Friday, November 25, 2011

A New Delectable Rare Sugar, the Girl's, Comfort Food and Everything Else: Here!

From Andy Williams & Shanti Moon's Raw VeganThanksgiving Feast Class: Pumpkin PIe and Ice Cream, (11o'clock on plate) Hug-a-Turkey Nut Loaf,  Mashed Potatoes, Mushroom Gravy, Stuffing, Cranberry Dream, Winter Scones

I enjoyed the pumpkin pie and the ice cream made in a real ice cream maker with a coconut base, out of this world! This is the best pumpkin pie I've EVER tasted. Better than any cooked or raw. By Andy Williams. (Of "Year of Juice")
Some girls enjoy our weekly raw vegan refreshment w/ demo's here at RS and listening circle.

The demo today was "Coconut-Chia Goodgirl Smoothie"

Coconut-Chia Goodgirl Smoothie :-)

  • 3 c. coconut water
  • 1 c. large coconut flakes (unsweetened and soaked in coconut water several hours)
  • 4 T. chia seeds (soaked in coconut water w/ the coconut flakes)
  • 2 scoops Vega Sport performance protein
  • 2 rounded T. coconut oil (raw unrefined)
  • 6-7 drops Sweetleaf Vanilla Creme Stevia
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • pinch of sea salt

  1. Are you avoiding journaling?
  2. Have you avoided any quiet time?
  3. Have you avoided just walking?
When you stop the addiction feelings come up. When you journal, get still with yourself, just walk and observe nature's cues, the feelings come up. That's okay, they are leaving like a toxin ... take some time in the mirror to cry, truly cry ...

This "Crying Comes Up" video is, in a nutshell the message of Rawprincess Studio and in a nutshell a key way to end racism ... When you have unreleased emotions, it "looks like" racism to those around you.It looks snobby and elitist in a certain way and pushes people away from you. To soften one's edges, release the emotion with a warm relaxed listener who will not interrupt or give you advice. This indeed, softens the hard edges of the oppression which is the ONLY thing holding racism in place. Babies--before they are dipped and breaded and rolled and pan-fried in our world's unfortunate racist insidious conditioning; before they get it loud and clear that unfortunately there is this tragic BS they've been born into--LOVE everyone with few exceptions (scary people are merely ones with unreleased issues, right? :-)) our nature and birthright is to have close personal ties across many different lines: cultural, heritage, class, demographic and geographic nuances...

If you've watched the "Crying Comes Up" video (above this one) then you're ready for some comic relief. Watch "Cindy's Sugar Connection" here, (58 seconds long) The samples are $15 a jar and bulk orders are welcome for deeper cost effectiveness. Please just drop me a note and I will get you set up for the exchange. :-) (Commenting here is fine. I get these messages instantly.Or email me cindy at skylight massage dot com)

black coffee, some water
Lunch: stuff (I won't have time to overeat so I'm safe ha ha)
Tonight: making din din for my new BF (local!!!)

I am grateful for a shift since Mr A worked with me on some stress relief focuses this weekend!!!
I am grateful for the amazing raw vegan annual home Thanksgiving dinner at the Chavez's in Oregon City!!
I am grateful I loved the dessert I made for the dinner and I have leftovers to share with Michael this evening.
I am grateful the obsession to eat everything in the house or the vicinity has been lifted and that lot of it has to do with connection and even the stress relief techniques and care from Mr A via long distance!!
I am grateful for coach Lori and how she is totally the kind to encourage me to show up and share my gifts on the web--AS IS-- not wait for some perfect day.
I am grateful for Harvey Jackins and the five plus years I spent with his community--one of his sayings which stuck first and foremost within me is I will not hold back on my contacts. Harvey had hundreds and hundreds of very close friends all around the world--some of which he would only see once a  year or even less--but they wrote back and forth, visited for workshops, had listening exchanges (sometimes just a few minutes long but were extremely key and personal) ... I gleaned that and I am noticing throughout the course of a day I have contact with probably hundreds of folks. But this is not a stretch to me. Contrary. I see that i can have hundreds and even thousands of close friends whom I touch in with in a very personal and loving way and we are touchstones to eachother's growth ... we are aware of eachother, we would consider each other dear friends and in a pinch that person is family, we know that about each other. So I am grateful for Harvey Jackins ability to see that and share that as a counseling direction.
"I will not hold back on my contacts."

I am grateful for a phone "mini-session" with Randy just now and the reminder within myself that I actually want to enroll in PSU to get my bachelor's degree ... an English / graphic arts focus ... they have a new athletic center and one of the top 30 libraries in the country ...
I am grateful my son is here and Icovered him with his old baby blanket which reminded us to think where I got that blankie which prompted me to seek the lady out and send a friend request on FB --havent seen her in years and wasn't sure how to get in touch.
I am grateful for the pepperminty feeling of the toothpaste in my mouth right now.

God/dess I am grateful for Michael arranging for me to prepare him a raw vegan meal--how brilliant. I am grateful for his idea: he is atheist and non-vegetarian but has these deep political passions and engages in conversation regularly within various online communities which I find attractive. He also met me downtown for a walk and was very relaxed, reading a book, when I jogged up a little late ... no cell phone! Yes, he does not use a cellphone and he took public trans to meet me.. Love that slow-down and be in this place feeling.

Thought for the Day: I will not hold back on my contacts.

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