Thursday, April 26, 2012

I've Had It ... Surrounding Self With Five SuperFolks

Yesterday i ditched everyone and connected with Nature was an act of selfless service to y'all!!!
Okay, that does it.

I've really had it this time.

Done with not doing what I want to do.

Yes, exactly.

And what I want to do is this.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious.

Lists help:


Gabrielle Chavez of the Compass Way and my raw vegan "church" Sunday Supper (Make sure you get to the biggest party of the year here in Oregon for Raw and Living Spirit retreat ...)
Lori Painter (Bikini-Body facilitator, authenticity expert and personal lifecoach extraordinaire because she lives it!)
Jonathan Mead (Trailblazer to getting paid to play)
Danielle LaPorte (Thank gods I have life after Artist's Way ...get in on her HuffPo haps...)
Shakaya Leone (Her story and life path naturally evolved into her beauty cleanse and others.)
Sarma (She loves animals and opened Pure Food and Wine in NYC!)
and even Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz (Read how to stop being scared all the time.)
and Sarah J Bray! (Check out her  Tour de Bliss even though it's all full.)

Yes, I've been listening and viewing in on all their blogposts and videos as much as I can and even signing up for webinars when I am at work and can only listen on headsets in the breakroom.


Well, because I'm desperate.

Desperate to surround myself with people who have jumped out of the collective frog pot.

I call it the frogpot we are sitting in which (you know the story) keeps getting warmer and warmer without the frog realizing it until suddenly it's too late and the frog is just plain cooked! A goner!

All because they floated lethargically in denial as the water was set to boil!

I'm in this pot but I'm scratching at the edges and leveraging myself up. And I don't want to do it in silence.

After all, if we all help each other out we can get out of this mess and someone please turn off the burner while you're at it!

So I am late to weight training but I've been running in and doing it nonetheless and here I go. But I will not neglect my blog anymore! I don't care anymore that it isn't coherent, cohesive and nicely well-written. I don't care anymore that I have nothing to sell!

I don't care that I don't have a flashy brand or a product!

I care that I show up every day. I care that I use this to leverage MYSELF out of the pot that threatens to take me down!

I want to live my life so that when the very last days of my life come I am serene and I have given it my all, I have been ridden hard and used well and I gave it my all and I know that I left a legacy I can be proud of.

There's a difference between doing that and leaving this place kicking and screaming because you weren't ready and that vibration is left finally resounding throughout eternity ... unfinished business!

That's the mom I want my kids to see... the one who is diving into her own healing process and openly reaching out to others in community... not just because I need it but because I need it in order to BE the Light I wish to see in this world.

From one frog to another: I hope you are having a super wonderful, superb, brightest, vividly inspiring and most hopeful day EVER!!!

Cindy ...

PS-I will be posting soon about this: LISTENING TRIBE yes, froggy-folk look out for my listening tribe coming soon just for US!!!

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