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Dear Cindy: I'm Out Of Control

What you eat before the fast (and How you eat it) is what and how you will eat AFTER: so heal that thing. Cashew cheese by GreenLady Foods with kale and cucumber... a rich and thick creamy Cinnamon-Chai Latte.
Hi Cindy,
I have been following  your meetup group info for a few weeks now. I wanted to come to a get together once, but I have my 13 & 15 year olds every other week-end (they live with me full time) and my 13 year old didn't want to go to her Dad's that week end. Anyway, I'm having some real issues with food right now. I'm starting to get out of control. I feel like I need to be entirely away from it.  I bought a juiceman jr. at a garage sale for $5.00, but haven't used it.
Can you tell me how to start the fast. How much juice should I drink a day and what types of vegtables do you recommend.
Thank you so much in advance.

Hi L!

Thanks for writing! I know it's tough to break some of those habits and get on track.

I do recommend stopping by Rawprincess Studio.

We had a group last night and had about a four course juice feast going on into the night. ~smiles~

As far as you starting the juice fast I will start by saying several things:

a) what you eat before the fast (and how you eat) is pretty much what you will end up eating AFTER the fast ... so developing a great relationship with food and eating is super key.
b) if you have a terrible time eating then it actually is not the best time to fast ... ( I know, I know you didn't want to hear that. :-))

With those awful things stated I can now say that YES sometimes just stepping away from the refrigerator and pantry and getting to a place far removed from food for three days ... suffering perhaps through the juicing and colon cleansing for three days minimum CAN be a useful tool if done consciously and self-lovingly (as opposed to self-loathingly :-)) to break a chain-pattern-reaction i.e. step out of a rut, clean one's palette and get a fresh start. A reset button.

Yes, it's true that food is not the problem. It's not what you're eating but what's eating you.

That's why we have you come by for a juice demo and a laugh or two (maybe a tear) and kind of get your gears shifted a bit in the energy field here. :-)

BUT! Alas, anything is possible!!

From your own kitchen, your own living room, within your own sacred temple -- your luscious beautiful being/body human-plane space-suit spirit having a human experience you CAN change gears NOW.

Not impossible to start where you are at.

First of all: why

Why do you want to be doing the fast. You say you feel out of control. I'm guessing some of this means you are gaining weight and some of this means an inordinate amount of time begins to be spent (read: wasted) in recreational eating.

So: health and time not to mention money for food is squandered?

The Juicy Fulfillment Meetup at Rawprincess Studio last night.


Just came back to this.

Mutual support is the key to any recovery program and isolation is the biggest obstacle to success.

With all that said, you really have to listen to your own body.

Try different juice combinations and simply follow your tastes.

Andy the "Year of Juice" guy (look for him on Facebook) is fasting all year. He has reminded me to get enough calories if I am physically active and fasting by making fresh fruit juices in the morning which is what he does.

The greens are equally important but not so much for calories as for a life force ingredient--sunlight in the chlorophyll, a nutrient-dense quantity of minerals. A minimum of one quart a day. You may add lemon juice and fresh ginger juice with a bit of apple if you like that taste better. 

A rule of thumb for green juice is your base is always celery and cucumber.

To the celery and cucumber add dark leafy greens one or two kinds such as parsley and kale.

Rotate the kinds of darker greens you end up using so that you also use romaine or spinach and dandelion and bok choy.

Another wonderful variation for the green juice is, instead of apple add red bell pepper and a tomato. To this you can add kelp or dulse powder, a tsp of hempseed oil or flaxseed oil (cold-pressed and fresh) ... and /or a greens powder.

A "chocolate milk" recipe is plain fresh clean carrot juice with vitamineralgreen or Rok's Green Mix (quite vibrant and amazing) ...

If you are just starting out drink as much juice as you want. The site has tons of info and they recommend a juice "feast" not a fast. This entails four quarts of juice each day.

You may chew on bee pollen and chlorella tablets as a snack if you are not opposed to the bee product.

A tsp of honey once a day is allowed but no more.

Occasionally, or especially the first week, if you feel emotional at night or stir-crazy or hungry or whatever you may make a hempseed latte. Blend it well. And then take a relaxing herbal tea, a hot epsom salt and lavendar bath as well as spray some melatonin drops under your tongue then get in bed with a hot water bottle and neck roll (the kind you microwave). Read an inspirational book and rub your feet, shoulders, face, hands and neck. Turn out the light and lie on your right side imagining your liver filling with light and healing and your colon resting from cares. :-)

Using psyllium seed powder by shaking it up as directed in some fruit juice and following it with a large glass of plain water will fill you up and also help move the bowels--removing any stirred up toxins or old hardened fecal matter which, if left intact can cause headaches and irritability as well as more cravings during a fast.

Do this psyllium drink any time you have a craving, but as a general routine in the morning after your quart of water and before your regular juices is good. Then as much as possible do this psyllium drink last thing in the early evening several hours before bed. At night you may take an herbal laxative occasionally such as Swiss Kriss or the tea Smooth Move ... to make sure everything is moving along well.

CAUTION: Make sure you absolutely drink a large glass of plain water after the psyllium drink (or more) or it will actually have the opposite effect and plug you up inside.

A colonic irrigation at a professional colonic hydrotherapist's office is recommended weekly ... at the very least a small enema bag for each morning.

Drink one quart of water upon arising.

Hope all this gets you going. I would toss out any tempting foods which are not alive living foods which you feel are optimal.

If you feel tempted by them perhaps you should eat them to your heart's content until you are really sick of them and how they make you feel. It sounds like you are there or close to it now.

Your body is a sacred temple and it's time to show up 100% everyday to be of service to humanity.

Amazing Hempseed Creamer

Blend several handfuls of raw organic hempseed into a small amount of water
Add a spoon of coconut oil depending on how rich you want it.
several droppers of your favorite flavor of Sweetleaf Stevia drops
optional: a pinch of freshly ground pink salt
raw organic cinnamon powder

This may be refrigerated and reblended as needed for use during the day.

Add to hot tea or coffees. Adding matcha or reishi is an awesome latte.
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