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Tribal Thanksgiving, "Let's Get Personal" Updates, Taco Boat Dinner & The Works: Here

DJ Dragonfly (live mix) - Chillums, Champa...Sitars, Bass 'n Dub by djdragonfly
Shiva Rea sent this music via her newsletter ... hope you'll enjoy whilst perusing this lengthy but elegant post!

The  Babygirls
  Daughter enjoyed the "Nacho Refrito Boats" (farthest pic down)

Day 1 of Rawprincess Studio's Moon in Virgo 30-day Fitness Challenge walking along Oceanside Harbor with Mom. 

Thanksgiving at the Thomas C Chavez and Gabrielle Chavez's Grace Gardens in Oregon City.

Thanksgiving Weekend:

My situation was Mr A is not here and my children were at their dad's but I went to my raw vegan family dinner out at an organic farm at a home. It was a potluck style but I will list what I made and what I can remember. I actually made a video of it which you are more than welcome to view!

I made what I called "Apple Purity Bread Pudding"

A base of coconut cream folded into a Divine Organics Thai Coconut Sugar with Vanilla Cream Stevia (Sweetleaf brand) which was folded into some lightly blended dates and walnuts with whole walnut pieces, large coconut shavings, coconut oil, a vanilla pod (scraped the inside seeds out to use just the inner pod),and sea salt to taste. Into that I'd also placed a royal jelly / ginseng powder and lucuma powder.

I had prepared at the side, a large bowl of sliced apples which I'd mixed with fresh lemon juice and raw cinnamon powder. In that I'd placed an accent of goji berries which soon plumped up nice from the lemon juice. A little vanilla and just a dash of sea salt as well.

I then folded the first crumble mix into the apples and lightly pressed it all into a pyrex rectangular dish.  Refrigerated then cut into squares and served after drizzling the top with more coconut sugar and coconut oil and cinnamon. More walnuts could be used.

Very rich.

At the dinner there were "BBQ" kale chips, two kinds of kale salad, Nut Love w/BBQ sauce (yes, a take off of meat loaf :-)) collard wraps, cranberry swirl, portobello mushroom "gravy" (made by marinating portobellos first in olive oil and sea salt, then chopping them and dehydrating then blending half of them into water for an amazing gravy you can't tell is raw.) There was greens from the organic farm so they were very green and various textures, some wild weeds, some leafy. Much more. I have a YouTube on that here. The mashed potatos were delicious--made of blending cauliflour with cashews, olive oil and sea salt.

Also the name "Akita" should have really been Edith.

Other desserts were pumpkin chocolate squares, chocolate uncake, and more.

"On the road to fame, don't step on children." I say as I pan the group with the camera and almost trip over the young ones. Ha ha.

We had dinner and then the lady of the house who is also a minister of the church, Gabriel Chavez has a tradition of the walk on Thanksgiving Day. (It's called Christ the Healer (CtH) but is extremely progressive and eclectic--under the umbrella of the UCC churches which have done tons for example for GLBTQ support.) She led a two mile walk through the town or Oregon City which felt GREAT to go do! It was up and down hills with a great view of the river (Willamette?? I should know that.)

Afterward we all went back and I played guitar and sang, making up lyrics as I went about the apples and lemon juice and goji berries in my dessert. :-) It felt good to play for people. With my lifecoach it's come up that music is actually my primary purpose, and sharing it is really the most important gift to my tribes. ... so that was very cool since I haven't played in public since the open mikes in Minneapolis with (former) Master there.

I received a little Thai massage there in the middle of everything and also gave some bodywork to a friend in the midst of everyone and his pain completely vanished, plus I saw that it was his Gallbladder meridian which was screaming out at him. :-) Thomas C Chavez, author of Body Electronics (and Gabriel, the minister's husband) also confirmed the GB spots.

Then we had a traditional Durian opening. And if anyone wanted water it was spring water on the deck and you had to step outside for your water. There was an outdoor heat source there so it was really nice.

I filmed a bunch and then left, giving some neighbors a ride home. It was a beautiful dinner.

The next day I got my son for the day and we relaxed. My daughter went to a sleepover at a friends instead so I didn't see her this time. They will both be with  me for quite a few days including Christmas.

In joy~and~bliss being His

Refritos with "the works" including chickweed & avo, cashew sour cream, and Eric It's Alive! Green Smoothie Crackers.

