Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Freebie Friday: Massage Giveaway and Hello From Rawprincess Baja

Yes you heard right.

Imagine instead of Black Friday a Give-Away Friday! Dubbed by Namaste and Richard Moore as the new "Freebie Friday" ...

AND I'm down in Baja but I tell you what--I'm doing a lot of lightworker type stuff here.

Find me and get a free green juice. Just mention Freebie Friday. Come on over! :-)
So all I can say is if you want something free for yourself: a coupon, a full on gift-certificate for coaching, craniosacral, raw vegan chef demo, a juicing spree here at my counter on me .... you just have to read this and name what you need and I will put your name on my Freebie Friday Giveaway list and do my best to give it to you!

No worries. We can rustle up a salad! Shown here: NFRV
So, basically anyone who reads this post gets something free. Just ask me.

And that's basically the deal.

If I have to come back to this post later and add an "Editor's Note" in italics because I'm flooded with freeloaders well, power to me.

Bring it on.

If you are in Baja right now get your Freebie Friday in person. Follow the herd in the Buenos Aires neighborhood to Casa Fenix.
I was trying to catch the bougainvilleas here like my Grandma always had.
Me and Cabo enjoy hanging out while Papa launches his kiteboard.

Having a NFRV salad and solar vibration lunch.
But for sure if you're seeing this you just won a free gift. A massage or a foot reflexology or any of my services: pick one!

Logistic-wise it could mean you will need to ask for the long-distance coaching: gallbladder flush/colon cleanse or basic rejuvenative and/or raw vegan lifestyle coaching session on the phone.

My menu of services is here. My local Baja number is 624-108-4627

I am available in Los Barriles area, Oceanside / San Diego area, Los Angeles, and the Portland downtown and Metro areas as well so message me for my tour dates.

Meanwhile, here's some more stuff i've been doing here in Baja.

Blue Wave by Tanya is an organic market in Los Barriles. She has colon cleanse kits right now and some amazing handmade Damiana BodyCare Products made locally as well as staples you can get excited about: olive oil, nut butters, nutritional yeast, various tinctures and analgesics ... much more. And starting December 1 she will be at the Pescadera Organic Market on Sundays with green smoothies and energy balls. You might see me with her as in-house chef consultant extraordinaire depending.

Papa on his way to launch ...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Menu of Services

Intuitive Magical Touch
Cici Cummins, LMT

1511 SW Market Street, Portland, OR  97201
Massage and Energy Work
1hr  swedish energy w/ deep tissue $75
90min swedish energy w/ deep tissue $100
2hrs swedish energy w/ deep tissue $120
Package of three one-hour sessions swedish energy w/ deep tissue $210
Craniosacral Biodynamics individual time-needs vary: flat-rate please allow min. 90 2hrs $75

On-site or outcall dry brush massage!

On-Site Express Spa Treatments
Foot Reflexology 30min hot towel essential oils, complimentary beverage $35
Dry Brush Massage 20min learn to detoxify and tonify your skin, take-home your brush $30
Herbal Back Facial 20min organic mini-back facial $30
30-min tune-up enjoy a neck and shoulder massage with added energy points on feet $35

Delivered Juice or Comfort Foods from Raw Vegan to Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine ...

Weekly Meal & Juicing Delivery & Therapeutic Packages
Juice Delivery custom juice menu delivered in select zip codes 3 qts 1x/wk $55
Juice Delivery custom juice menu delivered in select zip codes 3 qts 2x/wk $105
Six Meals a Week Delivery: 20min raw vegan, Donna Gates Body Ecology Diet or gourmet vegetarian $60-100/wk per person (based on menu choices and portion sizes)
Four-Hour Gallbladder Flush Intensive: coaching, bodywork session, fresh-made juice, instructions (kit is extra)   $200
Three-Day In-House Retreats: new moon gallbladder and colon cleanse whole-person retreats (3-clients max) $500

Mention this Online Menu for $10 coupon toward first appointment!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Becoming the Brightest Light Possible .... Parenting and Salads

All the hard work this year is paying off ... we are together and thriving! See my new Listening To Parents Series at the  Rawprincess here ... (repeats every Tuesday).
Tuesday Gratitude ...
i am grateful for yesterday abstinence with a large mono-plum meal for breakfast, a vegan simple protein drink in the afternoon and a carrot-coconut blended smoothie-soup for dinner ... and a very early bedtime ...

i am grateful for prayer and spiritual writing this a.m.
i am grateful for the work i accomplished yesterday
a)getting fafsa filled out
b)getting classes registered for
c) getting the kitchen cleaned up
d) my food being for nourishment not feelings thus dropping a pound
e) getting the laundry organized
f) getting the treatment room cleaned up
g) figuring out more about my printer and computer settings going smoothly
h) putting my foot down with Zeke when he cussed at me that it's not acceptable and he can't talk to me that way--he can be mad but he cannot cuss at his mom.
i) insisting that if the kids make something in the kitchen they need to be willing to wash their dishes right afterward unless previous understanding for that meal have been made.
j) letting them know they cannot stay up past midnight online anymore.

Source of all being and light within and around me in unity i am grateful for being and for the cloak of humanity i have the experience of breathing while getting to remember my divinity.
i thank you for this opportunity to further create the life and healing practice i am called to be and give ... i thank you for the love which removes petty tyrants from my daily life and that i can see beyond the weird ego which says it's my fault and see that it is all bigger than that and see a plan unfolding as i turn to Spirit and Source then take the actions in love and courage and ask for wisdom and guidance moment by moment, day by day. i  am grateful for even the times i stray off my non-violent dietary choices and try out the cooked and non-vegan foods because i know that it satisfies the mind as it reminds me that light and sun-kissed foods are where my whole system is resonating and going. Help me to be with people no matter their foods and no matter if it is right in front of me, to have the presence of mind to remember that without judgment, it is just not what i am called to nourish my beautiful being with.

Tuesday Part 2
After two days of the kids holed upstairs doing online stuff I created an explosion by taking the laptop from someone ... then I did a great job listening to all the angst and sadness, listening and talking it through. Many old feelings came up which are important to listen to and heal from for someone and then some which won't be changed. (No, I'm not moving into a modern apartment right now.)

