Monday, August 29, 2011

Chef Richard At Rose's Restaurant Supply ...

We stop to pick up some truffle scoops before the Chocolate Mastery class since we had cancelled the class and decided on a party instead so he didn't bring his.

Two amazing persistent students demanded a private lesson and paid upwards for it, which for some reason prompted five more to sign up over the weekend at the Raw & Living Spirit Retreat ... Which makes for some very happy times at the Rawprincess Studio this morning! :-)

Rose's is in the industrial district off Water Street on SE Clay and SE 2nd Avenues.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Matcha For Cancer? What's Wrong With This Picture ...

Can you tell which matcha was $88/lb (at Whole Foods) and which was $66/lb (at People's food)?

Incidentally, a colleague who beat breast cancer said her acupuncturist has her taking two rounded teaspoons a day of green matcha powder for the high antioxidant factors in preventing a recurrence.

The darker green powder is the People's Food matcha. Just $22 less per pound. Hmm.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Creamy, Luscious & In Your Mouth!

Yes, you heard correctly, Rawprincess Studio / Skylight Massage, together with Chef Richard of Angel's Chocolates  are pleased as punch, er, um chocolate elixir punch that is, to bring you *drum rolls please*

Yes, a Truffles PARTY!!

We've designed it for pure decadent fun and made it extreeeeeemely affordable.

Option Tres Delish: Bring a container and take home a dozen truffles.

Why: Because that's the way we roll. :-)

When: Monday August 29 ~ 10am - 1pm
(The day after the Raw & Living Spirit Retreat, which we will also be at partying!)

Where: Rawprincess Studio / Skylight Massage
1511 SW Market Street, Portland, OR  97201

How Much: $5 prepay $10 at door

OPTION: Bring your own container and take home a dozen truffles for an additional $5.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Here It Is ...

How would you like four days of heaven?

Feed your body and spirit at the 6th Annual Raw and Living Spirit Retreat August 25-28, in the beautiful woods of Camp Adams in Molalla, Oregon.

Experience a spiritually focused raw retreat that especially supports people who are raw-curious or new to the living food lifestyle. The theme this year is, “Embody Grace,” and is inspired by the Compass of Grace, a universal spiritual practice that allows you to embody heaven on earth whenever you choose. The workshops will share many tools for healing, creative expression, and personal growth, as well as the benefits and preparation of raw food.

You will enjoy the best gourmet raw vegan meals where participants, chefs, and presenters sit together at the table.

This year they are featuring two of my favorite people, Dave, the Raw Food Trucker and Tresa Be Grace as part of their lineup of speakers.

It won’t be the same without you, and you won’t be the same when you leave! To learn more about the retreat, or to register go to:

Rawprincess Studio will be at the retreat with Skylight Massage. I will be available for bodywork and craniosacral.If you can say the following five times without stumbling over the words and/or find the incorrect phrase enclosed within the following quotes, you will receive a ten-minute shoulder rub, compliments of the house. :-)  I do "reflexology, polarity therapy, (a shiatsu, tui na style) Deep Tissue for those die-hards :-) There will be chakra balancing/stillpoint Aura & Body Readings w/ Emotion Step-Down Astrology Feedback-thingamajigus, for those who desire a deeper holistic wellness-based session. Sports and injury recovery: I specialize in the easing of chronic pain and whiplash / post-surgical unwinding for gentle trauma release via biodynamic touch.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't Delay--You Know You Want It: Truffle Mastery THIS MONDAY!

Dear Aspirant: You must act quickly and you will attain the chocolate mastery skills of a lifetime. Read this post thoroughly to understand the value as a gift to keep giving your family for many years to come or as a way to make money! Richard comes from a family of chocolate masters... Ooh la la!

Editors Note: This class had been cancelled but due to student demand and prompt prepayments it is a GO! You still need to RSVP so we have enough supplies to cindy at skylightmassage dot com or text 651 319 7765 NOW and pay upon arrival $150 as per 8/25/11 bliss~c.

 "Look into Gabrielle's (Chavez) eyes and ask her what she thinks of my chocolate..." 

