Friday, October 28, 2011

Pear-Chia-Vega Spells Delight

Pear Chia Vega Delight

2 c coconut water
2 T chia seeds (soaked for at least 10 min in coconut water first)
1 frozen banana
1 lusciously ripe pear
1 scoop Vega Sport natural plant-based performance protein, vanilla
1 rounded T hempseed
1 T coconut oil
5 drops vanilla stevia drops (Sweetleaf is great)
a few drizzles of agave (optional)
a tiny pincy of sea salt (optional)
a few drops of vanilla extract or bean scrapings if you have it. (optional)

Blend until creamy. This is almost magical.

I've been feeling really energized lately when using the Vega products. Now, unfortunately I don't believe they are 100% raw--and I'm probably going to go with Healthforce and Sun Warrior next time I buy. But I didn't realize they weren't raw when I bought them on sale. Delicious and great for transition.
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Raw Gossip & Gush / "Girl With A View" Daily Digest


Ahh much better. 
I can't believe how much better I am feeling and I THINK it's the Vega vegan protein drink thingies .. and a little more sleep a little more exercise (just a little mind you) and also my body always thanks me when I eat light, even if I eat a big bowl of it. :-) Might be the massages I've been getting, also. 

(And the B12 which my Coach Dave the Raw Trucker emphatically suggested when I had nooooo energy etc etc).

My sister extraordinaire, Kim Cummins, the ever and still "inspiring2act," Lori Painter of and me. Okay, would you believe that Kimmie works around the block from Lori? Yes. Okay so listen, Lori is leading an Emotional Fitness Challenge right now. November will be an Intuitive Challenge to DO NOW all those quirky but great things your own inner voice keeps getting drowned out trying to tell you. Time to listen. 
Her family thought she was absolutely nuts. Lori told us about that time in her life when she was initially tuned majorly into Intuition. The voices in her head had her lighten up her household clutter by about 80%, she lightened up her body clutter to the total cutest (see super cute bikini pic here) and even avoided freeway collisions by listening and not procrastinating to her Intuition. It's a literal voice which caused her to write books at 3am ... Both my sister and I immediately knew we have our voice also and could recall, unfortunately, ignoring it in recent past. My (this) blog will follow Lore's intuitive challenge--watch her get her own intuitive groove on--as well as December's Give It All Away Challenge ... this is when you (and I) get the zen house we always wanted but were too chicken to toss the junk out.

You've got to be teachable. Ask me, I'd have told you I don't need Dara Dubinet's Liquids Only DVD because I'd argue I know it all. Wrong! I LOVED her simple soup recipe using basically carrots, water, coconut oil and a top secret ingredient that I had never laid eyes on in my life!!! Incidentally, I made this in a low-powered blender so it never really got creamy as we all know a Vitamix will do. Yet, it was still deemed delicious and disappeared by the anonymous tastees onhand.
The charismatic Dave the Raw Food Trucker who released over 200 pounds while driving truck, myself and the handsome AND talented Chef Francisco at I think they make the best bruschetta. I think the delicious Ecopolitan needs to lay off the balsamic and some of the onions ... If I recall I really liked the wheatgrass, the kale chips, the raw pizza, the different breads were unique and impeccable.
 ""...I am willing to do that even if I never meet someone again who begins to match what I had, then I will write forever memoir after memoir and poem after poem about Mr M. I will write songs to him and create collages and drawings in honor of the love we had. That's okay. I am willing. And that willingness is what is setting me free to LIVE again. It's setting me free to be happy. It's setting me free to be a good mom...."
Dan the LifeRegenerator was such a high vibration that all the children used him as a human jungle gym during our dance party at the Third International Juice Feast Day. He also spun around on the floor in quite an impressive show of coordination and litheness. (See this in the video at bottom of  this page.) It was my very first time to meet him and he is just as real as his videos portray. That IS the real him. His daughters were absolutely clear lights shining on this planet. I am now a shameless fan. Shown here: the studio which has a stellar hot reputation for parties--Urban Lights--which Bill Barlow rented for our impromptu greeeeeeen juice extravaganza which was open to the public and catered by Thrive ... also Chef Cher Til made me very happy when she made sunflower seed "refried beans" yes!!!
The Raw Brahs lit up the entire energy of the greeeen party, the documentary, the dancing AND the Third International Juice Feast Day in Seattle, September 2011: l to r: Daniel "Danimal" Eisenman, Nathanael Eisenman, me and Timothy Eisenman

