Saturday, August 6, 2011

Looking For You In All This?: A Recipe For That

Yes, you are correct. This is your day to reclaim your rightful vigor. Greens in your bowl or blender or juicer.
If you're at all like me, I quickly feel the positive affects just moments after drinking a fresh green juice.
But when I consistently have at least two heads of greens perday (or more, of course) my energy and appearance really dramatically improve.
So, if you clicked looking for another recipe, I confess I'm gearing up to massively upgrade my recipe and blog posts here at Rawprincess Studio.
But if you're just looking for some inspiration, ease, and hope, then feast your eyes on a very simple green garden salad.
All I put on it was olive oil, lemon juice, It's Alive bulk seeds, nutritional yeast, sea salt and a bit of minced garlic and jalapeno.
Please do enjoy your plants at hand and toss in a bowl or blender or juicer. It all contributes to the very best YOU ever!
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