I called Teri, walked over to the gym and worked out, then came back and me and the kids hopped on the trolley car to get some dinner in the Pearl ... we talked over some things about new schedules and at times there was anger and tears all around... but we got through and are home now. There is a time limit on the internet and I am going for another walk (actually I had walked to the bank but forgot my deposit so I have to go back, argh!)

We shared a little chocolate and Z walked down and got them some sodas at the corner store. (He said he needed a little walk by himself) ...

Things are getting good again around here with their rooms all set up ... sure there are improvements that could be made: they need a better room divider and I need to stay on top of the boundaries around how long being online is okay.

But we got through this day with a lot less isolation than yesterday and we got through it with some laughs and hugs and plans for the future together...

I appreciate my boyfriend for supporting me on the phone also ... so thanks to the kids and Teri and thanks to me for doing a good job...

My Salad Gift to Papa ... A display of various yummy veggies feng shui with a scoop of intense kale/avocado/pepita savory in the middle ... 
Salad Gift Recipe
  • a bed of greens
  • top with veggies on-hand taking care to keep each separate for the energetic vibratory quality and elegant beauty
  • center scoop contains kale rubbed into avocado chunks with:
  1. nutritional yeast large flakes
  2. drizzle organic apple cider vinegar to taste
  3. pink sea salt to taste
  4. nama shoyu to taste
  5. fresh or dried herbs such as basil, thyme and a dash of sage
  6. olive oil

Wednesday Gratitude :)

i am grateful to hear from Hillari
i am grateful for the sunny nook i write in this morning in my paper journal
i am grateful the gym membership at school is all set up
i am grateful i worked out  yesterday
i am grateful that even though i had foods not on my spiritual path per se that it wasn't something that led to overeating at ALL ... (a big change)
i am grateful that a few bites of something i don't consider ideal didn't turn into an "oh well let's trip out and sample everything in sight until i'm stuffed" situation.
i am grateful for the 11pm AA mtg last night
i am grateful for Papa's thoughtfulness last night, knowing i'd be distraught if we did not have connection on the phone ...
i am grateful for Papa's insistence on changing some things in my profile which did not please him and which, by letting those things go, mean deeper closeness with him--and more stability and peace within my self.
i am grateful for the day with the kids yesterday and how i had more inner resources as their mom than i was letting myself believe or tap into...
i am grateful i am powerful and a healing force and for generous souls/coaches such as Lori and Danielle from which i glean so much more than Julia can give me today ... knowing the struggles and the way Julia has disappeared from an honest showing up in public really irks me but Lori and Danielle continue to show up and be completely transparent at least to the best of their ability and appropriateness which is the important thing: to show up and share your truth.
i am grateful that i can see more and more of my vision and dream for myself
i am grateful for getting honest in my journal about the underlying energy goings on about my leaving my dayjob. i can see how i really wanted out.
i am grateful for identifying some fundamental confusions i had walked away with when i was released from Mr M...
i am grateful for integration : evolution always includes but transcends the development which preceded ...

God/dess today is a day of caring deeply and profoundly for this temple. The greatest and the least. i am truly great, yet i am truly small, so small and in a sense "worthless" while being ultimately worthy of all the riches of prana, life force, needed objects and resources ... worthy of vitality and joy and the satisfaction of sharing love with others .. worthy of honing and sharpening my superpowers as planetary healer ... worthy of true love with my Beloved: worthy of tending to the gardens of passion, mutual self-realization and miracles ... as a lightworker my temple begins to feed on sunlight and oxygen and clean water and touch ... such substantial nourishment ... and less and less do i try to receive all my nourishment from heavy foods or overeating ...


PS-i am grateful to be in acknowledgements in Papa's upcoming new parenting memoir ... oh! and to be in picture for publicity in upcoming events, yay!! :)

Adoration uncontained...

Get your parenting groove on and RSVP for my new Listening To Parents series every Tuesday morning at the Rawprincess ...

Description: Listening To Parents is a holistic lifestyle support group which is free for parents. We do not have childcare at this time and as this a retreat setting for parents' self-care please do not bring children at this time. No exceptions.
I know that it can be overwhelming or feel impossible to take time for yourself and get away from your responsibilities, but trust me, you will be so much more valuable to that family when you get home from this that you will find it is worth pushing through that heavy rock of hopelessness to get here. :)
I am available to listen to you about your lack of childcare for this will simply assist you in figuring things out. Venting and problem solving are your birthright and in regards to this group I am making myself available on Tuesday mornings for these phone calls just before and after our group meets.
503-707-1641 or 651-319-7765
The inability to take time away for self-care is a huge oppression and is why this is not set-up for bringing our dear children at this time. In the future as we develop allies who can watch our young ones as we have our parent time separately in a separate room, we will have this set up.
I am a facilitator for parent groups (off and on for over fifteen years) using a natural listening process which honors and respects diversity and the inner wisdom you already possess. I do not give advice per se. I am a resource and do share information about ways of listening closely and relaxedly to young people and ways to resource one's self as a parent but other than that I rely on your intelligence to sort through this info and find what works best for you and your children.
I am here to back you in your incredibly huge job as a parent.
I am here because as I listen I, too, get a turn to be listened to: this is a mutual support situation. 
And the kids always benefit. 

Announcing the 2012 Doernbecher Dash ...

Kid's Karavan: "The Kid's Karavan is an exciting event for the kids that are patients at Doernbecher Children's Hospital. Whether they are an in-patient or out-patient, on Sunday of our event, the kids and their families are invited to join us. Lunch is provided, then the kids are taken out in racecars for a mock race of three laps. The kids are greeted by flag waving at all the corner stations. They receive checkered flags, plaques, and goody bags. We have been lucky in the past with good weather, although it's hard to predict what Mother Nature will do." --Cascades Sports Car Club

Kids get a ride in the famous SKOAL Bandit and one of the first released copies (that day) of It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This a parenting memoir by the racecar driver and Papa Madre extraordinaire Sam Moses ...

