Friday, August 19, 2011

Here It Is ...

How would you like four days of heaven?

Feed your body and spirit at the 6th Annual Raw and Living Spirit Retreat August 25-28, in the beautiful woods of Camp Adams in Molalla, Oregon.

Experience a spiritually focused raw retreat that especially supports people who are raw-curious or new to the living food lifestyle. The theme this year is, “Embody Grace,” and is inspired by the Compass of Grace, a universal spiritual practice that allows you to embody heaven on earth whenever you choose. The workshops will share many tools for healing, creative expression, and personal growth, as well as the benefits and preparation of raw food.

You will enjoy the best gourmet raw vegan meals where participants, chefs, and presenters sit together at the table.

This year they are featuring two of my favorite people, Dave, the Raw Food Trucker and Tresa Be Grace as part of their lineup of speakers.

It won’t be the same without you, and you won’t be the same when you leave! To learn more about the retreat, or to register go to:

Rawprincess Studio will be at the retreat with Skylight Massage. I will be available for bodywork and craniosacral.If you can say the following five times without stumbling over the words and/or find the incorrect phrase enclosed within the following quotes, you will receive a ten-minute shoulder rub, compliments of the house. :-)  I do "reflexology, polarity therapy, (a shiatsu, tui na style) Deep Tissue for those die-hards :-) There will be chakra balancing/stillpoint Aura & Body Readings w/ Emotion Step-Down Astrology Feedback-thingamajigus, for those who desire a deeper holistic wellness-based session. Sports and injury recovery: I specialize in the easing of chronic pain and whiplash / post-surgical unwinding for gentle trauma release via biodynamic touch.
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