Friday, October 28, 2011

Pear-Chia-Vega Spells Delight

Pear Chia Vega Delight

2 c coconut water
2 T chia seeds (soaked for at least 10 min in coconut water first)
1 frozen banana
1 lusciously ripe pear
1 scoop Vega Sport natural plant-based performance protein, vanilla
1 rounded T hempseed
1 T coconut oil
5 drops vanilla stevia drops (Sweetleaf is great)
a few drizzles of agave (optional)
a tiny pincy of sea salt (optional)
a few drops of vanilla extract or bean scrapings if you have it. (optional)

Blend until creamy. This is almost magical.

I've been feeling really energized lately when using the Vega products. Now, unfortunately I don't believe they are 100% raw--and I'm probably going to go with Healthforce and Sun Warrior next time I buy. But I didn't realize they weren't raw when I bought them on sale. Delicious and great for transition.
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