Dinner is served.
Cindy's Apple Purity, Bishop's Vanilla Bean, Rose Cacao by Lulu (sp?)

Next Day: Nacho Boat Refritos on "Chips" for leftovers pleases even the most discerning of teenagers.

Refritos unFrijoles
sunflower seeds
favorite salsa

Soak sunflower seeds in water for at least two hours.
Blend with cumin and coriander and your favorite salsa.

This recipe was graciously texted to me the day a friend was coming over for dinner by Coach Cher Til! I want you to know that her ebook is ONLY filled with the most delicious and simplest of recipes. I think she prides herself in five ingredients or less. 

Her bean dip (here, above) was very popular at the hip rawkin' greeeen juice party which followed the Third Annual International Juice Feast Day in Seattle in September. Aw shucks where's that cool vid with me dancing and massaging the Raw Brah's ... Anyways her recipes are available here.

What ended up happening was, I ended up finding the "It's Alive" seeds here in Portland which are already soaked and dehydrated with spicy herbs added. I used those and a little bit of a garbanzo raw miso and it was delicious. I also blended with salsa as Cher said to.

Cashew Sour Cream

Soak cashews in water. Drain and rinse.

Blend in enough water to make sour cream texture with olive oil, sea salt and lemon juice, to taste.

Notes Fm A Foxhole

the yerba mate tea
some bites of "cookie dough" (coconut-base w/ walnut & date)
bites of carrot
more tea
coconut water
Plan: to go out and have some dinner at People's Food Coop

I am grateful I got the FAFSA submitted last night
I am grateful I got the second transcript request all in motion for PSU
I am grateful I have my late taxes in an envelope and I'm due a refund, though late and about to send overnight mail ...
I am grateful Mr M put the tags in the mail this a.m.
I am grateful I've pitched out several boxes of decades of saved greeting cards I've received.
I'm grateful that LE sort of veered away from me, and something doesn't feel 100% honest about what he was wanting. I think he wanted a client, not a project. Which would have been something to consider if he had been honest. The fact that he withheld the info lets me know I don't want to pursue, although I LOVE his photos! Dang, this or something better.
(I am grateful that since this writing LE and I have gotten clear and very hot photo shoot is in my future! One of his models has over 7 million hits on her website ...)
I am grateful I posted truth on my adult profile about my getting herpes at age 14 and that it's in remission for decades now, but that way it is up and I can forget about it.
I am grateful again, for the coaching session Tuesday and the reminder about the energy  nature of feminine. The egg waits. Things come to me. Sort of the opposite of marketing.

God/dess my hand hurts, I'm walking the line between doing things I'm attracted to and slight pushing to take care of errands I most want done like mailing the IRS return.
I am grateful for Mr A's phone calls each day.
I am grateful also putting on my profile about what M did this summer--without naming his name--and that I was open about it.
I am grateful for realizing that Michael is longterm and that he requires some TLC in some areas which I care about but don't have time or patience for.
But I'm grateful he is there for me
I am grateful Cody is going to take this bed out of here and hoping he can help with t he attic if he is skilled. I also need the Om Gym's hung so an O-ring from the ceiling and it needs to be done very skillfully. There is wiring in the ceiling.
I am grateful for the idea to ask N. a local rigger / artist for advice regarding that.
i am grateful that I saw through the first date's calling people "predators" at a gathering when I know darn well they are just full of life force and going after what th ey want shamelessly which I love about these so-called "predators" said date spoke of. And I am grateful I questioned his definition warmly. ...
Yay, H. is going to Africa.
I am grateful I put "no 420 please" on my FB page
I am grateful I am abou to put "no 420 please" on my FL page.
I am grateful I had dinner at home just now instead of out.
I am grateful I found apost office I can walk to right now.
I am grateful I can get more errands done tomorrow. I know I love staying home when I can ...

 Park Blocks With a friend

St Francis of Assisi Prayer
Lord, make me a channel of thy peace --
that where there is hatred, I may bring love --
that where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness --
that where there is discord, I may bring harmony --
that where there is error, I may bring truth --
that where there is doubt, I may bring faith --
that where there is despair, I may bring hope --
that where there are shadows, I may bring light --
that where there is sadness, I may bring joy.
Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted --
to understand, than to be understood -- to love, than to be loved.
For it is by self-forgetting that one finds. It is by forgiving that one is forgiven.
It is by dying that one awakens to Eternal Life. Amen.

--St. Francis of Assisi, 1181-1226

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