Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chocolate-Eclaire Snickerdoodle Cream Puff (Raw Vegan)

Just when you thought my raw cookie dough was the best: Enter Raw Vegan Chocolate Eclair Snickerdoodle Cream Puffs.

I made a cacao filling by first grinding up some dried coconut, Brazil nuts and cashews.

I placed that in the food processor with cacao, maca, coconut oil, sea salt, agave and my favorite English Toffee stevia drops. Editors note: I did also add a bit of Erythritol

Once mixed set aside in fridge.

The frosting is just dates, agave, lots of sea salt, coconut & coconut oil w/ a few drops of water.

The bottom crust is just cashew, dried coconut and Brazil nuts milled together and pressed w/ a bit of agave and coconut oil. (I need to pick up some other agents of stickingness--possibly a coconut paste of some sort.)

Press your dry nut base into a desired shape. Press cacao into balls and push into center of crust.

Drizzle or scoop frosting on top to appear as Snickerdoodle. Then shake a garnish of cinnamon.

So do we agree never again to miss a cream puff or chocolate eclair?
Raw Vegan Decadence never had it so good.
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