8/13/12: Update from Cascade Sports Car Club Saturday  AND Sunday rides ... Kid's Karavan: The Kid's Karavan is an exciting event for the patients and their families of Doernbecher Children's Hospital. Whether they are an in-patient, out-patient or alumni, all are invited to join us. The Kid's Karavan includes: entrance and parking fee to Portland International Raceway, children event shirts, lunch and a mock three lap race. Yep, everyone gets to race in a car! Meet Jolly Molly the Clown and hands on reptile fun with Creature Feature's reptile show plus so much more. Decide which day is best for your schedule, Saturday OR Sunday, register then come and join us for a FREE, fun filled, happy day with Cascade Sports Car Club. It's that easy! Print the flyer below and share the news to fellow Doernbecher families. See you there!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reesie-Safari WeightLoss Truffles Cheezecake

I started with the weightloss Reesie-Safari cheezecake ...
I thought it might have more shelf-life and be easier to eat this way: as truffles.
These truffles are for energy and have Chinese herbs which reduce "dampness" (excess weight is thought to be excess dampness in the Traditional Chinese Medicine arenas ...) you would need to eat them sparingly, of course, and use as a snack in conjunction with exercise and moderate calorie program. I have dropped five pounds this week (and five years, counting) using these key ingredients during the early hours of the day after I've already hydrated and worked-out--particularly after weight training ...

Reesie-Safari Weightloss Truffles Cheezecake

Put in food processor:

  • 6 dates
  • meat from one young thai coconut
  • about 1/2 cup of coconut butter
  • pinch of pink sea salt
  • two dropperfuls of vanilla stevia
  • generous sprinkling of raw cinnamon powder
  • several small drops of orange extract (I used Watkins merely out of convenience)
Blend until mixed. Add:

  • hempseeds (I used about 1/2 cup)
  • Shaman Shack "Shapeshifter" (A super-extract of Chinese herbs in a base of organic mesquite and lucuma powders) (about 2 heaping Tbsp's)
  • mesquite powder (4 Tbsp's)
  • cacao powder (I used about 2 tsp.'s : a lot less than usual because it was at the end of the bag.)
Blend until mixed well.
  • Spread onto a glass or pyrex pie pan and chill.
  • Top with raw almond butter and begin scoring and swirling almond butter into the top of the cacao base.
  • Press goji berries or favorite trail mix onto top. 
  • Sprinkle some coarsely ground pink salt around lightly.
  • Slice in narrow pie slices or small fudge-like squares.
  • Take the small squares and roll in fresh hempseed hearts making sure at least one goji berry peeks through the hempseeds on each piece ... leave the pieces loosely rolled for a fresher look.
I have a question for you: I am in the process of creating a Rawprincess brand dessert product. Please tell me in the comments or in a message ...

Please tell me:
  • Would you buy this if it was offered in a store near you? 
  • Would you come to Rawprincess to stock-up on these balls?
  • Would you like a demo class on raw desserts?
  • Would you enjoy purchasing the ingredients for these types of creations in bulk and at prices you know beat all others?
Do you need these truffles right now? They are available so give me a call or text at 541-490-0034 :-) 

Monday, June 25, 2012

How I Took Off Five Years This Week ...

Left flower: me before green mix Right flower: me now
Hey all, you recall a while back I'd had it ... you see it's not like Wayne Dyer says (If you can't change the people around you, change yourself.) it really is "If you can't change the people around you, change the people around you."


But that's only part of how I took off five years this week.

Yes, five exact years ... and gaining.

I will give you the exact protocols I followed beginning with the day after my new BF's cool race day where he had qualified third out of forty-one in his 700 horse-powered crazy-ass car which makes my knees and other landscapes go weak whenever he pushes his foot down on that pedal ...

Anyways, reader, don't feel you can't reverse aging unless you date a race -car driver with a heart of gold. Okay, but you can if you go out and buy a case of young Thai coconuts.

Yes, that is a key foundation of my plan.

A case of young Thai coconuts.

I also purchased a case of coconut water in the cans so I was well-stocked. But I honestly don't think it would have worked as well without the actual fresh young thai coconut water along with a very extremely important ingredient which I'm hoping more people will find out about as a resource and supply source because it is unique.

I haven't seen it at the largest raw food online stores yet and I haven't seen it in any  stores yet at all.

It is only available from one guy who makes it. He puts it together right here in Portland Oregon and I'm telling you my wrinkles have significantly faded this week and I have other wild testimonial facts which will dually serve to expose just how crrrraaaazy I am. 

But it's worth sharing for the cause.

 Yes, I'm not real what they'd call mentally stable.

But, in a good way.

Unless you are inside my skin or inside my head on some particular given days.

Yes, in my twenties they put a bunch of labels on me at the shrink. But I find when I do the workouts and the whole organic foods and have lots of love and nature-connecting I do really well.

Really well.

So, this product which is sooo vibrant and alive and powerful (and very simple, heh, just like Nature!) really is a key part of how I stay focused and calm while also being energized and uber creative and chomping at the bit with the joy of being alive.

All good. All good.

Last but not least of the three simple foundational ingredients of how I enjoyed reversing the clock this week but not one or two months but looking and feeling at least five years younger.

And I don't own stock or even make a commission on this last one. (I should set that up: note to self.)

Sweetleaf Stevia drops: vanilla or English toffee are my favorites but orange is my BF's fave (He likes it in his espresso-gun powder morning java).

So, as far as surrounding myself with people I adore and wish to not only rub shoulders with but to work my ass off to KEEP UP with :::smiles::: (you know who you are) ... I have done so.

But one last thing. As one of my top hero's often rants NOTHING you put in your mouth can heal you!  NO SUPPLEMENT will do anything ... it is more what you STOP putting in your system that will  heal you and it is more CLEANSING the colon which will detoxify and heal you (Yes, it is Matt Monarch and yes I come from the same school of thought from way back: Ehret, Jensen, Walker, et al Kulvinskas, Wigmore et al)

So last Sunday I stopped putting in any cooked food (except for a wee bit of black coffee a few times orally) ... and I STARTED doing daily water enemas followed by a coffee implant retained for 15-20 minutes and then I ADDED drinking the fresh coconut water, all raw fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds and working out for an hour each day (I swam laps with a kickboard which strengthened my butt as well as my lats and triceps--those flabby spots under the arms.) ...

