Friday, August 5, 2011

A Five-Star Day At Rawprincess: Plus, Creamy Mango-Crumb Cake

Cindy Cummins, owner of Rawprincess Studios demonstrates Romaine Wraps for Grand Opening Guests July 30, 2011
Hey, we had a great open house at Rawprincess Studio / Skylight Massage. My new space is in the Goose Hollow neighborhood of downtown Portland, Oregon. It's just about 2/10 of a mile from the Sacajawea statue up at Washington Park. I love that she was the only woman, a Shoshone Indian, leading all white men to safety through the continent's wild. Sacagawea taught the men how to gather nuts, berries and other edible plants previously unknown to them. She did so much more to help that expedition. Did she have any choice?

I walk up there in the morning to take heart. It's women who have the power to heal our families with the foods we serve up. As we said a prayer together in blessing the Rawprincess Studio, I gently reminded us all the land we are standing upon is Native land and we must be grateful ...

The site I linked to above has info on how Sacajawea was captured and later sold into slavery or won in a bet. A brave woman who was strong in the face of what she must do.

To keep abreast of current berries, nuts and edible plants in banquet form, be sure you check out "LivingRawPDX" on meetup dot com and join so you can be notified of potlucks and suppers which happen all month long! I had my event listed here .

Some samples of reviews: Cindy's new space is so full of light and fresh air! She is a great Hostess, made yummy, easy food! And gave us massages too! THANKS!--Judith B.

Ani Phyo's recipe "Raspberry Fudge Ganache Cake" was relied upon from memory.
More review love: "The Open House was wonderful! Cindy treated us all with her gracious loving spirit, her culinary skills and her amazing healing hands. Love your new home and's unique and colorful and full of your grace! I hope we adequately blessed it." --Angela R.
Creamy Mango-Crumb Cake

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The Romaine Wraps

Romaine Leaves
Dates torn into strips

Place romaine leaves on a pretty platter.
Place date pieces and top each date strip with an almond.
Each person can hold their wrap like a taco.

Ani Phyo's Desserts (I may receive a commission if you click here and buy.)

Creamy Mango-Crumb Cake

This recipe was the biggest hit of all. Please email me cindy at skylightmassage dot com for the free recipe... xoxo


This event was bathed in the light of kindness and hospitality on the part of Cindy.--A.M. 

1511 SW Market Street, Portland, OR 97201
I appreciated my guests so much! They each brought me their kind, participating presence AND I got some great GREEEEN things too--such as a REAL banana plant and black-eyed Susans (plants AND the $$ kind too!) I loved demo'ing easy gourmet raw wraps, smoothie and desserts. Thank you for coming and for your nice reviews. I do love my space. It was great to be living my dream and doing hands-on demos. I even got to play marimba and the singing bowl ... Thanks again everyone, a special thanks goes out to A.M. and David, Judith, Angela, Marilyn and Tashi!
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