Monday, June 27, 2011

Dr T's Day At Northwest Naturopathic Clinic

Left to Right: Susan Le Master. office mgr ( Dr Tel-Oren ( Cindy Cummins, LMT & Raw Chef ( & Tashi Rana, Spiritual Nutrition Counseling (

Dr T's lecture last night was given a 5-star rating at

My review:
Think! We all hung on every word of Dr T's findings and recommendations--you could hear a pin drop when he exposed GMO soy. Why ignore or compound such stuff as (he explained thoroughly) allergies, food sensitivities, or adverse food reactions. Proteinacious foods begone! (Or at least don't call them health foods and limit intake. ;))... PLUS he gave us some NOT well-known serious and IRREVERSIBLE problem prevention strategies regarding some common dietary mishaps. For me and at least a few others I spoke with afterward, leaky gut syndrome is a Big (capitol B) problem. When food particles and bacteria can enter the blood undigested and a state of inflammation is ongoing, we truly are susceptible to chronic degenerative disease ... His nutrient dense fast caught our attention and several of us whispered amongst ourselves that we'd be doing that. I will post (this week) on Msg me for a mole removal consultation w. Dr T. Monday June 27. c.

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