Here is the deal:

  1. Stopping putting in harmful foods.
  2. Putting in light, organic, energizing and mind-altering (my word) foods such as what I'm about to share with you ...
  3. And combine that with some basic spiritual foundational actions such as surrounding self with loving friends, service to others, being helpful particularly to those in our immediate environment i.e. family members, loved ones, neighbors, co-workers ...
  4. Working out.
  5. Don't eat after dark.
  6. Rest.
  7. I should have put full complete breathing as the number one important thing but I didn't.

Here's the recipe for the coconut water mind-chemistry balancing which I use for mental health and to reverse depression, aging, despondency, and my poor cells screaming for real  nutrition.

Ahhhhh, happy at last.

Anti-Aging Coconut Deluxe Nectar Drink

  • Fresh or canned coconut water (you need fresh at least once a day for best results.)
  • 1-2 T greeeeen mix
  • Sweetleaf Stevia (vanilla or English Toffee or fave flavor) to taste.

Shake in a jar and drink. Then sit back or move around and notice your nirvana, your bliss.

If you don't feel it at first go take a few enemas and keep it up you will.

Where to get young Thai coconuts.

In Portland, Oregon, the An Dong at 5441 SE Powell it's about $12 for a case of nine.

Where to get the greeen mix.

Well, his name is  Rok Caldwell, he is in Portland, Oregon and he buys chlorella and spirulina by the pallet and puts it together with enzymes and barley grass also by the pallet and then he distributes this and it is out of this world in quality.

Those who  know me know I have discernment when it comes to vibrational quality and nutrient-density ... you don't have to take my word for it though.

I'm sorry, I know a lot of people never put down the competition they are above all that.

Well, I'm sort of tired of not saying it so I will just come out and say it. If Vitamineralgreen has been your go-to (like it was mine for years) and you just LOVE Vitamineralgreen?  Well you will completely ascend to the next heavenly sphere level when you taste and experience the affects of green mix. It's just no comparison.

Time and again VMG users become completely fickle and drop them like a hot potato when they try Green Mix.

I may regret this, likely I will, so politically wrong of me. And I may never get any favors or approval from Health  Force yet I wholeheartedly recommend their other products so maybe they WILL overlook my straying when it comes to the green powder department ...

Rok Caldwell has and you  must tell him of this referral so I can stay in good supply of my own stash of green mix ...

Near the Rawprincess? HALF-OFF Deep Detox and De-stress Massage Now 

If you are near the Rawprincess stop in though and I will set you up with some green mix. (Oh and book your massage with me as well it's half off right now: extended to kick-start a new slew of clientele like yourself. See PayPal on right sidebar).

I'm determined to start a food buying club so you can be one of the first to launch me by getting your green mix direct from me... (and chances are since I'm so bad with numbers your price will be lower than is reasonably possible anywhere else on the planet.) Green Mix.

So those are the basic things I did to become five years younger in a week.  Since I had stressed and aged myself out so bad this year I still have a ways to go to look my age: 21.

But I will keep going!!


Love and Hugs,
the Rawprincess
1511 SW  Market Street
Portland, OR

Editor's Note: Rawprincess Studio has relocated and opened Rawgoddess Green Smoothies in Los Barriles, Baja California del Sur. For classes, coaching, fasting or full-catered retreat packages (including lodging, juice fast/smoothie and/or raw vegan gourmet catering w/ non-vegan locavore options msg cici (at) rawprincess (dot) org. Packages begin at $750 pesos per day.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Half Price Massage Extended and My Funny Movie

Beers & Brainstorms by Meg Turecek ... I co-produce, co-edit and am the actress...

To get massaged by the actress in this awesome quirky short (half price Am I right?) look to the right sidebar and click on the Paypal for half price massage and then comment here or message me...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Student Moving Image Show This Friday

5th Avenue Cinema
510 SW Hall Street
Portland, OR
Come see the best work created in FPA production classes this past year! New work in narrative, music, film, videos, experimental video, animation, documentary and motion graphics ...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Visit to Rumblings Video Installation ...

Perini's piece at Rumbling for EFF:  Jeff Jahn photo at PORT.
Just so y'all know, video installations means uber creativity and weirdness; pretty much perfect for Portland. Not weird weird, just well, bubble-gum and baling-wire to make a secret treehouse kind of weird.

Now that I'm just dipping my toe in to this cool world, I see how much fun it can be. You don't really sit down and "watch a movie" you exist and the movie lives a life of its own with or without your focus. It creates an environment almost like a windchime or candles and the sound of ocean waves creates an environment. Well, that's my amateur newbie take on it, anyway.

There's of course always room for a message -- even the candle and the fountain gurgling have a message.

May 22, 2012 – June 13, 2012
Ford Building
2505 SE 11th Avenue
Portland, Ore
Gallery Hours: Friday – Monday, 12 – 6pm

I was certain my PSU class was meeting here at Rumblings for Portland's Experimental Film Festival (EFF) at Gallery Homeland. The usual "certainty" being incorrect ... so I thought quickly and shot photos and footage to prove I'd been there. Dorky I know.

But since I was juggling locating a sexy extraterrestrial costume along Hawthorne Ave, one could say I fared well.

I think this normally had leaves showing on this. Julie Perini at Rumblings for EFF.

But it turns out my video arts professor Julie Perini had an exhibit there (above) and it was one of my favorites. A piece of paper held by a string was blowing about the screen by fans ... (paper is top center.)

Also a fave of PORT's Jeff Jahn... "My favorite piece was Julie Perini's Video Projection with Movement. The simple visual motif of dried leaves, a few wind making fans and a piece of paper flapping in the breeze acts as a kinesthetic feast in this somewhat difficult space. The piece of paper, perhaps the ultimate blank slate... calls to mind the viewers own constant state of agitation being pushed and pulled every which way in this video festival environment. The leaves themselves present an off season sense of Fall calm."