Lucky me--Yay!--with Penni Shelton of I was an original guinea piglet at the Mansion and am in her book Raw Cleanse ... today her online community boasts over 7,000 members. She told me and Bill Barlow at Dinner at Chaco Canyon that "Cindy has been under the radar too long. It's her time to shine." Penni ate like a bird. But she ordered one of each for everyone to share at the table. She seemed to inspire guys with flexing biceps wherever we went. :-)
Bill Barlow knows how to think on his feet and throw a HOT PARTY!! (And don't miss his next one!) Yes, after the documentary shoot for Dave the Raw Trucker's International Juice Feast Day in Seattle, Barlow merely rented the entire Urban Light Studio for a greeen juice fest which was broadcasted by invites to the entire population of Seattle and surrounding areas: (Aw shucks you have to see me in this vid massaging the Raw Brah's fine bods towards the end...) Such a partyin' gentleman!!! His life celebration is in Los Angeles next month, no expense spared... You will have to search for The Rawprincess on Facebook to see the pics of me on his lap. He was an innocent bysitter but didn't put up much of a fight.
Ms Painter ordered the avocado salad on mixed mesclun greens. I had the side salad as Au Lac was my  next destination. Lori carries the book Power Vs Force in her bag--which has the words "United Nations Advisory Board" on the side (or something like that.) The bag was a gift to her by some famous person. Lori also travels light with her iPad and a portable keyboard. She's all about Lightening It Up. She wore adorable blue jeans and a tank top with just a touch of make up. My sister, Kim wore a Hawaiin print fitted dress and ordered the fruit salad with yogurt. Lori and I agreed there was no judgment on Kim's choices.

I made a cacao hempseed mylk in the blender out of what I can find onhand, you know me. In this case that means coconut oil was involved.

From my confidential email newsletter.

Ahh much better.
I can't believe how much better I am feeling and I THINK it's the Vega vegan protein drink thingies .. and a little more sleep a little more exercise (just a little mind you) and also my body always thanks me when I eat light, even if I eat a big bowl of it. :-)
Might be the massages I've been getting, also.

qt water
smoothie: pear, bananas, Vega matcha, chia gel .
kale, mixed greens salad w/ red bell pepper, carrot and avocado ... grapes/oranges.
plan: chocolate Vega more grapes, green tea
Later: who knows, the sky is the limit.

Editors Note : 11:30pm Ended up working OUT FINALLY A FOR REAL WORKOUT HONESTLY!!! The rest have been so wimpy for sooo long! I am so excited. I did it! I have depended sooo much on Mr M and now I finally have got a taste of being close to myself. I realized during the Sacred Feminine Intensive Live Chat tonight that I can stay very close in the present moment to myself and what I'm feeling... also your posts today (I had started this post in the morning and kept adding to it all day long until now it's late at night.) your posts about having anxiety but that eating doesn't help it. ... And I realized that staying very close to my somatic resourcing--it's as simple as noticing the sensation of the edges of my skin and how the weight of my gravity feels, and how the sensation of my clothing feels touching my skin ... and then loving that sensation and loving the robotic habit of reaching for something to eat instead of reaching to participate in my life.

I ended up having a few bites of the cacao bliss in a jar. I had some coconut water and a tsp of goji trail mix before my workout. I ran 1.6 miles in 20 minutes, I lifted weights for 15 minutes ... dead lifts  and lunges with 20lbs in each hand, then arms ... I feel great. I spent a bunch of money. I really got what I wanted because I had the cash and decided I need to make some money somehow for the attic now. It's a little complicated. I decided to blog publicly on my spending while I'm also blogging on the fitness challenge.

