Monday, November 21, 2011

Service Book of Days - Week of Nov 21-27

Service Book of Days - Week of 11/14/11

· Outside my my beloved trees. They stand almost audibly and perceptibly with arms outstretched ... their presence seems to hold me and listen to my innermost longings.

· my thoughts...   how the heck to get these beds up in the attic ...

· Today's Quote... "And Madonna, she still has not showed We see this empty cage now corrode" Bob Dylan
· i am thankful for... my coworkers and my bosses--wonderful!!

· From my service training... Restraint for Him brings rewards of heightened senses!

· From the kitchen... A fruit salad mixed w/ maca and lucuma, coconut oil and nectar ...topped with cacao sauce ...

· i am wearing...Lululemon tightly fitting yoga pants, a tiny stone in the hip pocket which wards off negative energy loaned by a coworker and a Lululemon halter yoga top underneath my work uniform and silver large hoop earrings

· i am movies, songs on my guitar, poems

· my adventures this week... I met two Men in person

· Becoming well read... Kingsbridge (the manuscript soon to be released Amazon kindle) by Orpheus

· i manifest and co-create... an amaaaazing edible raw vegan yummy product which will rawk Portland and keep cindy in abundance!!

· Todays Melody... Visions of Johanna by Bob Dylan (soon to be my cover, watch for YouTube version :-))

· One of my favorite things... When the dogs would run in from the woods having raced through the sage brush ...their lovely smell, can't get enough.

· further plans for this week... a large Thanksgiving unturkey dinner with my CtH family out at Oregon City ...the kids over the next morning Yay!! The attic has some progress begun! Yay!

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