Friday, November 25, 2011

A New Delectable Rare Sugar, the Girl's, Comfort Food and Everything Else: Here!

From Andy Williams & Shanti Moon's Raw VeganThanksgiving Feast Class: Pumpkin PIe and Ice Cream, (11o'clock on plate) Hug-a-Turkey Nut Loaf,  Mashed Potatoes, Mushroom Gravy, Stuffing, Cranberry Dream, Winter Scones

I enjoyed the pumpkin pie and the ice cream made in a real ice cream maker with a coconut base, out of this world! This is the best pumpkin pie I've EVER tasted. Better than any cooked or raw. By Andy Williams. (Of "Year of Juice")
Some girls enjoy our weekly raw vegan refreshment w/ demo's here at RS and listening circle.

The demo today was "Coconut-Chia Goodgirl Smoothie"

Coconut-Chia Goodgirl Smoothie :-)

  • 3 c. coconut water
  • 1 c. large coconut flakes (unsweetened and soaked in coconut water several hours)
  • 4 T. chia seeds (soaked in coconut water w/ the coconut flakes)
  • 2 scoops Vega Sport performance protein
  • 2 rounded T. coconut oil (raw unrefined)
  • 6-7 drops Sweetleaf Vanilla Creme Stevia
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • pinch of sea salt

  1. Are you avoiding journaling?
  2. Have you avoided any quiet time?
  3. Have you avoided just walking?
When you stop the addiction feelings come up. When you journal, get still with yourself, just walk and observe nature's cues, the feelings come up. That's okay, they are leaving like a toxin ... take some time in the mirror to cry, truly cry ...

This "Crying Comes Up" video is, in a nutshell the message of Rawprincess Studio and in a nutshell a key way to end racism ... When you have unreleased emotions, it "looks like" racism to those around you.It looks snobby and elitist in a certain way and pushes people away from you. To soften one's edges, release the emotion with a warm relaxed listener who will not interrupt or give you advice. This indeed, softens the hard edges of the oppression which is the ONLY thing holding racism in place. Babies--before they are dipped and breaded and rolled and pan-fried in our world's unfortunate racist insidious conditioning; before they get it loud and clear that unfortunately there is this tragic BS they've been born into--LOVE everyone with few exceptions (scary people are merely ones with unreleased issues, right? :-)) our nature and birthright is to have close personal ties across many different lines: cultural, heritage, class, demographic and geographic nuances...

If you've watched the "Crying Comes Up" video (above this one) then you're ready for some comic relief. Watch "Cindy's Sugar Connection" here, (58 seconds long) The samples are $15 a jar and bulk orders are welcome for deeper cost effectiveness. Please just drop me a note and I will get you set up for the exchange. :-) (Commenting here is fine. I get these messages instantly.Or email me cindy at skylight massage dot com)

black coffee, some water
Lunch: stuff (I won't have time to overeat so I'm safe ha ha)
Tonight: making din din for my new BF (local!!!)

I am grateful for a shift since Mr A worked with me on some stress relief focuses this weekend!!!
I am grateful for the amazing raw vegan annual home Thanksgiving dinner at the Chavez's in Oregon City!!
I am grateful I loved the dessert I made for the dinner and I have leftovers to share with Michael this evening.
I am grateful the obsession to eat everything in the house or the vicinity has been lifted and that lot of it has to do with connection and even the stress relief techniques and care from Mr A via long distance!!
I am grateful for coach Lori and how she is totally the kind to encourage me to show up and share my gifts on the web--AS IS-- not wait for some perfect day.
I am grateful for Harvey Jackins and the five plus years I spent with his community--one of his sayings which stuck first and foremost within me is I will not hold back on my contacts. Harvey had hundreds and hundreds of very close friends all around the world--some of which he would only see once a  year or even less--but they wrote back and forth, visited for workshops, had listening exchanges (sometimes just a few minutes long but were extremely key and personal) ... I gleaned that and I am noticing throughout the course of a day I have contact with probably hundreds of folks. But this is not a stretch to me. Contrary. I see that i can have hundreds and even thousands of close friends whom I touch in with in a very personal and loving way and we are touchstones to eachother's growth ... we are aware of eachother, we would consider each other dear friends and in a pinch that person is family, we know that about each other. So I am grateful for Harvey Jackins ability to see that and share that as a counseling direction.
"I will not hold back on my contacts."

