Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas At Rawprincess Studio

A business meeting with Laura Fox is like none other you can possibly imagine. She did a powerful cord cutting impromptu ceremony on me complete with razor sharp insights; she immediately saw the precariousness of my entire home's feng shui and facilitated a freakin' magic carpet ride (or was it a space ship?) with me and co-Best of Raw peeps before we even set our intentions for Best of Raw 2011!!! *squeeee* and this has been life changing for me. My home is halfway transformed! PS I'm the go-to girl for your business sponsorship of this year's shenanigans!
 “Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more ...and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.”
- Mark Victor Hansen

Introducing my NEW meetup group! Weekly juicy bliss and monthly overnights. Follow and fan Andy Williams with me the Year of Juice!!! Rawprincess Studio is a trigger-free zone. Read more PDX friends! :-)

As I create sacred space here in the stillness at Rawprincess Studio I find the clutter is emerging from deeper and deeper layers. As I release all that is not my soul's calling and willingly release mistaken identities and beliefs, my own power from deep inside is literally being pulled up and out. Until I am turning myself inside out. I have suspended yoga slings called Om Gyms here. I have space to do yoga. We have trees and a trail to Washington Park and on into Forest Park. We are doing a monthly sleepover with greeeeen juice and smoothies. This is a food-free zone for 2012. The only chewable things here are and will be chlorella tablets and bee pollen. It is a trigger-free space, safe for everyone who is stepping outside of emotional and addictive eating. It is a safe place to drop down to the floor and stop all the rushing around and avoidance. Listening Turns is a process I use along with Listening Hands: both non-agenda, non-invasive ... Reiki is here, the "Ray" as well as in-depth healing arts menu. I've started Rawprincess Studio as a meetup because I am enjoying surrounding myself with believing mirrors for eachother now. The fans of Andy Williams' Year of Juice will gather here and juice all year together. Weekly juicing, energy yoga, self-body reflexology and astrology self-awareness body readings will all be luxuriously utilized on the mats of Rawprincess Studio beside the large oak trees of SW Market Street just where it has become Market Street from SW 14th. Recap: Weekly juice support and listening turns. (Dates TBA) Monthly sleepovers with yoga, juice, body-rollers / back care.

Very Merriest of holidays to all of you with love from Zeke, Cindy & Sophie at Rawprincess Studio in Portland 2011!
Deck the halls with red bell peppers ... and a carnation or two.
today's lovely droplets fm cindy :-)
For today:
Have a blissed, blessed holiday season -- wishing everyone lots of love with family and friends. Thanks for your thoughtful wishes here!

Just for Today: In a very positive and pro-recovery way, I am being called to do a liquids only protocol.

hot tea
apple juice with Colon Care
At least 1 qt of green juice
hempseed latte

I am grateful I had time to really just hang out for solstice last night.
I am grateful I'm going to pick up my two youngest children in an hour or so.
I am grateful I got my tax refund so I have rent for Jan as well as Dec.
I am grateful that I continue to remove more clutter from here and make sacred space for living.
I am grateful that I AM ENROLLED in PSU for winter term.
I am grateful that even though I have no idea yet what classes or what schedule that will be, I am confident if it is meant to be that I will be able to work it out with my massage job and things will work out just right for both my income, my studies and my family.
I am grateful that I notice how terrifying it felt to have money in my account yesterday and how I had to really just be still with it and receive.

God/dess I ask for your help and guidance with my budget and desire to fix up Rawprincess Studio both for my children to hang out and also to take the next most key steps to create a retreat-like setting here which will be of service and generate income.

Please help me soothe and take care of my digestion today and to step in sync with nature's rhythms. Help me to tap into my own inner harmony and to focus on self-care. I am enjoying finding the right place to get a check-up now. I am enjoying new running shoes and fresh work pants now. I am enjoying time with my children and helping to provide the optimal healthy loving space for them over these next few days now. I am enjoying a balance between structure and limits for them and playfulness and whimsy now.

I thank you Higher Power that much of the grief of letting go of Mr M seems to be processed today. The interesting awarenesses and willingness to awaken and become self-empowered are returning. I am grateful that I am willing to open my  mind to the purity of spirit I know I must have in order to be an effective healer. I am grateful I am forgiven for where I may have been confused. In the confusion I always wanted what was right. I never meant to harm myself. I never meant to lose my own soul. I've always meant to live within a deep sense of devotion and commitment to the Beloved.

I am grateful that the whole holistic picture of my offerings is coming into focus now.

Thank you so much Universe for the truly miraculous timing that I do have money for this weekend. Even though I KNOW the focus isn't to be money. Guide me to serenity and peace that I may enjoy this beautiful time. Guide me to make the best choices possible for me and my kids this weekend.

Mid-process of clearing shown above in this video from last week. Look for updates and don't miss then next exciting episode from the Let's Get Personal Series by Cindy ... enter your email in the right sidebar for VIP style notifications. I will never abuse your email.
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