Monday, June 27, 2011

Dr T's Day At Northwest Naturopathic Clinic

Left to Right: Susan Le Master. office mgr ( Dr Tel-Oren ( Cindy Cummins, LMT & Raw Chef ( & Tashi Rana, Spiritual Nutrition Counseling (

Dr T's lecture last night was given a 5-star rating at

My review:
Think! We all hung on every word of Dr T's findings and recommendations--you could hear a pin drop when he exposed GMO soy. Why ignore or compound such stuff as (he explained thoroughly) allergies, food sensitivities, or adverse food reactions. Proteinacious foods begone! (Or at least don't call them health foods and limit intake. ;))... PLUS he gave us some NOT well-known serious and IRREVERSIBLE problem prevention strategies regarding some common dietary mishaps. For me and at least a few others I spoke with afterward, leaky gut syndrome is a Big (capitol B) problem. When food particles and bacteria can enter the blood undigested and a state of inflammation is ongoing, we truly are susceptible to chronic degenerative disease ... His nutrient dense fast caught our attention and several of us whispered amongst ourselves that we'd be doing that. I will post (this week) on Msg me for a mole removal consultation w. Dr T. Monday June 27. c.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chocolate-Eclaire Snickerdoodle Cream Puff (Raw Vegan)

Just when you thought my raw cookie dough was the best: Enter Raw Vegan Chocolate Eclair Snickerdoodle Cream Puffs.

I made a cacao filling by first grinding up some dried coconut, Brazil nuts and cashews.

I placed that in the food processor with cacao, maca, coconut oil, sea salt, agave and my favorite English Toffee stevia drops. Editors note: I did also add a bit of Erythritol

Once mixed set aside in fridge.

The frosting is just dates, agave, lots of sea salt, coconut & coconut oil w/ a few drops of water.

The bottom crust is just cashew, dried coconut and Brazil nuts milled together and pressed w/ a bit of agave and coconut oil. (I need to pick up some other agents of stickingness--possibly a coconut paste of some sort.)

Press your dry nut base into a desired shape. Press cacao into balls and push into center of crust.

Drizzle or scoop frosting on top to appear as Snickerdoodle. Then shake a garnish of cinnamon.

So do we agree never again to miss a cream puff or chocolate eclair?
Raw Vegan Decadence never had it so good.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mango-Maca Balls, Reishi Fudge Brownies and Cheezy Kale Chips at The Jade Gate Studio

I had the fun of showing off some Rawprincess Studio treats at a private event last night. I share the recipes here. Enjoyed by all were the kale chips, Mango-Maca Balls and Reishi Fudge Brownies--all raw and living vegan.

Cheezy Kale Chips

A bell pepper (red or orange)
several handfuls cashews or macadamia nuts
lemon juice (about 2 lemons)
nutritional yeast (a handful)
nama shoyu (a few splahes and to taste)
cayenne (optional)
fresh garlic (optional)

Massage into washed and patted dry kale leaves with largest part of stem removed.

Place on dehydrator sheets until crunchy. (About 2-3 hours.)

Mango-Maca Balls

Tear dried mango into small bite-size pieces and place in food processor
Add raw trail mix (I used Trader Joe's)
Sun Warrior protein powder (vanilla)
sea salt
vanilla extract
vanilla stevia

Process until balls form
Roll in orange zest

Reishi Fudge Brownies

Make frosting by blending an avocado with raw cacao powder, dates and agave and stevia drops with a pinch of sea salt. (I got the idea of using avocado for chocolate frosting from Ani Phyo).

Reserve in fridge.

Make brownies by processing:

coconut oil (firm) and agave nectar w/vanilla extract and English Toffee flavor stevia drops,
add trail mix
cacao (at least 3 heaping T)
sea salt
Possibly add some powder such as Sun Warrior or Vitamineral Earth
scoop of reishi (3 Immortals dry tea, actually)

Spread brownie mixture into glass pan.
Let chill.
Top with frosting.
Cut into squares.
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Exploring the Earth Empress Beauty Cleanse At Rawprincess Studio!

Yesterday I was frazzled. I'd stayed up too late for over four nights. I was beginning to lose all the hard work I've accomplished in creating poise, equanimity and "glow".

A wee bit dehydrated and recovering from frazzle! Day One-- Earth Empress's 21-Day Beauty Cleanse embarkment.

Sometimes being single is a challenge. Of many reasons, one is my previous Fiance used to tuck me in at night. I'd learned to relax and read after perhaps a hot luxurious lavendar bath, then take my tea into bed. I'd often wrap a heated herbal neck roll on my neck or even put a cosy hot water bottle at my toes.

What's happened?

Well, as many of you can imagine. All those rituals tend to remind me of him and even though I know moving back to Portland was the positive change my children needed, it STILL tends to be a sad thing to leave someone you have loved for four years!

Yes, I needed some guidance yesterday, knowing if I didn't get myself to catch up on some rest, I'd be doomed! Inbox: Shakaya Leone's special offer for her new 21-Day Beauty Cleanse. Not the rigid Detox my circle of friends and I are all so accustomed to. (I do it in my sleep. ;))

No, this Beauty Cleanse, in Shakaya Leone beauty-speak is for us Petals who deserve to slow down and embrace our wild woman-princess-queen-goddess selves and actually in so doing, attract More not less. And it's nourishing not starving. She points out that in a sense our rigid fasts are quite masculine and harsh.

I will blog about my journey using her luscious tools. I may even learn to address my dear readers as "Petal" or some similar lovely salutation soon under Ms Leone's tutelage.

I did get some rest last night and today (shown) have my greeeen smoothie extra green on the banana! More later. Here is the link to her Beauty Cleanse. It may still be on special until midnight tonight, can't recall. Either way it's a steal.


the rawprincess


Shakaya Leone is a Beauty Artist who loves to beautify everything she can including women and food, and women through their food! Shakaya is the founder of a business dedicated to helping women Embody Beauty through Exquisite Self-Care and Raw Food.
Through her books, programs, and one-on-one consulting, Shakaya guides women on their personal journey of Self-Discovery, Health and Beauty.
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