I am grateful for the recovery here ...
I am grateful for my progress!!
I am grateful for agreeing to meet D.A. for coffee soon. He has been inquiring about me to Mr A since five months ago and we said no. But now I'm realizing that the distance with Mr A is quite a lot and I really genuinely was excited about D.A.
I am grateful LE was a little more confiding in me in his last message.
I am grateful that his slow responses alert me to his attitude--which is not eager enough for my liking.
I am grateful I got another massage today and I think I'm feeling better.
I am grateful for the new moon in Scorpio.
I am grateful for the live chats on the Sacred Feminine Intensive 101 ... and the closeness today with the girls.
I am grateful I think I will actually stop by the gym tonight after work.
I am grateful I'm bringing my manager brekky tomorrow.
I'm grateful for my WORKOUT!! Yipeeee. I'm grateful for a couple of young athletic guys who want to run and workout with me, that's very cool.
I'm grateful that their attention really gets me motivated and I feel I must keep my word when I say I'm really working out today.
I'm grateful that I'm going to be serving at a High Protocol Dinner the Saturday after this.
I'm grateful for Tera Warner's Body Enlightenment summit which is Soooo Cool for girls like us. She so gets it!!! I love her summit but I haven't joined it, not sure I'm going to be able to choose that, due to time commitment and due to finance choices.

God/dess today you have reached through to me and given me myself back. I feel myself loving myself and being willing to pay attention and be here with me. I felt myself being ever so sensitive as I am. I felt myself cry hard because I didn't know what to do about never having been loved as intensely and as deeply and as closely and as dramatically as Mr M loved me. But I told myself I have to let go of my selfish grief now. I don't want anyone to misunderstand this. This is healthy for me. I don't want anyone to say, "Oh but Cindy you need to grieve yadda yadda..." because I HAVE BEEN grieving and it has become wallowing. I actually realized that I HAVE TO BE WILLING to be of service on this planet REGARDLESS of whether I EVER find a Love as intense and as beautiful as what Mr M and I shared. I AM WILLING NOW, right NOW to be there for my kids and my mom and my sisters and my nephew and my clients and Mr A. and I am WILLING to listen to my INTUITIVE voice and DO what it says.

I am grateful for the glimpse that being willing to simply BE with things just the way they are and to simply LET GO of the pain I'm holding because I'm So Afraid of letting all the way go of Mr M. But it's TIME to let go of Mr M. He deserves to be happy and to get on with his life. It is TIME for ME to let go of Mr M because I have left him and all I'm holding so tightly to is my own pain which is  NOT going to love me, is only holding me back.

I can see a vision of myself loving myself. I can see a vision of myself taking care of myself I can see a vision of myself being content like a cat by the window in the sunlight, and I can see a vision of myself paying attention to myself and thereby being present for those I am in service to. I can see LOVE bigtime in that.

And I am willing to do that even if I never meet someone again who begins to match what I had, then I will write forever memoir after memoir and poem after poem about Mr M. I will write songs to him and create collages and drawings in honor of the love we had. That's okay. I am willing. And that willingness is what is setting me free to LIVE again. It's setting me free to be happy. It's setting me free to be a good mom.

That willingness is setting me free to face this moment without my mouth full of food.

Dave the Raw Food Trucker saved his life by releasing food addiction, following two students advice and juicing for almost a year, losing 200lbs and reversing fourth stage colon cancer, diabetes, his kidneys were leaking proteins and failing ... You can read his juicing secrets in his e-pamphlet coming soon!

Below: I'm dancing it up to Tom Jones at the greeen juice party and video for NEXT YEAR'S JUICE FEAST DAY below!!! Hey Colonics Party too!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Notes From a Foxhole: Raw Schemes & Prayers

Anaïs Nin: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”
2 T chia soaked in homemade hempseed mylk (Blend 2 palmfuls hempseed in water, sweeten to taste, blend well.) Top with chopped apple and cinnamon or raw trail mix. A hydrating harmless dish, for those of us who tend to overeat. ;-) Notice I kept the big guns out: coconut oil and the like.
 God/Goddess PLEASE help me through the tangle of inexperience and ineptness through to functionality, creation and sharing.

Oh God! Laughs. Is is morning? Yes, it's morning. Is it noon? Yes, it's  noon. Am I in my robe? Yes, I'm in my robe. Is that professional? No, that's not professional.

