Saturday, August 13, 2011

Open Letter to Kacper: Big Huge Hat Tip to Mr Matt Monarch

Okay so here's the deal. The webinar link will likely go away soon due to the sensitive nature of the information and deep and potent transformative action ... soooo once that happens follow the Monarch link I've inserted as post script. (I've also included Kacper link via his name below) Bliss~cindy

Thank you Kacper,

I'm so glad these webinars are happening and I appreciate so much your spirit of service to planetary healing and personal transformation.

I've been trying to explain to some of my most astute wellness friends about A.C. but due to time constraints and a general overall feebleness with ability to convey the information, I often failed in this regard.

Your webinars greatly illuminate the importance of A.C. and far-reaching implications.



P.S. - Huge Hat-Tip to Matt Monarch for his selfless service to humanity.

Editors Note: Here is the "story" incidentally gleaned from many newsletters coming in. Author unknown.

A man (we'll call him Mr. S to preserve
his privacy) , was walking along the Sea
shore some 40 years ago.

He noticed something peculiar.

There was a huge tree growing out of a
rock on the sea shore, where nothing else
would normally grow.

Out of a rock next to the ocean.  With 0
access to nutrients, minerals, and barely
any fresh water. 

Tree's need a lot of nutrients and they
don't grow in desert conditions very well,
especially surrounded by salt water... he wondered what on Earth was happening
to make this tree grow.

Logically... he assumed there must be something
up with this rock...

He spent the next few decades studying all
these "strange" rocks out of which plants
grew in the worst conditions.

What he found out was startling, and his
discovery is now starting to change the world.

He found earth's deepest cleansing secret,
which detoxifies and re-mineralizes water
and aids life on this planet like nothing else.

It's likely without this, our planet wouldn't
look the way it does.

It has the potential to turn cesspools into
"fountains of youth", reverse calcification,
and remove the deadliest poisons, like mercury
and fluoride, right out of your body.

Don't miss this, Kacper is taking it down soon:

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