Saturday, September 24, 2011

Merry's Miracle Tart: Meyer Lemon

In love with a tart?

So sad!

Unless it's Merry's Miracle Tart. Then of course, it's a happy ending.

Raw, vegan, gluten free ...

Here's what the label asks:

"Do you need to feed your inner King or Queen?

"Coconut oil is what makes Merry's Miracle tart taste so rich. Nature made coconut oil with medium-chain fatty acids that quickly burn as energy and contain ZERO cholesterol.

"Lemons also have a strong alkalinizing effect on the body.

"Enjoy Hail Merry (r) snacks and know that you are Feeding Your Body Royally."

Ingredients:organic raw blue agave, almond flour, organic coconut butter, cashews, fresh lemon juice, organic palm sugar, organic cold-pressed coconut oil, organic shredded coconut, lemon juice powder, fresh orange juice, sea salt and lemon zest.

Serving Size is 1/3 tart. (I won't say how many servings I packed away in blissful ignorance.)

Each serving has 7 grams of fat.

The happy ending though, is still that the tarts are digestible. Even if I have no self-control.

I got my tarts on sale at Food Front Co-op 2375 NW Thurman, Portland, OR, where they are $4.39 each. That was about 40 cents off. Comes also in Chocolate which is very very good!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I'm excited ... and Scared ... about the 3rd International Juice Feast Day

Do you notice how more and more friends, coworkers, relatives all have "health issues"?

It seems now almost everyone has some condition which is complicating their life. They are missing out on a normal life because of pain, upcoming surgeries, recovering from surgery. They are going back and forth to the doctors trying to find answers, being given this or that medication which often backfires or has weird side-affects. (Just watch a TV for a few minutes you'll see what I mean about side affects. The side affects sound worse than the original condition.)

Now, isn't it good that if you got poisoned, broke a bone or had an urgent infection you could take modern medicine and it would help you? Yes!

Now, isn't it bad that the other 98% of medical interventions are just plain moronic?

I won't mince words here. I'm sooooo glad that Dave the Raw Food Trucker took a juicer on the road while truck driving. Can you imagine the truck stop where everyone else is slamming down the burger and fries while ONE of the obese truck drivers has his generator and is actually JUICING at the truck stop???

He starts to peel off the weight.

Let's back up here.

He is over 400 pounds at the time and on over 25 medications.He has colon cancer and diabetes, a pre-existing heart condition.

Well, what do you think of that. Someone like that is just hopeless, aren't they?

Should be.

By all practical accounts, that person IS hopeless. No hope for a better life. Doomed. I mean, diabetes is INCURABLE. That's just for starters. Where the hell do you go from here?

I've already mentioned he took his juicer on the road. A professional truck driver at a truck stop with a generator juicing vegetables.

I really want you to picture this.

I really want you to picture YOUR life right now. All the "horrible" obstacles in your way of having the health and the joy that YOU want in your life. I want us all, myself included, to really grock this, (understand) it. Wrap our brains, but also our minds around what Dave the Raw Trucker has done.

Because it is something within reach.

What he did is possible for the rest of the hopeless lot of us. LOL.

The heaviness, the oppressiveness which pretty much sits on us because of the way things are set up right now, particularly in the United States but it's easy to see it's a global mindset, means that there IS a true heaviness. It is true that there is hopelessness and things are difficult. There IS a struggle to create the life you want and the world you want. It is NOT easy.

But the fact is it CAN be done.

And if you look at Dave now, do you see how much better his health is? Do you not think it was difficult to discontinue addictive massive eating habits? I hear he ate upwards of three POUNDS of beef a day and a huge five pound hunk of Tillamook cheese at least each week.

I know how I feel when MY treat foods are taken away. Somebody could get hurt.

How about you?

So, yes, Dave walked through all the feelings of angst which I'm sure accompanied the change over to just juices. I haven't asked him about this, but hope to interview him about it in the future.

I imagine it felt pretty darn crappy a lot of the time. Especially at first.

My point is that within the hopeless there is hope. I know I feel hopeless sometimes, and maybe you or a loved one does too.

But the reason I'm so excited about the Third International Juice Feast Day is because it tells it like it is! And in droves! There will be story after (hopeless) story of turning around MAJOR health issues with juicing and a raw vegan lifestyle.

Dave says that he has well over 15 people who he feels have more dramatic recovery stories than his own. And he weighed 430 pounds. He was suffering from colon cancer, diabetes, heart disease, failing kidneys not to mention how do you tie your own shoes at that weight?


If he had gone the traditional western medical route he would not be alive today. I can unabashedly proclaim that from the deepest recesses of my being.

He DECIDED with the help of two people who were students in his truck driving, to change course. The human spirit can be so dang frikkin' amazing. ~smiles~

And he did it.

He lost so much weight.

And this is NOT an infomercial. I'm here in my cheetah blankie having apple cider vinegar water listening to the trucks and cars roll by on Highway 26.

I'm suffering from aching bones and a pounding headache myself. I don't know how I'm paying my rent this month because I took time off work to be with my three kids and my mom. I went to the very important Raw & Living Spirit Retreat and was working on my first ebook ... I'm on day two of my own juicing and I may not continue it because of all the deep emotions it's bringing up for me.