Is a blog meant to be a counselor, a coach, a kick in the butt to start your day? Well, if you're Cindy it could be. Anything can happen. Well, let's see that is, if I'm fully alive, anything can happen.

Am I fully alive?

Not yet but maybe by the end of this post I will be.

What am I going to do with myself? Work out!

A Little Raw Trouble: Warmed coconut sap over Laughing Giraffe Snakeroons & Dark Chocolate: Estimated Time Unknown

The sunlight is reaching into me in my indoor world. Yesterday I did my run to Sacajawea and I've done a run almost every morning. This morning, so far, I've hit a snag. It's still debatable.

I am grateful for realizing my body is frozen in immobility and any tiny movements result in my insatiable appetite being roused to life like a roaring lion--which I cannot face therefore lying perfectly still and not moving might save me.

Here is the email post "cindy foxhole tuesday"

So far today:
root beer
black coffee
chia seeds soaked in homemade hemp mylk w chopped apple
plan: head over to the co-op get some kale chips etc

I can't even remember except last night salad bar and raw bar and hempseed latte late at night.

Despair, angst, grief cupboard is bare and I want FOOD!

I am grateful for a short entry today.
I am grateful for realizing my body is frozen in immobility and any tiny movements result in my insatiable appetite being roused to life like a roaring lion--which I cannot face therefore lying perfectly still and not moving might save me.
I am grateful that being frozen, immobilized by the attempt to repress my own energy and to try and be invisible and not take up space is becoming SO painful that to move and to bloom would be easier.

GodGoddess PLEASE help me through the tangle of inexperience and ineptness through to functionality, creation and sharing. ALSO help me acknowledge all I already accomplished this a.m. plus love my body for how it responds even to the freezing immobility. I thank you for Mr A and his use of me. If it be your will may he be here. Thy will not mine. I open and ask for personal contact, I ask for appropriate letting in of someone into my life whom I can touch, feel and see, in person.

I envision a boot camp which is forming. I envision a 30-day fitness challenge which will be video blogged by me. I envision the new moon colon cleanse and gallbladder flush as a series with curriculum and group chats and vblogging. I envision my rite-of-pasage 92-day juice feast v-logged and blogged and an ebook created out of the experience. Thy will not mine be done. All these visions require immense skill and growth and communication/organizatioin on my part which feels completely over my head at the moment yet it keeps manifesting a little more each day. People places things, all in HPs reach.

I was juicing a few days ago ...

I'm coaching some girls starting out with green smoothies ...
Join me in a 30-day Work-Out Challenge? Starts Oct 22, 2011
I am grateful that being frozen, immobilized by the attempt to repress my own energy and to try and be invisible and not take up space is becoming SO painful that to move and to bloom would be easier.
A Necessary Object: Watermelon Juice (with rind, yum!)
I envision a boot camp which is forming. I envision a 30-day fitness challenge which will be video blogged by me. I envision the new moon colon cleanse and gallbladder flush as a series with curriculum and group chats and vblogging.

Friday, October 14, 2011

They Are Making Up For Andy @BlossomingLotus Tonight #pdx #rawfood

Zeke Ganschow photo
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"Balsamic and Sage Live Roasted Trumpet Mushrooms & Bell Peppers in a Delicata Squash Cashew Cream Alfredo Sauce tossed with cherry tomatoes, zucchini pasta, wild arugula and fresh herbs."

This dish delivers and just barely overdoes the balsamic (not nearly as much as Ecopolitan overdoes their balsamic though.)

Delicate zucchini noodles are like angel hair...the herbs contained ample basil...the creamy sauce was indeed creamy.

Some of you recall Chef Andy's fateful experience in which he vowed never again to frequent the Lotus due to a snobby waiter's brush off ...

My tastebuds couldn't keep me away, allegiance divide or no, and by the time I had the pecan-vanilla-cacao cheezecake all was forgiven.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let's Get Personal, On Being A Princess, Help Me Fix the Attic ...

Dear Reader,

I sense Rawprincess Studio blog going through a metamorphosis. It has been an easy blog for the past few years. I had previously been doing longer and more involved posts for my Listening For Change site. After some big family changes, I decided to pull back on my time commitment and just photo blog on my raw foods routine.  Occasionally I'd do posts.