Her and my classmates had actually gone to the main EFF site at Pioneer Place ... but the photos here and video which follow are from the Ford Center's collaboration with EFF this year.

This girl was doing stretching and yoga and had a camera at close-up angles at different distortion rates upon her body such as back or feet or legs ... lovely. Rauer at Rumblings: Cummins photo

This was a little over my blonde-head but I suppose that's because it was so circular.

I felt this was a classic installation set up ... the girl doing her stretching. Each screen had different angles of her body close-up and with great distortion... sort of like a hall of mirrors but more realistic.

This I can understand and fully grasp. Message and postures kept rotating.

Dig the motivational messages and silhouettes ...

Or was the 50s household my favorite?

Gorgeous Media by Christina Santa Cruz at EFF Such comfort isn't it? Cindy Cummins Photo
 All photos and video by Cindy Cummins of Rawprincess  Studio unless otherwise noted.

Cupcakes At the Rawprincess June 12

Cupcake workshop next week!

Yes, open house and luscious, frosted glycemic-conscious cupcakes of various flavors will be served and demo'd in preparation at the Rawprincess Studio in Portland Oregon's downtown Goose Hollow location this Tuesday, June 12, from noon to 2pm. $10 per person.

You will eat. You will eat well.

Carob-Mesquite Deluxe w/ Mind-Blowing Brazil Nut Shavings ...

Carob-Mesquite Uncake Deluxe ...

Several types of luscious and decadent raw vegan, heavily frosted cupcakes will be created... we will use stevia and other extracts with simple whole ingredients such as dates, maca and vanilla beans and optional cacao ... with local organic ingredients. 90 minutes.

RSVP at cindy at skylightmassage dot com for directions. Some bulk foods will be available at below retail.

Cindy Cummins is author and founder of Rawprincess Studio in Portland Oregon specializing in craniosacral, Polarity massage and raw vegan lifestyle protocols.

(Workshop info and bio submitted for my tentative Vilcabamba, Ecuador offering for this August's Water Woman gathering... )

Monday, May 21, 2012

Why The Body Bloats In Its Brilliance & What To Do About It

After our kale photoshoot ...

In this article, I will cover why the body bloats and two distinct approaches. The first is creating a clean and nontoxic environment including food and water supply.  Many raw vegan experts are talking about this.

Second is completely unique to the Rawprincess approach. Google it and look for it and you really won't find it anywhere but here. I use Rawprincess Listening Exchange to foster the moments needed to release emotions rather than literally sit on them or "gulp" them down with food ...

A little about me ... Over the years I've learned a lot about how the body heals and balances itself for optimal weight and optimal emotional poise ... Living in a raw vegan community for two years, then a vegetarian hot springs resort for two years and then healing myself of a nasty eating disorder by taking nothing but a bag of brown rice deep into the woods one summer, I want to share what I've learned with people who are struggling with food issues and perplexing weight retention ... not to mention chronic degenerative disease which I see friends reversing now all the time with these concepts. It's basically all the same with few exceptions, if things have gotten too far along to reverse.

Today I daily face an addictive tendency and find that doing so with grace and grit is the only thing I really CAN do ... and so I use a combination of self-awareness, action steps, and asking for support from the people in my inner circles.

Here are some fundamental building blocks for health and weight loss ...

For example, in the Holistic Weight Loss World Summit a few weeks ago, David Wolfe was interviewed and shared that the number one best strategy for releasing unwanted weight was to stick with only pure foods which have no processing, no additives or preservatives, artificial flavor, color and are grown organically.

Let's get to that right now.

The organic part is especially crucial so that you know the food is not genetically modified ... (GMO)

The body will try and protect its delicate organs, nervous system and brain systems by immediately creating inflammation and fluid to move these toxic and unrecognized additives and seal them in fluid (fat/bloat) in remote areas of the body until it is able to discharge them via eliminative channels: e.g. skin, excretory processes and metabolism...

Any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides on foods will cause this bodily protective inflammation reaction.

Similarly, a cooked food needs enormous energy and depletes the body's own enzymatic processes since all the enzymes in the original food matter has been cooked out at the heating temperature above 105 degrees to 118 degrees in some instances.

While all this is going on, the body will protect itself from toxins in the environment also.

Having a clean and clear sleeping environment at night will also support you in your pure dietary intake by giving you filtered or fresh air ... the water taken in needs also to be filtered or from a spring water source (see

Speaking of water ...

Our emotions and choice of thoughts also contribute to an energy within the body of holding on. The emotions are watery and fat retention in Traditional Chinese Medicine is dampness or excess: But the fiery action of releasing guilt, shame, anger and fear can be done in many ways.

One way to release and process is to simply allow yourself to cry and / or rage in an appropriate setting. Finding a place and time where it won't confuse other people who try and stop you from releasing by saying "Stop it!" or giving you a kleenex and freaking out so the next 20 minutes is spent taking care of THEM instead of getting this out for you.

Very few people can honestly sit with you and be relaxed while you cry or rage. So, until you actually find someone like that (Rawprincess Studio has listening exchange groups and one-on-one listening appointments just ask) you can do this while driving (be careful) or at home looking in the mirror.

One way of doing a mirror appt with yourself is to set a timer for anywhere between five minutes, ten minutes or up to 25 minutes. The shorter appointments work very well and can completely turn around your day and also give you that refreshed look and feeling within your countenance and spirits.

Stand or sit comfortably in front of a mirror where you will not be heard or disturbed. You can do this somewhat quietly if you would be heard in the rest of the household and don't wish to confuse anyone in the family at this point. Remember you are just being there for yourself and are actually releasing blocks within the emotional / etheric field around your body and within your deepest self.

Look in the mirror. There are many approaches to doing this which will vary and you will want to experiment with what touches a raw nerve in you and allows the pain and suffering to pour out and release. Also with that said, don't worry if you don't have dramatic releases at the beginning; it still is not to be underestimated what this five minutes of listening and truly seeing yourself will do for you.