I am grateful for a phone "mini-session" with Randy just now and the reminder within myself that I actually want to enroll in PSU to get my bachelor's degree ... an English / graphic arts focus ... they have a new athletic center and one of the top 30 libraries in the country ...
I am grateful my son is here and Icovered him with his old baby blanket which reminded us to think where I got that blankie which prompted me to seek the lady out and send a friend request on FB --havent seen her in years and wasn't sure how to get in touch.
I am grateful for the pepperminty feeling of the toothpaste in my mouth right now.

God/dess I am grateful for Michael arranging for me to prepare him a raw vegan meal--how brilliant. I am grateful for his idea: he is atheist and non-vegetarian but has these deep political passions and engages in conversation regularly within various online communities which I find attractive. He also met me downtown for a walk and was very relaxed, reading a book, when I jogged up a little late ... no cell phone! Yes, he does not use a cellphone and he took public trans to meet me.. Love that slow-down and be in this place feeling.

Thought for the Day: I will not hold back on my contacts.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Service Book of Days - Week of Nov 21-27

Service Book of Days - Week of 11/14/11

· Outside my my beloved trees. They stand almost audibly and perceptibly with arms outstretched ... their presence seems to hold me and listen to my innermost longings.

· my thoughts...   how the heck to get these beds up in the attic ...

· Today's Quote... "And Madonna, she still has not showed We see this empty cage now corrode" Bob Dylan
· i am thankful for... my coworkers and my bosses--wonderful!!

· From my service training... Restraint for Him brings rewards of heightened senses!

· From the kitchen... A fruit salad mixed w/ maca and lucuma, coconut oil and nectar ...topped with cacao sauce ...

· i am wearing...Lululemon tightly fitting yoga pants, a tiny stone in the hip pocket which wards off negative energy loaned by a coworker and a Lululemon halter yoga top underneath my work uniform and silver large hoop earrings

· i am movies, songs on my guitar, poems

· my adventures this week... I met two Men in person

· Becoming well read... Kingsbridge (the manuscript soon to be released Amazon kindle) by Orpheus

· i manifest and co-create... an amaaaazing edible raw vegan yummy product which will rawk Portland and keep cindy in abundance!!

· Todays Melody... Visions of Johanna by Bob Dylan (soon to be my cover, watch for YouTube version :-))

· One of my favorite things... When the dogs would run in from the woods having raced through the sage brush ...their lovely smell, can't get enough.

· further plans for this week... a large Thanksgiving unturkey dinner with my CtH family out at Oregon City ...the kids over the next morning Yay!! The attic has some progress begun! Yay!


"Busted" A For Sure Way To Stop Emotional Eating NOW!

Hi, I'm Cindy, the creator of "Busted" the film below on the surefire way to end emotional late night eating and run a half marathon by May. :-)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Late-Night Licorice Root Sucking ...

Happiness? A good cigar, a good meal, a good cigar and a good woman - or a bad woman; it depends on how much happiness you can handle.
--George Burns
 You could say I have issues. I know I'm not alone on this. I would do the tongue patch but have seen it as a temporary solution to oral fixation. Here, shown, I have a bonafide licorice root. No, I don't light it. I put it in my mouth and just savor it.

I've been looking for the whole licorice roots for years now. I used to use them as a way to focus my oral sensations without eating tons of calories. Everyone seems to sell them in chunks now, for teas.  The People's Food  Co-op in SE Portland has them in the herb section in bulk. Oh yeah!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Home Series In My First Paid Personal Coach Lifestyle Unheaval Pt 2

You won't want to miss my "Before" Video of my Home and Studio Space!

The SGFPDX (slavegirl-figure Portland) group met in the produce section this week as the Rawprincess Studio was under ahem, construction ... :-) We walked a mile together and got FOCUSED on our wellness!! We also have some ideas for a high protocol dinner and fundraising efforts for greens and blenders for at-risk members. Yay!!

As some of you know, I'm in coaching. I don't want to NOT mention quite a few people who I feel are totally transformative to me and valuable and it COULD have been any of them who I ended up paying to coach me. I actually have been in their paid GROUP coaching classes lately and LOVED them. I am STILL followers and believe they led me to distinguish LORI as my current cosmically aligned personal coach for the coming year at least!!