Meanwhile I've been on a women's email group with a format which propels my creativity!

You post your food plan for the day (or what you already ate.)
A gratitude list
A prayer
A thought for the day.

Things became rather interesting on this email and I ended up broadening my email group to others who message me saying they love it!

As a result, I'm finding it's time to share differently with the people I have in my life. It is time to move my daily gratitude list and prayers to Universe to my Rawprincess Studio blog.

It gets more personal sometimes. It gets a bit raw and real. *laughs* (That is, depending how brave I find myself that day. ~smiles~)

Nonetheless, here in blogsphere we realize you gotta do your thing and put it out there.

What gave me a clue? The following sentence was written in my draftbox a few days ago and has been left, neglected and hanging. It is what made me realize that the things I REALLY want to talk about, I've "stuffed" so NO MORE!

Absolutely all I want to discuss is how good apple, celery, ginger and lemon juice is. Especially with the vibrant green celery.
Apple, celery, lemon, ginger, garlic: Day 10 Juicing
That "absolutely-all-I-want-to-talk-about" sentence alerted me that there may be something amiss in my perception of what I'm supposed to be writing about! Yes, it's time to move forward. This blog is now integrating!

Here goes. I'm in Portland, Oregon, now and moved back here in February. I decided not to marry my Fiance. We were living in Minneapolis / St Paul. I had been with him for almost five years. This was a big step and I'm still getting used to it. If you can call getting used to loneliness a "habit".

But, what I'm getting at is the picture below of myself and my daughter is what it's all about. I just couldn't live long distance from them any longer knowing there is still over five more years for her to get through high school and just seeing her in the summer and holidays was not enough.

Now for the rude shock.

Since I've been back to Portland I hardly ever see my kids! Yes, and they live here! One of the reasons at first was I was working all the time and didn't have a car. Now I have a car but I'm still working all the time. I can afford to take SOME time off so now we come to the next creative challenge. I don't have much space!

Yes, BUT I am very excited about the potential at the place I live. It has an unfinished attic.

A client has graciously agreed to safety the flooring and finish some drywall installation. That should be happening over the next few weeks. That's step one.

I want to create a place where my two youngest kids can enjoy bringing friends over and hanging out.

I will keep my dehydrator running with cheezy kale chips and macadamia macaroons and chocolate chip Andy-doodles at all times so they will have delicious snacks of the raw vegan variety. I will create avocado chunks with Namu Shoyu (Zeke's favorite) and carrot juice.

And then of course, I WILL let them run down to the Goose Hollow promenade for a meal of their choice as well.

To Help: My just released ebook "Rawprincess Rituals and Rants" is a great read, packed with info on colon cleansing, the liver flush, believing in your body's natural healing process and my spiritual and creative musings. Your purchase will also help me fund my attic refurbishments.

S. and me at my Mom's this summer.
So, this post is the beginning of sharing in a more detailed, relaxed way on my Rawprincess Studio happenings. I live a raw vegan lifestyle. Today I am on day 12 of a juice protocol. It's almost considered a "feast" but I need to up my juice intake. It's been hovering around 2-3 quarts which hasn't been very energizing. I need to up it to at least four quarts. I hope to do that today. Or at least get set up for tomorrow to be so. I have a trip to the store I need to do.

My beautiful daughter Sophia, shown above, has designed the Rawprincess Studio and the Skylight Massage logos. I thank her for that. (shown below.)

Next you will see the entrance to Rawprincess Studio. My cool gnome always watches out for me on the porch. Here he has wandered to the sidewalk to see what all the fuss is about.

Entrance to Rawprincess Studio and Skylight Massage, Portland, OR
Rawprincess Studio is a place of my heart. I always thought I could never be a princess until recently I realized of course I can! So now I am a princess and it truly is a lot of fun! I realized we are goddesses and princesses and that's just the way it is. We ARE the sacred feminine. I'm in an online class right now with a spiritual evocateur and dear friend Namaste Moore. (Link is to her academy main site.) As usual I thought I'd heard it all and wasn't expecting much inspiration. Ha ha. Was I ever wrong.