As you look at yourself, try looking a little more deeply and more focused into your eyes. Try saying, "You are so beautiful." and / or "The world is a beautiful place!!!" both said lightly and cheerfully and with sincerity.

See what happens and do this for your five minutes. If feelings come up don't brush past them but whatever you do, it's not cool to start criticizing yourself for this ritual. NO BAD AFFIRMATIONS during this time. No matter how awkward it may feel to say, "You are so beautiful." you need to keep looking deeper and deeper to find the beauty? Do that!!!

Keep looking even if it means remembering back to a time you helped someone else or did something caring with no ulterior motive. And the more you want to say something mean to yourself the more enthusiasm and sincerity I want you to say, "You are SOOOO beautiful." (No sarcasm allowed.)

End by saying many times, "I am becoming more and more beautiful every day in every way, inside and out from head to toe." Nine times is good: one for each chakra and direction ...

So from this we see that invaders from the food we put into our mouths and from the air and water can cause our bodies to create protective layers around our hips, waist, thighs and line the actual digestive organs themselves with protective fat so that everything begins hardening up and expanding as it intelligently protects the brain and heart and nervous system from toxic chemicals ingested ...

To detoxify, simply begin eating only whole, pure foods which were grown without pesticides and herbicides and which are not genetically modified. Any food not labeled will contain some GMO's and artificial items. The term "natural" on a label means absolutely nothing if it is not certified organic.

Any whole food which is now in a box or can is not ideal, it is not what your body's physiological and biological vibration can recognize. Farmer's Markets or the produce section of your supermarket are really the best place to pick out meals.

You will need to learn to make salad dressings and fruit salads and seed crackers and cashew cheezes and you will need to learn to blend up superfoods for a creamy raw chocolate energy drink with spirulina. You will need to learn to make treats as well as everyday salads that you honestly look forward to sitting down and being grateful for each day.

As the body releases toxins when we STOP taking them in, sometimes headaches or skin eruptions or other signs of toxins leaving the body will commence. Water and colon cleansing with water---either at home with a simple enema bag, or at a professional colon hydrotherapist appointment--will allow ease of release and also contribute to clearing up the skin and releasing weight vibrantly.

Releasing emotions and showing up regularly to the mirror appointments or in a Rawprincess Listening Partnership group will allow the subtle permissions to your body going into release mode instead of withholding and stubborn mode ...

It isn't rocket science actually. It really works in a simple way.

Bliss on your journey. I hope this helps you.

For more of Rawprincess Rants and Rituals please buy my ebook from over HERE!! :-)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Rawprincess Boot Camp & Juicy Fulfillment Summer Schedule

You may book a massage and body-reading with raw vegan classes.
Rawprincess (Weight Loss) Boot Camp & Juicy Fulfillment: We will meet on Tuesdays and Saturdays every week at 6am. In front of the Rawprincess 1511 SW Market Street, Portland, OR 97201

You MUST RSVP via text or phone if you are less than 48 hrs in advance so I have enough greens and produce for the juices. It is $10 a quart.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Thrive On a Vegan Diet ... Beautiful & Free Guide

A balanced meal: gourmet raw vegan Chinese take-out by Chef Andy Year-Of-Juice Williams
My friend Trevor has introduced me to this free nutrition guide and I loved it!

If you'd like to thrive on a vegan diet and stop being vulnerable to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, here's great news...

There's a new nutrition guide, "How Vegans Get Calcium, Iron, Protein, A, B12 & D". And it's yours without charge, thanks to The Vegetarian Health Institute.

When you request it, you'll get some of the same health secrets their students are paying for -- with no cost or obligation. These brief excerpts come from their highly regarded Vegan Mastery Program. Just click here now:

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Me Working on Pull Ups and Trailblazing Top Secrets ...

PSU's weight room: First Day Back weight training.
Hi I am taking two weeks off blogging to focus on an introductory blessing I got for Trailblazers: a web coached community by Portland's own Jonathan Mead of Illuminated Mind.
I will not be online. I will be improving my pull ups in more ways than one, though so stay tuned.

To be notified of future groovy updates make sure to add your name to my list on the right.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cac@o-Nib Cookie Dough Bl!ss

Hey, in a rush?

Slap some sachi inchi powder in a to-go container with some cinnamon, vanilla stevia drops, goji trail mix, coconut oil, pink salt and more sweetener such as agave (moistness to make doughy when stirred).

Pop a lid on that puppy and take her to work ... you are in for a real treat.

Gads I just stirred it, it's a great muscle food if you are working out (and you better be cuz this has the calories).

Ingredients via Rok Caldwell of


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Half Price Massage 'Til Tonight PLUS Rawprincess Ebook Bonus Today Only!!

Hey Everybody,

Cindy here! The sale is going so great I thought I'd complicate it a little, heh.

Anyone who pre-pays a two-hour massage today will receive my ebook Rawprincess Rituals and Rants: A Self-Care Guide To Beauty and Grace it contains my story of finding raw foods as a teenager, how I handle addictions day by day with poise and grit, (~smiles~) and how I got the before-and-after bikini body you see featured here and in the ebook. This book is all my finest tips for beauty from head to toe, inside and out from decades of studying holistic raw vegan lifestyle and living it in community as well as in the woods in nature curing a plague-ing eating disorder.

Reversely, (and because I love complexities) anyone who BUYS my ebook via this link will receive a 20 minute upgrade on their next appointment with me.

Anyone who has already bought so far and wants to upgrade one more hour, will receive my ebook "Rawprincess Rituals and Rants" absolutely free ($9.95 regularly). Simply message me and request the book.

Just go to the sidebar on the right and click the Massage Sale button for PayPal and order two. This will be up until midnight tonight.

Love and Health,

PS: If you don't want to miss my groovy updates, sign up on my newsletter list and be notified of sales or news by moi. I never share your info.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Massage Half Price Sale Ends Tomorrow

Use the paypal links on the right to pre-pay your massage between now and tomorrow at midnight PST and you will receive one hour bodywork treatment from Cindy at the Rawprincess.

