Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When An Apple Changes Everything: Time to Cleanse America!

Good morning it's time for a Cleanse America.

Let me say that another way.

Good morning America it's time for a cleanse.

And now there's a way.

Thankfully I'm not running it but can jump in as well as highly recommend an uplifting, well put-together resource which is both fun and easy to use.

But what I was going to say is about these apple slices in the picture.

Sometimes apple slices onhand can make all the difference to one's sense of abundance (not to mention balanced blood sugar)...

Just beside it you may notice a pad.

It has several positive thoughts from Paul Risse of Cleanse America.

(Oh that again. Yes, sorry America you will thank me though.)

They go against all negative thought tendencies, don't they?

Hey, I just realized I had epic dreams last night. Yes. traveling my futon pad with friends , soaring over rivers and walls.

Oh good, maybe this means this breakthrough is real.

The affirmations (on the little notepad in the picture above and YES they ARE just for YOU) say,

"I love the way I look and feel."

"I am in the best shape of my life."

"I make good choices."

Of these three I think you will find that all three of them work well when posted everywhere so your nose knows that this is what your nose is into.

You will have to ask me how to sign up for Cleanse America, my dear America. So comment here or message me to be added. :-)

Love and Planetary Healing,
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