Sunday, March 18, 2012

Today is a New Day ... Eating For Your Sacred-Temple

Being with friends instead of isolating and eating.

"A compulsive overeater is someone who wants to be held while isolating."

A friend posted this as her thought for the day yesterday in an email group i'm part of.

i think it's a good reminder to reach for connection and service rather than food that only poisons the body when it is not needed / in excess.

No matter how organic or how pure a food is, if it is in excess it burdens the body and will eventually cause dis-ease.

  • What times of day or what places you have to spend time in seem to cause a tendency to reach for food you don't need?
  • What can you do today to honor your sacred-temple instead of eating food you really don't need and how can you feel much happier and more wellness as a result of that?

Example: Last night i emailed my manager and asked if instead of the granola bars he buys as snacks for the staff lounge if he could buy Larabars instead. The granola bars have GMO corn sugars as well as non-organic whey which is from overcrowded, sometimes disease ridden animals; a certain amount of pus is allowable by the FDA in dairy products not to mention hormones and antibiotics.

i explained why and asked that because although i normally avoid those granola bars as i am raw vegan, there are plenty of times lately that i have been hungry and in a hurry and eat them anyways because they are free and they are there. Maybe if he gets Larabars instead which are whole and raw and very simple (only two or three ingredients at most) which are also at Costco by the case, i can eliminate a huge problem in my daily routine lately. The granola bars have this sugary taste which is very addicting--once i taste it, it's difficult for me to stop eating them.

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