My must NOT to be missed life and wellness energy workers / coaches are: Namaste Moore of Academy of Human Arts, Shakaya Leone of Earth Empress the Beauty Cleanse, (Earth Empress is about to start the regular raw cleanse so make sure to find her) Kiu Imandel's Juice feast, Gabriel and Thomas C Chavez's Body Electronics and The Compass Way programs. Angela Stokes-Monarch's Raw Emotions book and her blog Raw Reform ...

I mention these people ALL my support system but am also extremely happy and pleased to be accepted into a coaching relationship with this dynamic, authentic, powerful, smart, electric, gorgeous, fit and healthy person as well ...

And, I'm BIASED even further now because I am being coached by *drum rolls drum rolls drum rolls*

Lori Painter of 

Fun, yes, clearing clutter does open space to create and bring in something more authentic, in line with your dreams!!  This stainless counter, previously filled with clutter, is now freshly wiped and has a small tray of fruit and daily staples.

If you watched the before video (link at top of post) you can see I have done my dishes and added IKEA chef -style racks. I love them! As I peel away 80% of my belongings (Lori inspired) and ADD better shelving and functionality in each room, life gets real FUN plus I have ROOM to create and be happy! :-)

I was helping my daughter with math homework a few nights and it actually allowed me the company I sometimes need to complete a project. All planets aligned and I got these stainless steel racks up. Nice.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Before" Video of My Space & Notes Fm A Foxhole

Notes From A Foxhole Part 2

black coffee
kale salad
coconut sap (moderate amount) with lucuma and allspice

I am grateful for getting a ton of trash, recycling and goodwill loads out yesterday and today.
I am grateful for the surprise that my daughter is flunking math and that I have been helping her the past two days with math. I have missed feeling needed on this planet.
I am grateful she started learning with my  help about fractions and that later she told me I rock.
I am grateful for holding her while she cried in frustration where she got stuck.

God/Goddess I did well today on several counts and I appreciate that I may not be a hopeless basket case after all. I know I know. I just actually really cannot see it sometimes. That's just honest. I'm not trying to affirm it, I just got sooooooo sooooo low. Talking to my first husband from years ago on the phone. I wish there was a miracle that could heal him after how he has abused his body so much for so long that he now has COPD ... and his other previous wife told me she is afraid he won't last through the winter. Please dear god help him heal. I thank you for the grace that I myself did not abuse my body that badly for that long but it still doesn't take away the bitter stinging tears of wanting him to live. I thank you for the dream where he vividly came to me the night before and for the bumblebee and the lady bug in the house just then. I thank you for my friends. And ask for the bumps in the road I sense intuitively with JK in SF be merely that. I have a difficult time following his suggestions for me as they seem so remote and nonsensical. Yet, I also see the truth in them: Yes, I do need intimate touch regularly. But I don't see myself doing that casually--yuck! So, commitment and communication ... then that means finding the right person locally ... after Mr Markgraf and how he completely took care of me and supported me body mind spirit as well as cared deeply and contributed to education and my professional development as well as my creative endeavors and community building efforts--after THAT person I'm not at all atracted to just giving myself over to someone who has NO immediate supportive gestures my way. Thank you for the ones who do and who stay in touch. Why Goddess are they all long distance? Portland is indeed among the most progressive of places and yet the community is still quite small ...

God grant me the serenity. If I can hear what the angels are saying, if I can hear what you are saying to me. If I can disconnect and be still long enough (from chatter online, from chatter of my  mind) to listen and that you won't abandon me and give up on how long it takes me to accomplish the simplest of tasks, Master, Lord, I ask for time. Time with Richard before he dies. TIme and oxygen for his lungs. Please.

I only try to do what's healthy for me and how that serves the world. And now I  know that I need time alone... yet if I go crazy of loneliness I also get nothing accomplished. Thank you I had my greens. Thank you I didn't overspend today. Thank you I have cleared all food out of the house and that I have accepted I have a disease and I cannot keep it in the house.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Spooky Treat and 1st Reiki Attunement / Raw Vegan Potluck Invitation

Berry Scary Maca-Choca Fudge Bars

With Eye of Newt ...