I am writing in a sense from my very own foxhole. My own place of despair.

I am writing because even in my own brain fog, even in this sense of being a frog in a slowly warming pot of water, I KNOW I want to get out.

There may be radiation and nuclear fall-out all around us. There may be mercury bothering me from my teeth. There may be less oxygen on the planet as it decreases slowly from lack of trees. I don't know. Whatever it is STRESS is the common denominator.

And I know that within my own stress pit, I have to keep a sense of humor. I know that within my own stress pit I want to pole vault myself up and out of it. But why Cindy? Why do you want to do this, you might ask.


It's because of people.

It's because of Life on this beautiful blue star.

I've still got that spark. It might get a bit compromised at times.

But it's because of the Visionaries like Dave the Raw Trucker who turned his health around, turned his life around and now cares so much about others and getting the word out that he has formed a publishing company named just that, "Getting The Word Out Media" publishing.

It's because of the people I see who are trying and reaching out despite their own health challenges or weight challenges. They are sharing the truth about health.

I asked at the beginning of this onslaught (he he) if you notice more of your friends, family and / or coworkers are having health issues. And how tricky those issues seem to be? The medical system wants to diagnose each thing with some sort of different cause. They want it to seem like a person needs medications or surgeries and like their food choices have nothing to do with their health issues.

But I'm here to tell you they do.

And so is Dave and countless others.

A movement is building up so big and so powerful. It is like a green plant with the Disney Anastasia green faerie casting greenness in a dark dry land.

It is available to you and your friends and your family.

It may be too simple for you.

You may THRIVE on the doctor visits, being sick and putting your whole life on hold. Maybe you are ATTACHED to suffering???

If you're ready to step off the drama ride.

If you're ready to take responsibility for your own health.

If you're ready to DO something about being sick and tired and nearly dead ...

Then I'm telling you the opportunity is truly here!!!

There is absolutely NO reason to NOT get healthy. Yes, some may be lost and too far in the boiling pot of water to get out. But as long as there is breath in you, I believe there's a chance.

It could be depression. Same thing.

It could be "incurable" illness.  Same thing.

Guess what? BRAIN CHEMISTRY is not rocket science folks. It changes without medications. It changes with exercise, diet and good pro-social bonds.

We can't immediately stop the bombardment of outside pollution issues such as chem trails, radioactive fall-out, cell tower emanations etc etc but we CAN change what we put in our mouths and we CAN take steps to off-set and somewhat protect ourselves from outside pollution.

But what this Third Annual Juice Feast Day is about is how to clean out the body from the assaults made on it by what we have put in our mouths as  WELL as cleansing some of the toxins from the environment we've taken on over a lifetime.

And that's a MAJOR ticket to wellness.

It's a hand reaching out from the dark. Into the light. The light of your life.

Because you do have a light.

And you never know who might be really counting on YOU to show the way.

Yes, your success could end up helping many  many others. Not to mention the vastly improved quality of life you could create for yourself.


Are you in?

Go now, right now and register for the Third Annual International Juice Feast Day. And make sure you let others know about it. But no matter what anyone says, if they don't believe it can help them or not, make sure you remember what Dave looked like when HE started out.

Do you think his friends would have believed him if he told him who he would become? Do you think his fellow truck drivers at the truck stop stood in awe and asked to join him? I highly doubt that.

BUT today his name is fast becoming a household word.


Let me show you.

L to R: Annette, Cindy, Dave the Raw Trucker, River, Tresa

This is Dave earlier this year surrounded by Juice Feast enthusiasts. Do you think he has changed? Look at his vitality and glow!

That's really what it's all about. What can really be enjoyed in life if you feel like crap?

And then, once you're feeling better, life REALLY starts to get interesting.

If you're not connecting with what I'm saying, please, try asking yourself, "What would I be doing with my time if I needed several hours LESS sleep each night due to a lighter diet?"

Because it is highly reported that raw and living foods eaters end up with way more energy and need less sleep.

Ask yourself, "What would I be doing with my time if I had about twice the energy and waaaay better health than I do now?"

Are there children or grandchildren in your life that you want to be there for? I know sometimes it's hard--if you are depressed and have a health condition--to tell that people really do want and need you! It's sometimes hard to tell in the midst of all your pain that you are worth saving!

I want you to reach for a strand of faith in yourself and that there IS / ARE people on this planet who need you to rejuvenate and turn your life around.

No one is going to do it for you or me. We have to look for support out there but ultimately it's a big decision to dump out the refrigerator and cupboard of all the boxes, cans, and packaged foods. Just throwing it out and going to the produce section of your local farmer's market or grocer is a huge step.

And one of the very fastest ways to make a huge turn around in how you feel is to try the juice feast. You still receive 1500 calories a day and your nutrient density is waaaaay more potent than eating solid foods because juice is so concentrated.

Some do this for a few days all the way up to 92 days and up.

I want you to go right now to UStream TV and set up an account so you can be logged in and ready for Noon to 5pm to get very very inspired. Be prepared to be very very inspired.

For the whole scoop and the line up of amazing speakers, over here.

Oh! And in my follow up post THURSDAY NIGHT I will tell you the part about why I'm scared! :-)
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