiasm and sincerity I want you to say, "You are SOOOO beautiful." (No sarcasm allowed.)

End by saying many times, "I am becoming more and more beautiful every day in every way, inside and out from head to toe." Nine times is good: one for each chakra and direction ...

So from this we see that invaders from the food we put into our mouths and from the air and water can cause our bodies to create protective layers around our hips, waist, thighs and line the actual digestive organs themselves with protective fat so that everything begins hardening up and expanding as it intelligently protects the brain and heart and nervous system from toxic chemicals ingested ...

To detoxify, simply begin eating only whole, pure foods which were grown without pesticides and herbicides and which are not genetically modified. Any food not labeled will contain some GMO's and artificial items. The term "natural" on a label means absolutely nothing if it is not certified organic.

Any whole food which is now in a box or can is not ideal, it is not what your body's physiological and biological vibration can recognize. Farmer's Markets or the produce section of your supermarket are really the best place to pick out meals.

You will need to learn to make salad dressings and fruit salads and seed crackers and cashew cheezes and you will need to learn to blend up superfoods for a creamy raw chocolate energy drink with spirulina. You will need to learn to make treats as well as everyday salads that you honestly look forward to sitting down and being grateful for each day.

As the body releases toxins when we STOP taking them in, sometimes headaches or skin eruptions or other signs of toxins leaving the body will commence. Water and colon cleansing with water---either at home with a simple enema bag, or at a professional colon hydrotherapist appointment--will allow ease of release and also contribute to clearing up the skin and releasing weight vibrantly.

Releasing emotions and showing up regularly to the mirror appointments or in a Rawprincess Listening Partnership group will allow the subtle permissions to your body going into release mode instead of withholding and stubborn mode ...

It isn't rocket science actually. It really works in a simple way.

Bliss on your journey. I hope this helps you.

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