Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Half Price Massage 'Til Tonight PLUS Rawprincess Ebook Bonus Today Only!!

Hey Everybody,

Cindy here! The sale is going so great I thought I'd complicate it a little, heh.

Anyone who pre-pays a two-hour massage today will receive my ebook Rawprincess Rituals and Rants: A Self-Care Guide To Beauty and Grace it contains my story of finding raw foods as a teenager, how I handle addictions day by day with poise and grit, (~smiles~) and how I got the before-and-after bikini body you see featured here and in the ebook. This book is all my finest tips for beauty from head to toe, inside and out from decades of studying holistic raw vegan lifestyle and living it in community as well as in the woods in nature curing a plague-ing eating disorder.

Reversely, (and because I love complexities) anyone who BUYS my ebook via this link will receive a 20 minute upgrade on their next appointment with me.

Anyone who has already bought so far and wants to upgrade one more hour, will receive my ebook "Rawprincess Rituals and Rants" absolutely free ($9.95 regularly). Simply message me and request the book.

Just go to the sidebar on the right and click the Massage Sale button for PayPal and order two. This will be up until midnight tonight.

Love and Health,

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