Saturday, May 21, 2011

Easy Un-Chicken Soup (Raw Vegan)

Anti-Radiation Foods

Place in bowl:

1-2 Tblspns *Sea Clear
1-2 Tblspns Healthforce non-GMO lecithin powder
1-2 Tblspns lg flake nutritional yeast (optional, found in bulk)

Stir in a little cool water to dissolve then add hot water to desired temp w/ care.

It's my unchicken soup.

Got the idea after Angela of said on TV show that the Sea Clear w/ the lecithin pwdr creates the taste impression that Cheeze Whiz used to. (If you hated Cheeze Whiz never fear it's so much better than that anyways.)

Use the above as a soup base and create endless tangy soup delights by adding such yummables as apple cider vinegar, cayenne powder, or a new raw hot sauce series found now at TheRawFoodWorld store. (Pls be kind and click through on right sidebar here.)

*Sea Clear is fermented kelp & chlorella in a miso base. Also click through for that. Thank you. Enjoy.

PS-Angela Stokes-Monarch often enjoys her Sea Clear & lecithin on cucumbers stuffed into Nori rolls. ;)

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