Friday, July 29, 2011

People Are Texting & Tweeting About Zucchini Pesto in Oregonian's Food Day this Week!

Zucchini Pesto Recipe "Fixed Up" from This Week's Food Day
Hmm, it seems the recent Food Day has raised a few raw-foodie eyebrows! I was at a table today chowing down with some hard cores who actually USED the latest recipe posted "Try zucchini pesto for change of pace" under Simply Affordable by Ivy Manning.

Yes, we were all packing it in at lunch today out at Thomas and Gabrielle Chavez's in Oregon City.

A friend had just texted one of the gnoshers, John, about it and asked if he could make a raw version of it and he said thought it would be pretty easy.

Turns out the actual meal we were eating came directly from the article. Gabrielle Chavez, author of The Raw Food Gourmet merely deleted the chicken (of course) and didn't cook the zucchini. Just blending it raw is amazing we all agreed. The only other difference was she soaked the raw almonds first and strained them before blending to activate their natural enzymatic activity.

Nuts have an enzyme inhibitor which must be soaked in order to deactivate, rendering them easily digestible.

Chavez also said the Food Day recipe called for one-to-one almonds and zucchini whereas she used more like two-to-one. "After all, the whole point is to use up zucchini." Spoken like a true gardener.

The Rawprincess twist would be to use cashew instead of almond, blending it well after soaking, until very creamy. Make sure to stick with the one-to-one proportions with the zucchini as in Mannning's rendition. (Affordability be damned.) ...

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