Tuesday, January 3, 2012

That was cool. This is now. Can't resist. (Plus Invite to Andy "Year of Juice" Saturday)

I actually realized by quitting that I love blogging probably the most of all the things I do here on gathering places.


Well, for me it's sort of like a collage. I get to publish something fairly rapidly which has all the components of some of my favorite things of the moment.

Nothing can beat that right now.

Kim is like me God speaks to her via treasures stepped upon in the leaves.
My sister Kim Cummins and me at Sacajawea WA Park

Well, okay, how can I possibly quit blogging when it's the beginning of Andy Williams "Year of Juice" well ... I'm under way less pressure than him but I want to follow him and yesterday I didn't!

I'm lucky to have reached a smoothie day where that totally worked for me today PLUS everyone I went up the hill to Sacajawea with Kimmie today ... vid follows ...

Oh well, I can't pull up the walk wtih Kim. So it will be tomorrow. Bliss~

I'm just saying this is going to be so short and sweet.

A) I love blogging and I'm going through withdrawal.
B) I feel a cringing feeling inside to "cut people off" and delete them but I need to let go just like with everything else. The good can happen.
C) I know I'm forgetting something but I am willing to trust that what needs to be here will be here.

I Joined CtH Last Night Jan 1, 2012

The second video posted is of the communion at Christ the Healer circle in Milwaukie where I have been going for several years now. It is home to the longest running raw vegan potluck (alternated with chef'd events) in Portland ... You know I've run from all things Christ for some time now. My father was a Friends' minister and my job was to rebel. But deep down I do have the crazy rabbi in my heart (as CtH Minister extraordinaire calls Jesus quite often.) I like the way things go there and last night I joined the church after much thought and a little bit of being too busy to turn in the application.

You see, with the recent Reiki attunement I got this symbol imprinted on my heart chakra as well as my forehead third eye chakra. I have a spiritual Master in my third eye already and from my childhood I still have Jesus in my heart via the Holy Spirit. (Yes I used to freak my Dad out and speak in tongues as a teen--in between giving bible tracts to Hell's Angels in Long Beach with my girlfriend who liked to witness for Christ by taking her top off, that was truly fun. We'd make sandwiches on the streets so we could testify.)

But I'm rambling, I realize this.

What are you gonna do? Amazing Synchronicities! Dave the Raw Trucker and Rok Caldwell
So Recap!!!

Invitation: This Saturday at noon.
What: Andy "Year of Juice" Williams will speak and answer questions on juicing.
Where: Rawprincess Studio 1511 SW Market Street, Portland OR
Cost: Free, donations accepted.
Refreshments: A choice of a juice of cacao elixir by donation for supplies.

RSVP: Rawprincess Studio Meetup Link for the Event Here

Nourishing Elements is PUTTING TOGETHER DISCOUNT PRODUCE ORDERS which you will need if you are juicing. So please join and click you want a share. Thanks to Shanti Moon for this!!! xoxo :-)

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