Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Home Series In My First Paid Personal Coach Lifestyle Unheaval Pt 2

You won't want to miss my "Before" Video of my Home and Studio Space!

The SGFPDX (slavegirl-figure Portland) group met in the produce section this week as the Rawprincess Studio was under ahem, construction ... :-) We walked a mile together and got FOCUSED on our wellness!! We also have some ideas for a high protocol dinner and fundraising efforts for greens and blenders for at-risk members. Yay!!

As some of you know, I'm in coaching. I don't want to NOT mention quite a few people who I feel are totally transformative to me and valuable and it COULD have been any of them who I ended up paying to coach me. I actually have been in their paid GROUP coaching classes lately and LOVED them. I am STILL followers and believe they led me to distinguish LORI as my current cosmically aligned personal coach for the coming year at least!!

My must NOT to be missed life and wellness energy workers / coaches are: Namaste Moore of Academy of Human Arts, Shakaya Leone of Earth Empress the Beauty Cleanse, (Earth Empress is about to start the regular raw cleanse so make sure to find her) Kiu Imandel's Juice feast, Gabriel and Thomas C Chavez's Body Electronics and The Compass Way programs. Angela Stokes-Monarch's Raw Emotions book and her blog Raw Reform ...

I mention these people ALL my support system but am also extremely happy and pleased to be accepted into a coaching relationship with this dynamic, authentic, powerful, smart, electric, gorgeous, fit and healthy person as well ...

And, I'm BIASED even further now because I am being coached by *drum rolls drum rolls drum rolls*

Lori Painter of www.LifeByLori.com 

Fun, yes, clearing clutter does open space to create and bring in something more authentic, in line with your dreams!!  This stainless counter, previously filled with clutter, is now freshly wiped and has a small tray of fruit and daily staples.

If you watched the before video (link at top of post) you can see I have done my dishes and added IKEA chef -style racks. I love them! As I peel away 80% of my belongings (Lori inspired) and ADD better shelving and functionality in each room, life gets real FUN plus I have ROOM to create and be happy! :-)

I was helping my daughter with math homework a few nights and it actually allowed me the company I sometimes need to complete a project. All planets aligned and I got these stainless steel racks up. Nice.

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