Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cindy's Window ... The List

Outside The Rawprincess, Goose Hollow: Cindy Cummins photo
Just for Today:
qt water
white tea
fresh celery, apple, lemon, ginger juice ...
Plan: lemonade
more green juice
pickup some fruit for juicing for the calories

For transparency sake, (I feel a little sheepish telling you since people can't believe I'm taking this, I'm using eHCG drops to peel the flab off my digestive organs and middle for the next few weeks ... but I feel personally, within myself, pleased that I am using it.)

The List:
I am grateful for the music on Pandora 
I feel grateful I'm going to highlight my hair a little this a.m. real quick
I am grateful I put avocado and blueberries, mashed up on my face while I soaked in the bath of epsom salt last night
I am grateful for how hydrated I feel
I am grateful for the plans to go to PUJA tonight with a tantric focused new friend who doesn't believe in pain as such though very different from Mr M I welcome the attention and the closeness.
I am grateful he is a videographer and can help me with my homework.
I am grateful for making up with Michael yesterday and how good his hug felt.
I am grateful I don't expect him (or Indie tonight) to be all things to me. I only accept and expect them to be what and who they are to me. For what I seek in a primary partner will come as I let go and release the sense of urgency.
I am grateful for Operator and ALL OUR fun erotic bantering via text all day.
I am grateful for how brilliant he is, he can design for major products and systems all day while showering me with his astute eloquency regarding who I am and all he sees in me--all with nary a typo. Such a great flirt ...
I am grateful our relationship--now over six years strong, long distance is getting better all the time: I think 160+ texts in two weeks right now is amusing--Mr M and I, at our long distance peak were doing like over 1500 a month! 
I am grateful for the hot tea waiting for me.
I am grateful I have fresh bok choy I can add to the celery apple juice, it adds a lot of juice.
I am grateful I have the choice to go to Nia this a.m. but if I don't make it I won't fret too much.
I am grateful I get to look in the closet for something to wear to sacred puja tonight. I have a long silky scarf from India.

Life shrinks or expands according to one's courage. --Anais Nin
Conscious Contact:
God/dess it hurt when I lost my treasured pendulum in the dryer last night given to me by Cheri in Bellingham years ago, but I realize that you had just taught me how to do body pendulum the past month and I really actually did not need that pendulum anymore. But still, I miss Cheri and I thank you for her and also for the fat elephant ear plant she had given us. I ask for connection with her if it be highest good ... how to find her. Also for Wendy my childhood best friend. I ask for sight for Thomas, I ask for healing for Robert, I ask for safe travels for Tashi and Jeremy. I ask for bliss and joy and intriguing zest for my children's lives ... I ask for yoga swing. Please review my list on the whiteboard on the stove of things I wish for dear Goddess ... a warm trip with beautiful men eating tropical fruit, a long hiking trip with hot springs each night, to finish Dave's book, a puppy for Christmas and an income from home which allows me to be with puppy and maybe kitties. A space for my babies. Long curtains, futons, plush rugs of natural fibers, light, green plants, clean water and bliss in body movement and the ground of being.

Thought for the Day: 
If you're in hot water get out of the pot. Meeting makers make it. 

... to check out the 7am  mtg near me and look for some oldtimers in the neighborhood. I really haven't switched gears since I had been going to the late night owls meeting and it was all newbies and transient and though I can be of service there, it isn't supporting me like the weekly women's did in Gardiner, NY. I still haven't--well, in MN I did have a women's but never really established it like I had with Lilian and others in NY and also like the food recovery mtg in NY. I still haven't re-established that family. I realize that my church now is very key and that is a very good thing but I do believe there is a spot right nearby. I feel it ... a recovery circle right here waiting for me to slip into my chair there.

Bliss and blessed be. *teardrop*

Editors Note: A few minutes after posting this the dancer from the pendulum was found clinging to a shirt from the dryer in my drawer. It can be repaired by a jeweler. If you are a jewelry repair artist in Portland contact me. bliss~

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