Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gabrielle's Table

Gabrielle Chavez Table (See "Alive In Grace" e-book) Marvelous Miso Soup w/ Japanese Greens & Kelp Noodles, Nori Garlic & Ginger
Introducing World's First Stinging Nettle-Kale Chips
Eric's "It's Alive" Green Smoothie Crackers 5-Star Delight gleaned from the bulk bin at People's Food. (Eric invented his green smoothie cracker at the Raw And Living Spirit Retreat 2 years ago.)
Fresh greeeen smoothie in a glass: blueberry-ginger-banana with wild greens.
Find these delectable recipes in Gabrielle's "Alive In Grace" e-book available via
Also pictured: an amazing Raw Chocolate Heart. It is filled with a young thai coconut gel. Absolutely out of this world!
Make SURE to get your early-bird discount NOW for August Raw And Living Spirit Retreat at Camp Adams#39;s Oregon.
Well, off to bliss on my greeen feast! ;)
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