Regularly $75 it is now $37.50.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

I've Had It ... Surrounding Self With Five SuperFolks

Yesterday i ditched everyone and connected with Nature was an act of selfless service to y'all!!!
Okay, that does it.

I've really had it this time.

Done with not doing what I want to do.

Yes, exactly.

And what I want to do is this.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious.

Lists help:


Gabrielle Chavez of the Compass Way and my raw vegan "church" Sunday Supper (Make sure you get to the biggest party of the year here in Oregon for Raw and Living Spirit retreat ...)
Lori Painter (Bikini-Body facilitator, authenticity expert and personal lifecoach extraordinaire because she lives it!)
Jonathan Mead (Trailblazer to getting paid to play)
Danielle LaPorte (Thank gods I have life after Artist's Way ...get in on her HuffPo haps...)
Shakaya Leone (Her story and life path naturally evolved into her beauty cleanse and others.)
Sarma (She loves animals and opened Pure Food and Wine in NYC!)
and even Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz (Read how to stop being scared all the time.)
and Sarah J Bray! (Check out her  Tour de Bliss even though it's all full.)

Yes, I've been listening and viewing in on all their blogposts and videos as much as I can and even signing up for webinars when I am at work and can only listen on headsets in the breakroom.


Well, because I'm desperate.

Desperate to surround myself with people who have jumped out of the collective frog pot.

I call it the frogpot we are sitting in which (you know the story) keeps getting warmer and warmer without the frog realizing it until suddenly it's too late and the frog is just plain cooked! A goner!

All because they floated lethargically in denial as the water was set to boil!

I'm in this pot but I'm scratching at the edges and leveraging myself up. And I don't want to do it in silence.

After all, if we all help each other out we can get out of this mess and someone please turn off the burner while you're at it!

So I am late to weight training but I've been running in and doing it nonetheless and here I go. But I will not neglect my blog anymore! I don't care anymore that it isn't coherent, cohesive and nicely well-written. I don't care anymore that I have nothing to sell!

I don't care that I don't have a flashy brand or a product!

I care that I show up every day. I care that I use this to leverage MYSELF out of the pot that threatens to take me down!

I want to live my life so that when the very last days of my life come I am serene and I have given it my all, I have been ridden hard and used well and I gave it my all and I know that I left a legacy I can be proud of.

There's a difference between doing that and leaving this place kicking and screaming because you weren't ready and that vibration is left finally resounding throughout eternity ... unfinished business!

That's the mom I want my kids to see... the one who is diving into her own healing process and openly reaching out to others in community... not just because I need it but because I need it in order to BE the Light I wish to see in this world.

From one frog to another: I hope you are having a super wonderful, superb, brightest, vividly inspiring and most hopeful day EVER!!!

Cindy ...

PS-I will be posting soon about this: LISTENING TRIBE yes, froggy-folk look out for my listening tribe coming soon just for US!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When An Apple Changes Everything: Time to Cleanse America!

Good morning it's time for a Cleanse America.

Let me say that another way.

Good morning America it's time for a cleanse.

And now there's a way.

Thankfully I'm not running it but can jump in as well as highly recommend an uplifting, well put-together resource which is both fun and easy to use.

But what I was going to say is about these apple slices in the picture.

Sometimes apple slices onhand can make all the difference to one's sense of abundance (not to mention balanced blood sugar)...

Just beside it you may notice a pad.

It has several positive thoughts from Paul Risse of Cleanse America.

(Oh that again. Yes, sorry America you will thank me though.)

They go against all negative thought tendencies, don't they?

Hey, I just realized I had epic dreams last night. Yes. traveling my futon pad with friends , soaring over rivers and walls.

Oh good, maybe this means this breakthrough is real.

The affirmations (on the little notepad in the picture above and YES they ARE just for YOU) say,

"I love the way I look and feel."

"I am in the best shape of my life."

"I make good choices."

Of these three I think you will find that all three of them work well when posted everywhere so your nose knows that this is what your nose is into.

You will have to ask me how to sign up for Cleanse America, my dear America. So comment here or message me to be added. :-)

Love and Planetary Healing,

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Today is a New Day ... Eating For Your Sacred-Temple

Being with friends instead of isolating and eating.

"A compulsive overeater is someone who wants to be held while isolating."

A friend posted this as her thought for the day yesterday in an email group i'm part of.

i think it's a good reminder to reach for connection and service rather than food that only poisons the body when it is not needed / in excess.

No matter how organic or how pure a food is, if it is in excess it burdens the body and will eventually cause dis-ease.

  • What times of day or what places you have to spend time in seem to cause a tendency to reach for food you don't need?
  • What can you do today to honor your sacred-temple instead of eating food you really don't need and how can you feel much happier and more wellness as a result of that?

Example: Last night i emailed my manager and asked if instead of the granola bars he buys as snacks for the staff lounge if he could buy Larabars instead. The granola bars have GMO corn sugars as well as non-organic whey which is from overcrowded, sometimes disease ridden animals; a certain amount of pus is allowable by the FDA in dairy products not to mention hormones and antibiotics.

i explained why and asked that because although i normally avoid those granola bars as i am raw vegan, there are plenty of times lately that i have been hungry and in a hurry and eat them anyways because they are free and they are there. Maybe if he gets Larabars instead which are whole and raw and very simple (only two or three ingredients at most) which are also at Costco by the case, i can eliminate a huge problem in my daily routine lately. The granola bars have this sugary taste which is very addicting--once i taste it, it's difficult for me to stop eating them.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gamelgaard's Everest Adventure "Climbing High": A Book Review

reprinted from Whatcom Watch: Bellingham Washington's July 1999 edition

Survivor of Everest Tragedy Teaches Lesson in Perseverance

Climbing High:
A Woman´s Account of Surviving the Everest Tragedy 
by Lene Gamelgaard
Seal Press, 1999
224 pp., $25
ISBN 1-58005-023-9

Reviewed by Sea Ganschow (aka Cindy Cummins) 