You know how someone can just phrase something a certain way and it just goes bang! and opens up a dormant seed inside your heart? Well, something about the way she kept saying "You ARE the sacred feminine!!!" really got to me and it has delightfully touched me with the soothing fingers of the spirit for days now.

My self-care last night would not had happened if I had listened to the lonely recording in my head. "You're sad you need to go DO something!" Well, I actually was tired and I asked myself what would I do for me if I were completely in love with me in a good way and if I were completely going to just listen to my inner self and be present for myself. I ended up stopping at the drug store for a hot water bottle (for my hot abdominal castor oil packs see my ebook here.)

And I also got some epsom salts.

I don't usually get sore arms due to my high alkaline greeeens diet and regular exercise, but I DID get sore arms after lifting weights which I wasn't built up to yet. I guess grasping the free weight was what caused a bit of a sprain. At least that's what I think happened. It also could be I need more calories in general so I'm working on exploring that. I hope my chlorella tablets arrive today. It's been hard to be out of them for a week almost.

Anyways, I got the epsom for the soak and the hot water bottle (my other one popped, geez! who likes wet feet in the night? :-)) and went home.

Sure enough I was able to soak and then go to bed with my hot pack. I slept in this morning. I'm still puttering in my robe and need to shampoo my hair. I'm actually beginning to feel a little behind since I have--well, what do I mean a LITTLE behind or what do I mean ACTUALLY behind--yes I have a LOT to do.

But I find, also, that if I don't just take time to be human, to be the feminine, the princess, the girl and to play in my creativity, and to reach out for no particular reason, that the REST of my day feels like drudgery! The last thing I can bare is that drudgery. :-)

So I played my guitar. I'm continuing to practice a song that downloaded from the ethers. It's called "I Can Feel You Now" and soon to be shared on YouTube. That's on my to-do list, get a flipcam tripod/ stand so I can record myself singing and also share tips and recipes easily.

You'd think. I've had the flipcam since last Oct and it really is a must to have the stand for it.

Below please find the logo daughter did for Rawprincess Studio.
Sophie Ganschow 2009

I have some things about me that are a little unusual. I should have a sort of reference post describing my life structure but I don't. It will just be found randomly amongst my daily entries. I have a Protector. A friend who looks out for me since I've become single. If someone wishes to date me or spend time with me who has romantic intentions they need to contact Mr A.

Well, I happened to have had a very talented photographer contact Mr A and wanted to shoot me. Plus he expressed interest in me personally. I loved his images a LOT. And I also liked HIM. But when Mr A replied and asked for references, he backed out. And sent me a message containing some sentiments that a third party would mess things up. As you might imagine I felt devastated and had a big cry.

But Mr A had his theory about this and I saw the messages between the two of them. I don't think someone who had been serious about me would have been spooked off by that. Soon after the cry I was able to feel the support of the Universe / Mother and Father God. I knew that my best interest was at hand and that all would work out the way it's supposed to.

Yes, I would love to have gotten to know LE. Yes, I would have loved to have some exquisite photographs of me by LE. But alas, that is not to be. This or something better.

Have a very sweet day. Please gently add more plants to this day and take a moment to smile. It creates a hum, a singing in the silent ethers that we all get to suckle upon.


Skylight Massage at Rawprincess Studio, Portland, OR

apple celery parsley lemon ginger juice w/ garlic (qt)
bell pepper tomato parsley celery juice
bee pollen, spirulina / chlorella
looking for some fruit for a quantity of fresh fruit juice

I am grateful that I am feeling my feelings.
I am grateful LE requested a photo shoot fm my Protector
I am grateful LE is decades of modeling / pro and wanted me
I am grateful my Protector screened him
I am grateful even though it hurts that LE then declined due, apparantly, to the third party complication
I am grateful I allowed the softness of the tears of disappointment to fall heavily and sweetly in my studio
I am grateful I texted Protector who has a theory on this ...
I am grateful I pause to let settle, without sending message to LE which states "I am sad you withdrew your offer .."
I am grateful that every superstar opportunity is not urgent.
I am grateful the Universe has better plans
I am grateful for my body and that I AM the sacred feminine
I am grateful for my home and resting within
I am grateful for my clients and the helpers' magic in the treatment room
I am grateful for the simple wisdom and training to tap / sit into Source which flows to client's health & well-being
I am grateful for magic which is alive and afoot
I am grateful for wanting fruit
I am grateful I ran the past two day in the morning
I am grateful my daughter texted and wanted to spend time with me