(Well, Eye Food POW-der from eclectic INSTITUTE)
Berry Scary bottom layer:
  • 1/2 mill Goji Raw Trail Mix (Goji, Pepita, Nuts)
  • 2-3 T Eye Food POW-der (eclectic INSTITUTE) fresh freeze dried
  • 2T Coconut oil
  • Lots of agave nectar
  • pinch sea salt or pink salt
  • 5 drops choc raspberry stevia (Sweetleaf)
  • 3-4 T maca pwdr


Filling 1:
  • cacao bliss
  • coconut oil
  • agave

Filling 2:

Grind your own hempseeds (needs to be a little sticky so use agave or coconut oil.)


  • coconut oil
  • agave
  • cacao pwdr
  • maca pwdr
  • sea salt
  • vanilla extract

How to:

Grind the Goji Berry Trail Mix up in a vitamix, dry bowl or a coffee grinder until loosely ground with some granules left ...
Stir with the Eye Food POW-der, coconut oil, agave and sea salt, stevia drops.

Press onto a plate.

For filling #1 In a double boiler slightly warm the Cacao Bliss (brand name) and coconut oil stirring in agave. While still thick, spread on the Berry Scary layer and put in the freezer to harden.

Filling #2 Press freshly ground hempseeds on top of the bottom layer. Use something sticky to hold hemp together.

Topping: In double boiler melt coconut oil until liquid. Stir in agave nectar, cacao pwdr, maca pwdr, sea salt and vanilla ... Dissolve by whisking all together.

Pour the topping over the firmed up bottom layers and freeze all. It will drip off the sides of your shaped slab, that's okay! :-)

After firming, slice into small squares and arrange on a pretty platter.

My picture here, shows some of the chunks of coconut oil in the Berry Scary layer never stirred in but that's okay too, usually. Very rich.

Hey, this is work safe and quite popular!!

Happy Halloween !!!

Listening, receptive hands and the magnetic positve-negative charge with the hands. Now I will have the "Ray" and direct Love flow OUT of the hands. It's all about intention!!! :-)
Reiki First Attunement With Gabrielle Chavez December 10

I have done energy work for a long time. I use my hands in two basic ways. The Polarity Therapy intention where right hand is outgoing or positive charge (like a magnet) and the left hand is receptive or negative charge. This is to stimulate the client's magnetic energy field flow, not to invade it just a little push!

The second way has been a listening with the hands for craniosacral. The hands also receive the client's "story" and the release of stress or shock and trauma just drips off down the practitioner's elbows, as the nervous system downshifts... the hands are both in receptive mode but actually let the client's discharge (like a static charge, invisible but thick and sharp at times) flow off and down into the earth for recycling.

As I was explaining this to a fellow energy worker, my hands were on her ankles and each time I described an intention she said she could totally feel the whole shift in her body!

The third way I described to her--and the one I am now ready to learn--is Reiki! I had always actually avoided receiving an attunement because of the intention of the magnetic / positive-negative stimulation I'd been using for so long. I thought they would conflict. I also felt uncomfortable "putting" anything "into" my client's energy field and just accepted that was not my path.

What changed?

Reading the Anastasia books, something really clicked I knew that just as I could switch back and forth from magnet to listening, I could just as easily move my intention, when appropriate, to "RAY" mode.

I felt that it actually IS very important that I DO receive the attunements at this time in history. I feel it is part of a definite shift in planetary consciousness. Raising and awakening.

Sooo as I observed the healing work Gabrielle Chavez does and I realized she does attunements, I asked her the other night if she would give me the attunement and we set up the organizational structure.

There will be at least five people. Everyone is invited. You don't have to be part of the raw vegan community to sign up for this. It will be in the cob kiva on the beautiful property in Oregon City ... we will have a raw vegan potluck for lunch afterward and the cost is $35.

This will be the First Level Reiki and we will, after practicing for the recommended amount of months, organize a Mastery workshop and second level attunement.

Comment here or at the Meetup site to RSVP. Space is limited.

When December 10, Saturday
10 am to 12 pm

Bring a plant-based uncooked dish or prepared produce. If you have questions comment here or at the Meetup site, linked above. Thank you.

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