As I approached Gabrielle in her kitchen at the organic land and garden in Oregon City and looked deeply into her eyes. I asked her what she thinks of Richard Hemsley's chocolate. 

"He's a master." She smiled knowingly and looked away shyly.

"I like his better than my own actually, and I don't usually say that. He took the time and spent thousands of dollars on a mastery course.  Most raw chocolatiers haven't bothered to do that. It means every batch turns out perfect every time."

Hemsley is a dynamic teacher and founder of Synergy Chefs.

Angel Chocolates visits Rawprincess Studio…


~~~  ~~~  ~~~

Chocolate Truffle Mastery Class

3 Hours of Pure Bliss.


You of course!

Love chocolate?

Do you Desire, the know how, to get a creamy center consistently and a crisp well tempered crunch?

Then now is The time to learn how to impress yourself, family & friends with your savvy skills.

In this 3-hour class You will learn how to save $$ with potential to make $, serving up The Highest Quality, Organic Whole-Foods.


Rawprincess Studio/ Skylight Massage ~ Open House ~

Portland Oregon  Goose Hollow Neighborhood

When: Monday August 29
Time: 11am to 2pm

1511 SW Market St, PDX

Learn the secrets of using raw ingredients to make a creamy sweet ganache center, temper raw chocolate and play with some Superfoods.

This Class can carry a value of as much as $1,200 For $150 to the first 10 registrants will take home two-dozen elegantly finished truffles. Pre-order savings on the complete DYI Superfood truffle kit.

Save up to 50% Bulk buys save more $$$

Richard Hemsley of Angel's Chocolate Brings The Creamy Ganache Secrets To Rawprincess Studio Monday, August 29
Richard says, "Thank You for your RSVP's I am Happy to share the main tricks that will be the difference in your next chocolate sharing experience. Your guarantee into the class is your check arriving at the provided address. This will be used to order the products for class and you to take home! Each student will be taking home a dozen prepared Professionally Packaged Truffles and a complete kit to make at least 2 dozen more at home."

Rawprincess Studio is proud to host this class from 10am to 1pm, Monday, August 29, 2011: 1511 SW Market Street, Portland Oregon  97201. This class must be pre-paid. Please contact Mr Hemsley today to ensure we have supplies and your space, reserved.

Call 916.572.6010 or mail checks to Synergy Chef at 2135 Dale Ave. – Sacramento,CA 95815

Richard Hemsley will be a presenter at the Raw & Living Spirit Retreat--"the biggest raw vegan four-day party of the year"--and his chocolate mastery class is Monday after the retreat at Rawprincess Studio / Skylight Massage in Portland, Oregon.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Open Letter to Kacper: Big Huge Hat Tip to Mr Matt Monarch

Okay so here's the deal. The webinar link will likely go away soon due to the sensitive nature of the information and deep and potent transformative action ... soooo once that happens follow the Monarch link I've inserted as post script. (I've also included Kacper link via his name below) Bliss~cindy

Thank you Kacper,

I'm so glad these webinars are happening and I appreciate so much your spirit of service to planetary healing and personal transformation.

I've been trying to explain to some of my most astute wellness friends about A.C. but due to time constraints and a general overall feebleness with ability to convey the information, I often failed in this regard.

Your webinars greatly illuminate the importance of A.C. and far-reaching implications.



P.S. - Huge Hat-Tip to Matt Monarch for his selfless service to humanity.

Editors Note: Here is the "story" incidentally gleaned from many newsletters coming in. Author unknown.

A man (we'll call him Mr. S to preserve
his privacy) , was walking along the Sea
shore some 40 years ago.

He noticed something peculiar.

There was a huge tree growing out of a
rock on the sea shore, where nothing else
would normally grow.

Out of a rock next to the ocean.  With 0
access to nutrients, minerals, and barely
any fresh water. 

Tree's need a lot of nutrients and they
don't grow in desert conditions very well,
especially surrounded by salt water... he wondered what on Earth was happening
to make this tree grow.

Logically... he assumed there must be something
up with this rock...

He spent the next few decades studying all
these "strange" rocks out of which plants
grew in the worst conditions.

What he found out was startling, and his
discovery is now starting to change the world.

He found earth's deepest cleansing secret,
