Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gallbladder Flush Overnight Retreat: Your Choice of Basic or Deluxe Packages.

Stones from one of my own gallbladder flushes Spring 2011
Cindy Cummins, RPP, a Registered Polarity Practitioner OR #11683, will lead monthly group coached gallbladder-flush retreats and optional three-day juice fast retreats coinciding with the GB flush schedules, onsite at Rawprincess Studio.

You will need to prepare at home for this to work. Complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to determine if this is right for you.

There is a basic kit and a deluxe flush kit option. There is a basic intake and an extended intake option as well.

Upon receipt of payment you will receive an interview appointment to determine your personalized menu and prep plan for the GB flush protocol. You will receive instructions and a schedule based on your intake and body-reading.

Basic Intake is in person and is a 30-minute appt. Your meridians will be briefly palpated for assessment.

The Extended Intake will take between two and three hours by appointment only and includes tailored assessment via palpation within a bodywork session. Bodyreadings and intuitive inquiries based on the meridians of your body's congestion or signals during the session. Hara Diagnosis is a shiatsu term and does not imply medical diagnosis. Bodywork sessions may include but are not limited to: shiatsu, polarity, tui na, reflexology, sports, deep tissue, biodynamic craniosacral, reiki, therapeutic touch, european swedish.

The overnight is each month just before the new moon and your preparation will be your responsibility (group support is free but you must RSVP) anywhere from a week to at least three days before the flush protocol.

This involves consuming only fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and no other essences. Sea salt and cold-pressed oils, as well as specific herbs and pure condiments may be used. We will determine these seasonings in your interview based on your current preferences and / or imbalances.

The day of the flush no food is taken after noon. You will arrive at Rawprincess Studio time TBA, and other than the lecture which teaches you how to do the flush as a group, there will be a lot of relaxing activities--again based on individual constitutions and needs--such as simply resting in your dorm cubby, suspended yoga, polarity yoga on the mat, ecstatic dance, open "mike" self- or paired-bodywork, massage in a treatment room by a licensed LMT, self-reflexology classes will always be taught during group coaching.

We will prepare in the kitchen, the lemon juice olive oil mixture as well as gather the items each participant will need for their bedtime ritual. You will have your own basket. Castor oil hot packs will be placed on the abdomen for several hours when you retire to assist the dilation of the hepatic duct.

In the morning, you will take a high coffee enema which you will self-administer in private. (Instruction and support by Cindy Cummins, LMT, is available as part of the retreat). You will then be going out to your colonic hydrotherapy appointment locally. We work with several professionals and everyone can go approx the same time within a few hours of each other.

Your retreat is now over and you may have a fresh juice with the group or on your own and a light blended meal.

There will be a follow-up phone and web chat later that day or evening (specific time as arranged by group vote.)

Applying to this flush does not guarantee your will be accepted. Rawprincess Studio et al reserves the right to deny access and to terminate a participant's retreat with no refund for misconduct or inappAropiate behavior. This is a nonsexual event.

If two participants apply together and are friends who wish to share their sleeping space a discount may apply and another spot will open for another participant.

You will take home your remaining gallbladder flush kit supplies for at-home subsequent GB/LV flushes.

Note: Those with existing medical conditions must have the okay from their primary care health practitioner.

You may benefit from the Saturday's Intro to Juicing and Vibrant Weight Release events.

Prices include a professional colon hydrotherapy session.

Basic Intake and Basic Flush Kit with Overnight at Rawprincess Studio: $290
Extended Intake and Deluxe Flush Kit with Overnight at Rawprincess Studio: $590

Massages must be pre-booked and are $75 an hour.

Three-Day Juice Fast w/Gallbladder Flush Conclusion:

Basic Intake Flush Kit and 3-Day Juice Fast Retreat with Coached GB Flush: Email  me for details cindy at skylightmassage dot com. 

Kits may also be purchased separately for gifts or personal use.

Basic Kit: $125
Deluxe Kit: $349

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