Saturday, December 3, 2011

Luscious You: And Here Is My Gift

"Goddess Protect Children"
 Imagine yourself at Rawprincess Studio ...

a haven where you can retreat and totally relax and rest. Tell me which of the below listings most speak to what you know you need right now? Comment in the comment section or email me directly at cindy at skylightmassage dot com for a free gift (see end of post).

Skylight Massage at Portland Saturday Market
 Luscious-You Products and Services
rawprincess bodymind spa services by sea
  • biodynamic craniosacral w/ shiatsu, polarity, reflexology and deep tissue/sports as needed. Receive on a fleece-padded and warmed table in a heated, dimly lit room. Therapeutic. Licensed #11683
  • far infrared facial w/ organic serum treatments and acupressure facelift (includes foot & hand reflexology)
  • dry brush and salt scrub (you keep your own brush) 
 fitness, chakra-balance detox and pain-relief coaching
  • Rawprincess Energy Yoga Instruction, individual and group classes.
  • Rawprincess Maxie Backsie, Om Yoga, Rebounding Coaching-- the ultimate in being pain-free.
  • Dry Brush instruction and dry brush purchase
for living nutrition
  • fresh pressed greeeeen juice (kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger and optional touch of apple)
  • greeeeen smoothies (sweet or savory with salt & pepper)
  • chocolate elixirs including Love Truffles (maca / shilajit, packaged to-go).
  • herb teas
  • Spirulina Balls and bulk Green Mix (the very best highest quality fresh spirulina mixes).
  • Master Cleanse drink and coaching
  • Monthly group coached gallbladder and liver flush protocols w/ pre-flush colon cleanse
In-House Monthly Sleepovers and Demos 
  • These will be juice and smoothie and elixir only sleepovers for high energy. Enjoy! Music, ecstatic dance and open mike or just laughing and relaxing. 
  • In 2012 we offer in-house film screening of the raw vegan lifestyle documentaries "May I Be Frank" "Simply Raw" "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" Bring your own sleeping bag. Applicants must be invited and approved.
  • Guest speaker Dave the Raw Trucker will share how he lost 230 lbs on juices.
  • Once a year raw vegan feast class and annual potluck at RS. 
misc rawprincess products and services

  • Rawprincess Rituals and Rants beauty and spiritual guide ebook
  • How to Serve Men: a Sacred Guide by sea (soon to be released ebook) pre-order
  • Afghanistan Art: rugs, very large sleeping cushions, prayer rugs and salt lamps

Daily Digest: Girl With a View Series

My dearest lovelies and angels;

Please reply directly to me. Do not hit "reply all" for there is a blind-copy list here today as well.

cindy<3 <3 <3

I will post the earlier post last: 

As I pitch out the useless my new owner slipped and drifted off my iceberg.
As I take this baby finger and scratch through the hole in the avalanche I'm pinned in ...
and reach over and scratch at the mountain which contains you, too ...I see a pinky reaching out from the mountain. It is yours.You reach over to me. To free me from my prison.Perhaps, not so long from now I will see your face.And we will dance on the beach, hair flying in the breeze. Seagulls screaming like sirens announcing our return.:-)
I am grateful I see that I am tethered to my computer and to my bowls of salad.
I am grateful for the spark of life which compels me to break free of anything which blinds me.
I am grateful for the courage to live this day without the collar of an inappropriate Man... not the One I am meant to serve.
I am grateful, so grateful, for the opportunity to live my life outloud. I love who I am. I love who I am becoming. I love this planet, its creatures and Mary Oliver!
I am grateful I ate the cabbage and carrots and cashews with dehydrated mushrooms and olive oil, sea salt ... I am grateful I noticed the way I wolfed this down and wondered if I will ever be cured of this hunger.
I am grateful for hope and the walk to Sacajawea tonight, and to the store with a friend, having not walked up there in months. Something had shut me down, perhaps that spell is now broken and I will be whole again.
My broken doll-self having reunited her pieces ... glued sutures were blended into tightly smoothed flesh.
I am grateful I did the dishes and I am grateful i recognize what a feral cat I have become.
I am grateful I have toes that long for luxury beneath my feet. Carpets, cushions, lighting and candles, chocolate elixirs with chaga is in my near future.
And I am grateful that the top of the list is "how do I want to make my money" that is the only really job I have saith Abraham, what do I want.
I am grateful Galen will discuss with me to be clear on all levels of engaging.

I am grateful that I realize MO is there and that if all else fails, If I never find the holistic Master I seek that he is there and may truly be the one.
But I am grateful that I have much work to do. I am grateful that I am to BE what I seek first.
I am grateful for Joy and all that she has managed to give me over the years even with how little we actually see one another. People are like that. A moment can be like eternal gold.
I am grateful I realize the importance to not fade away from this list. To keep going no matter how the feral cat in me wishes to hiss and retreat in fear. :-)
I am grateful I "came out" on facebook.

Hi everyone.

qt water
large diluted apple juice with psyllium
cup of yerba mate
plan: to go out and get some ripe banana and/or agave for my fixin's i have here. OR to try making the smoothie with what I already have here it might be taste enough I don't know.

I am grateful Mr A. released me last night ... even though it was painful and is confusing to be my own free agent, it really does make more sense. He apologized for being so selfish from long distance ...

Plan: green smoothie or a carrot soup.
a cacao elixir

I like this photo of my morning journal spot back in the day.
I am grateful for all the friends coming out of the woodwork
I am grateful and interested in how being the most open honest and authentic (not so much in a sloppy way, just in a concise way) brings so much more comments, attention and inquiries than "trying hard" ever did in the past.
I am grateful for this day to rest my hands ...
I am grateful for the sun may I get out in it.

god/dess dont know what PSU's lack of organization is or the ding dong girl at the desk I spoke with did with my application last week ... :( wow!!!!! It completely disappeared??? Well, glad I checked. Editors note: they found it and I am actively enrolled ... :-)

Probably have to walk down there again which is God's' way of saying it's good for me. I'm only a $100 away from having all the rent together for Dec. Cool.

Time for a gift certificate sale. pronto.

Free Gift: By giving me feedback: (what would you buy?) on your truly favorite services from the menu at the top of the page. I will give you a complimentary 15 minute massage at Rawprincess Studio in Goose Hollow. Enter your name in the comments below or email me cindy at skylightmassage dot com.

Gift Certificate SALE:

Hand-painted beautiful gift certificates in red envelope with gilded-sheer fluffy bows. Regularly $75 an hour, this offer ONLY is for gift certificates $25 for an hour massage which will be based on client's intake modality needs. Certificate valid through 2012. By appointment only. This is a therapeutic non-sexual licensed massage #11683 (Use PayPal button at top of right-hand sidebar this page.)
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