Monday, December 19, 2011

Great Gift: Rawprincess E-book for Bikini-Bod & Spirituality Plus Massage Gift Certificate Blow-Out & Extra Free Bonus Foot / Energy Treatment

I've once again texted the publisher for a discount offer for you now.

$9.95 gets you into the Rawprincess Rituals and Rants extraordinaire: instant download; just print it up and put in a notebook. ... The cover is the same picture as my blog header of me with the cake. Great color photos throughout as well. Recipes for kid and caveman friendly smoothies, candy balls, desserts, all-palette pleasing salad dressings and pate's ... Work-out regime for toning the thighs with before-and-after bikini pics of authoress Cindy Cummins.
Recipes Galore such as green savory soup in Rawprincess Ebook ...

Also, don't miss the steal giveaway $25/hr gift certificates for an hour of luscious-you bodywork in Portland, OR. Easy paypal button on top right-hand sidebar says "Buy Gift Certificate".

I can email the certificate or give you a hand-drawn lovely certificate in an envelope tied with a lavish gilted bow.

And if you purchase either of the above today I will personally add a mini-foot reflexology treatment with no expiration date. This treatment will have Reiki and Biodynamic Craniosacral elements and also will have no time limit. I will work on your feet until I feel you are complete for that sitting. So it could range from fifteen minutes to over an hour.
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