Friday, July 29, 2011

Tomorrow's Open House! Raw Demos Ambitiouso (Oh So Ambitious!) PLUS The Rawprincess Touch! :-)

Rawprincess Studio
Skylight Massage
1511 SW Market Street
Portland, OR 97201

Hi Angels!

4pm to 9pm~
Help bless Cindy's new space for Rawprincess Studio and Skylight Massage.

4pm-Welcome! Fresh Greeeen Juice ...
4:30pm-5:30pm Sign-up for a mini-bodywork session (10-15 min each)
5:30pm Green Smoothie Demo & Rawprincess Romaine Wrap Samples
(these ingredients will combine well for digestion as well as satisfaction)
6pm-7:00pm Sign-up for mini-bodywork session (10-15 min each)
7:00pm-8:00pm Raw Dessert Demos & Hot Tea Party
The dessert planned is a TrailMix cake w/creamy frosting. (Note: I will use nuts and coconut oil. The nuts are Trader Joe's which are likely warmed in packaging. It will also use agave.)
There will also be something wonderfully cacao, I promise. Either an elixir or truffles or brownie yumpot depending on the Muse!

8:00-9:00pm House Blessing & Hot Tea / Dessert Party
Read all about the Studio Blessing and what you might bring here.

There are drums and musical instruments at Rawprincess Studio or bring something if you'd like to share as part of blessing the space. Other ideas also welcome ... I've posted something greeeeen to be your offering but am open to your intuitive variation on that. ;)
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