Sea Ganschow is host of the “Weekly Planet Radio Show” 7-8 p.m., Monday nights on KUGS 89.3 FM and edits the annual Fog Horn literary journal.
When Lene Gamelgaard wrote Climbing High, her priority was to present the facts in an even-handed way while sharing the deeply personal lessons she gleaned. The first Scandinavian woman to climb Mt. Everest hopes to “encourage you to expand your life in new ways, large or small. For if you never test your limits how will you know what they are?” She has succeeded on both counts.
Many have heard of the best selling book “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer. Gamelgaard´s revealing memoir of the same May 1996 catastrophe was released in Denmark months before Krakauer´s. The English translation has just come out this year.
For readers who have mountaineering experience or none whatsoever, Climbing High is a definite page-turner. (Don´t try to go to bed before finishing it, you probably won´t be able to sleep.) After reading it I feel that I have a good understanding of what it is like to climb at high altitudes. Gamelgaard describes how she felt at each stage of the climb and presents her observations and insights about the motivations and characters of the lead climbers and guides.
I had heard about the controversy of whether the most experienced and skilled of the mountaineers, during that storm, may have perished helping the less experienced. After reading the book I have definite opinions about why the most experienced of Lene´s group, Mountain Madness expedition leader Scott Fischer of Seattle, Washington, ended up dying on the descent. Like Gamelgaard, I´ll let you read and decide for yourself.
Gamelgaard´s determination and disciplined way of thinking are impressive and, no doubt contributed to her success. She continually thought “to the summit and safe return” as a way of computer-programming her human mind. She taped the words to her wall next to images of Everest where she would see them daily before the trip. She speculates that her years studying psychology were instrumental in her survival. Nevertheless, while her narrow focus was upon visualizing the summit and safe return, she also realized the need to be aware of dangers—such as inclement weather or high altitude sickness—when turning back would be called for.
Her self-suggestions came through for her. At one critical point, when she and several others were descending Everest´s summit and were lost in a fierce storm, Lene said to herself, “It´s not my time.” She then went forward to find the camp with a like-minded colleague while others were whispering in various stages of hypothermic reaction “I just want to die.”
When she could´ve been very critical of others, Gamelgaard merely presented what the person said or did and then her thoughts about it. The reader is left to develop their own opinions. For example, she was surprised early on at fellow expedition members´ naiveté about certain demands of the trip and her thought was she would´ve expected them to be aware and prepared for it.
Lene´s surprise seemed to stem from a reverse naiveté—the fact that she herself spent so much time mentally preparing to reach “the summit and safe return” and physically preparing herself, combined with the fact that she operated from the code that ultimately it was she who was responsible for herself and her success led her to assume others would also.
Not that she was a prima donna or a cold fish. Lene was very concerned and supportive of others when they needed help. For example, early on she had slowed her pace to that of another woman who was having a difficult time. That in turn surprised the woman who said it was usually very competitive up there between women, not supportive. Just before the final summit, however, a friend cautioned her to spend her energy on taking care of herself.
It was frustrating to read about one expedition member who continually got high altitude cerebral edema and yet continually tried climbing the highest mountains! high altitude cerebral edema reduces a human being to the state of a vegetable and the brain damage can be permanent or result in death within hours if the person is not transported to a lower altitude. Evidence shows that once you get it you will invariably be susceptible to it any time you reach the higher altitudes. The members own determination apparently helped him convince the guides he could go a little further, then a little further.
Those with the highest level of physical fitness and conditioning still never know how their bodies will finally respond in very high altitudes or in “the death zone” over 24,000 feet.
If someone knows they are prone to high altitude cerebral edema , yet pushes to continue with the group they are a known risk and could cost lives by needing to be carried down by the others in what is known as a Gamow Bag—a bag which can be pumped full of oxygen and has some air pressure adjustments. (Helicopters cannot reach these altitudes) The stricken person still needs to reach lower altitudes immediately. Scott Fischer had to carry people in such conditions in the dark of night down sheer ice at least once on this expedition.
Understandably, Gamelgaard found it difficult to comprehend or respect why men with wives and children would take such extreme risks. She had decided to avoid serious relationship—had in fact distanced herself emotionally from friends before this climb—but says that a family would be her next goal. She phoned her parents once a week though and had initially put off telling them of her plans as long as possible knowing of their worry.
As for myself, as a mother and partner I see good reason not to undertake activities which are conscious high risks. But lene´s successful climb to the highest mountain in the world called “Mother Goddess of the World” (in translation of the Nepalese name for Everest) affirms and reminds me I can climb my own personal mountains. The spiritual goals that I seek and which often seem too far away, feel more reachable after reading this book. I´ve adapted her “to the summit and safe return” as a preparation for meditation.
Further, I coincidentally finished reading this book the night of the boiler room explosion at Georgia Pacific and in the aftermath of the petroleum pipeline explosion and destruction of Whatcom Falls Creek which took three lives. Juxtaposed with the incredible way Gamelgaard persevered and reached the highest mountain peak in the world, these events caused me to reflect that our community can empower itself to insist upon important changes in local industry regarding personal safety, clean air and clean water. Like Gamelgaard we too must visualize reaching our goals, then speak out and act on our own behalf.
I think people should read this book who have climbed a mountain, have never climbed a mountain before or who would like to. People who need a reminder of the power of the human spirit and the power of the human mind will find just that within these pages. Yet ever present is the fact that “nature determines” and at times we truly are powerless.
One of the things I liked about Gamelgaard was she carried no illusions that “happiness” would be found at the top of Everest. She is the kind of person who finds happiness in the process and in the present wherever she may be. The climbing life—both the isolation and the people—itself is what she enjoys. Yes, the Everest expedition was a challenge she strove with all her being to meet with success. She knew from the start that she could do it at a price. She just didn´t know how high that price would be.
When people say to her it´s too bad that her greatest victory had to be in the midst of such tragedy she says she really doesn´t see it that way. She knew exactly what the risks were. She just didn´t know “how high a price Mother Goddess of the World would exact to show us humans the consequences of hubris.”

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