I ask Great Spirit for flow, to get out of the way for my childrens' space her to be created. I ask for the helpers and guides to assist my inexperience in upgrading to the next levels for music, home coaching, ebook production and marketing, sponsorships sought for Best of Raw 2011. Paying off debts and seeing my family. Turning P's possible move here over to Great Spirit. I trust I like his smell. God/Goddess the person, as they hug me, their smell. It is primary. Guide us to the meeting. Bliss to JK in SF and his new job. Helpfulness to Mr M whom I know I will freak out if he doesn't remember my birthday. I thank for the sales of my ebook this month, how joyous. I thank for the job offers I ask for space and time. I ask for friends and hugs and chill. Iask for listening exchange and deep healing. I ask for strength and resource. I ask for rejuvenation and eyesight restoration. I ask for occupy to succeeeeeeeed. Amen Blessed be. thank you for namaste and M.O. ... if it be your will may I find flow in organizing for their workshop.

I thank you I woke up sober today. And that I am willing to rest and feel my feelings today not stuff down with foods and eating. It feels suffocating at times. I haven't even gotten to the vibrational sense of it yet. Day 12 Juicing and the difference between this and many other times I've done this is I've had absolutely  no fats at all. Usually I take a few spoons of hemp oil or coconut oil. I plan to add this soon, but wanted the internal complete rest from oils ...I am grateful for the ten day coaching with Q and his group. I thank you that both Dave the trucker and Andy are available if I want a coach for furthering this.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Access 50% Off The Rawprincess Ebook PLUS Tangy Juicy Verde

Sacred Space at Rawprincess Studio in Portland, Oregon, often includes a large greeen juice.
Hi Loves!

I am on the pinkest of pink clouds.  Who wouldn't be. I'm being coached by the fabulous Q-Mars Imandel of I'm on day four of what began as an animalistic water fast--hiding in my cave, sleeping fiercely--and blossomed into a five-pound weight release and group BLISScipline with Q's Juice Feast team.


I'm going to extend my blisscipline into a lengthy spirit-fest with Dave the Raw Food Trucker at the Coach Helm. Ahhhhh. Yes, you're right, Dave is the one who took his juicer on the road truckdriving full time. He overcame morbid obesity, diabetes, colon cancer, arthritis, acid reflux and reversed them all. Two-hundred-sixty pounds lighter he now has a light he shares nonstop!

As if that weren't enough to puff my pink cloud ever higher, it's my birthday month and I'm launching my own spicy, fun-filled, DIY home spa-and-resort, over the top how-to, goddess/diva recover-from-the-blues ...

*drum rolls*
A Self-Care Guide to Beauty and Grace!

Authoress Extraordinaire (and pink cloud resident) of Rawprincess Rituals and Rants :-)

The publishers at have graciously agreed to put the Rawprincess Ebook at a whopping 50% off for my birthday ... So please help it reach the bestseller proportions.

While I was WRITING! the Rawprincess Ebooooook ... Look for my upcoming post on what I did this summer. It's REALLY going to be fun. :-)

This greeeen juice recipe is amaaaaaazing-amente.

Day Five Today for Me ... Most of my day's juice

Tangy Juicy Verde

1/2 tub ripest cherry toms
1/2 red bell pepper
1/2 bunch parsley
1/2 head celery
1 1/2 cucumbers
2" ginger root (or to taste)
2-3 cloves garlic (optional, fun once in a while)
1 lemon peeled

I put this through my Omega Vert, Yumalicious!

I'm gulping it. It's hard not to. But remember to "chew" your juice so it digests.

And REMEMBER to go and get your copy of the Rawprincess Ebook here! It's truly a page turner. You won't be able to put it down. My adventures as a teen raw foodist living on a commune and watching cancer reverse with juicing. My personal raw vegan lifestyle beauty and fitness protocols. How I find grace and creativity and release addictive tendencies on a daily basis. Before and after bikini pics and how I attained it. Best of the best resources and tips. YES. All my secrets friends. :)

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