which detoxifies and re-mineralizes water
and aids life on this planet like nothing else.

It's likely without this, our planet wouldn't
look the way it does.

It has the potential to turn cesspools into
"fountains of youth", reverse calcification,
and remove the deadliest poisons, like mercury
and fluoride, right out of your body.

Don't miss this, Kacper is taking it down soon:


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Looking For You In All This?: A Recipe For That

Yes, you are correct. This is your day to reclaim your rightful vigor. Greens in your bowl or blender or juicer.
If you're at all like me, I quickly feel the positive affects just moments after drinking a fresh green juice.
But when I consistently have at least two heads of greens perday (or more, of course) my energy and appearance really dramatically improve.
So, if you clicked looking for another recipe, I confess I'm gearing up to massively upgrade my recipe and blog posts here at Rawprincess Studio.
But if you're just looking for some inspiration, ease, and hope, then feast your eyes on a very simple green garden salad.
All I put on it was olive oil, lemon juice, It's Alive bulk seeds, nutritional yeast, sea salt and a bit of minced garlic and jalapeno.
Please do enjoy your plants at hand and toss in a bowl or blender or juicer. It all contributes to the very best YOU ever!
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Friday, August 5, 2011

A Five-Star Day At Rawprincess: Plus, Creamy Mango-Crumb Cake

Cindy Cummins, owner of Rawprincess Studios demonstrates Romaine Wraps for Grand Opening Guests July 30, 2011
Hey, we had a great open house at Rawprincess Studio / Skylight Massage. My new space is in the Goose Hollow neighborhood of downtown Portland, Oregon. It's just about 2/10 of a mile from the Sacajawea statue up at Washington Park. I love that she was the only woman, a Shoshone Indian, leading all white men to safety through the continent's wild. Sacagawea taught the men how to gather nuts, berries and other edible plants previously unknown to them. She did so much more to help that expedition. Did she have any choice?

I walk up there in the morning to take heart. It's women who have the power to heal our families with the foods we serve up. As we said a prayer together in blessing the Rawprincess Studio, I gently reminded us all the land we are standing upon is Native land and we must be grateful ...

The site I linked to above has info on how Sacajawea was captured and later sold into slavery or won in a bet. A brave woman who was strong in the face of what she must do.

To keep abreast of current berries, nuts and edible plants in banquet form, be sure you check out "LivingRawPDX" on meetup dot com and join so you can be notified of potlucks and suppers which happen all month long! I had my event listed here .

Some samples of reviews: Cindy's new space is so full of light and fresh air! She is a great Hostess, made yummy, easy food! And gave us massages too! THANKS!--Judith B.

Ani Phyo's recipe "Raspberry Fudge Ganache Cake" was relied upon from memory.
More review love: "The Open House was wonderful! Cindy treated us all with her gracious loving spirit, her culinary skills and her amazing healing hands. Love your new home and's unique and colorful and full of your grace! I hope we adequately blessed it." --Angela R.
Creamy Mango-Crumb Cake

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The Romaine Wraps

Romaine Leaves
Dates torn into strips

Place romaine leaves on a pretty platter.
Place date pieces and top each date strip with an almond.
Each person can hold their wrap like a taco.

Ani Phyo's Desserts (I may receive a commission if you click here and buy.)

Creamy Mango-Crumb Cake

This recipe was the biggest hit of all. Please email me cindy at skylightmassage dot com for the free recipe... xoxo


This event was bathed in the light of kindness and hospitality on the part of Cindy.--A.M. 

1511 SW Market Street, Portland, OR 97201
I appreciated my guests so much! They each brought me their kind, participating presence AND I got some great GREEEEN things too--such as a REAL banana plant and black-eyed Susans (plants AND the $$ kind too!) I loved demo'ing easy gourmet raw wraps, smoothie and desserts. Thank you for coming and for your nice reviews. I do love my space. It was great to be living my dream and doing hands-on demos. I even got to play marimba and the singing bowl ... Thanks again everyone, a special thanks goes out to A.M. and David, Judith, Angela, Marilyn and Tashi!
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