Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Creamy, Luscious & In Your Mouth!

Yes, you heard correctly, Rawprincess Studio / Skylight Massage, together with Chef Richard of Angel's Chocolates  are pleased as punch, er, um chocolate elixir punch that is, to bring you *drum rolls please*

Yes, a Truffles PARTY!!

We've designed it for pure decadent fun and made it extreeeeeemely affordable.

Option Tres Delish: Bring a container and take home a dozen truffles.

Why: Because that's the way we roll. :-)

When: Monday August 29 ~ 10am - 1pm
(The day after the Raw & Living Spirit Retreat, which we will also be at partying!)

Where: Rawprincess Studio / Skylight Massage
1511 SW Market Street, Portland, OR  97201

How Much: $5 prepay $10 at door

OPTION: Bring your own container and take home a dozen truffles for an additional $5.

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